Chuuwee – The Crown Don’t Make You King f. DJ Next (prod. Audible Doctor)

blame it on Meka March 26, 2012

Chu and the BBAS link up for the latest offering from his upcoming Crown Me King project, set to drop April 24th via Amalgam Digital.

DOWNLOAD: Chuuwee – The Crown Don’t Make You King f. DJ Next (prod. Audible Doctor)
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  • ok_toast

    what the f***? chuuwee changed his style to this? tryna act too hard, Hating. be real nigga. this aint the chuuwee that i became a fan of.

  • Jtron

    SMH … do we really need ANOTHER album that bites the whole king/crown/throne theme. Try making up your own fucking idea one of these days…

  • Jtron

    Check out my new mixtape, it’s called “Kings Crowned on Thrones Ain’t Safe Bro, For Realz, Vol. III”

  • King’sCrown

    This joint is hott!!!

  • jonah

    This is IT!

  • eatshit

    I fucks with this. Hating? Suck a dick. “If I don’t like it, I don’t like it. That don’t mean that I’m hating” – Common.

  • valence

    @ok_toast, I totally agree, only one flow ftw!

    Artists should also stick to a single topic and might as well use the same beat for an entire album too. That way it’d be as redundant as possible. Nice!

  • is he dissin ASAP

  • Bong

    @Jtron, this is actually a sequel to his last album and has SOOOO MUCH more thought into the concept of this tape, do ya research fool ass nigga

  • ok_toast

    @eatshit yo bitchnigga, chuuwee said it himself “call me a hater..” on the 1st verse dumbfuck. you ainbt got no common sense so don’t even get common involved. it’s disrespectful… listen to the lyrics before you embarrass urself again. and eat shit! smh.

  • Jtron

    @Bong The song isn’t bad at all, but I don’t care if the theme isn’t new, any Throne/King/Crown concepts feel played out at this point. People need to give it a rest, maybe go back to the whole mobster thing… oh wait Nas is already on that.

  • grs

    you complaining about a style change? who cares this shit is FLLAMES!

  • Nunya

    Nice track. PLAYED OUT TOPIC! WHo he dissing anyway.