DJ Khaled – Take It To The Head f. Chris Brown, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne

blame it on Shake March 26, 2012

First single off Khaled’s upcoming album, Kiss the Ring. Hit the jump for a person’s take on the song upon listening to it for the first time.

DOWNLOAD: DJ Khaled – Take It To The Head f. Chris Brown, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne (prod. The Runners)

  • t vict

    Khaled always puts out hits. sure it will get alot of hate from this site though

  • B.A.

    Can we get another link cuz I can’t get it on my phone

  • Let me guess…same as the other DJ Khaled “songs” aka “We Taking Over Pt. 37”?

  • If it goes, I’ll bump it, though.

  • NYdreams

    weakest single dj khaled ever put out…. chris brown saved the song
    and wayne never fails with them weakass punchlines
    “im killin them hoes …… like jason”

  • Timothy

    why do you sheeps still listen to these clowns?

    They don’t care about hip hop or making classic albums.

  • NYdreams

    i usually like khaled singles but this right here is straight up ass

  • ImNoJoke

    I see what Khaled tried to do there, so I conclude by saying I am not impressed by this single one bit. No summer jam in my book. Shitty, hard hitting beat, but corny lyrics and childish rhyming metaphors.

  • BIGM

    So good, with drake was on the hook tho, could have been another im on on

  • Queen

    Of course it screams mediocre but the beat makes my head nod. Coulda been much worse

  • arm and hammer

    this is that real hip hop. lil wayne and rick ross shows once again why nobody lyrically can fuck with them.

  • i.J.

    lmaooo @ arm and hammer, funniest shit i seen all day & nite

  • kEJI

    @timothy lol get over yourself nigga. people can listen to whatever the fuck they want. play your part and do the same.

  • the beat was ok but tired tired tired tired ass raps, these niggas dont even try anymore cause they know niggas gonna eat up this trash and its gonna b a hit smh, I’m on one was actually ill til the radio got a hold of it, but this shit is weak, CB saved it w/ that hook

  • TR3S

    What does DJ Khaled do, beside ad-libs, If the beat is by the runners? Ross was decent, everyone else was weak. One of the worst hooks in recent memory.

  • Beat is too dope! Song as a whole tho is average. They should of just cut everybody but leave Chris Brown. Put Wiz & Juicy J and you got yourself a better hit hah

  • bigbraggaz

    shudda got drake on it

  • TaylorKitty3

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  • I should of did the hook tbh

  • michale

    word of advice: Quit putting raggedy ross on every Dj khaled song and maybe your songs can be #1 and better. only reason why any khaled song is played is because Wayne is on all of them! ross sucks, im on one would’ve been #1 nicki minaj was on it or someone better than ross

  • cloud 9

    why does every khaled song have to have either lil wayne or rick ross

  • Cupcakesss

    how is this a khaled song ? he didnt even produce this one lmao he dropped one bar in the beginning thats it

  • iDLifted

    Honestly once I heard Khaled in the beginning, I didn’t even give it a chance.

  • Yup! get ready for your ears to be raped repeatedly by your local radio station!!

  • SUPA!

    HEll yea i live for this shit!!! dk khalledd knows the best collabos to put together. its like he answers my prayers and puts all my favorite artist on the trizzack!

  • Randy

    @justin bieber its a I should HAVE ..not I should OF. Jesus Christ read something man

  • Psyence

    DJ Khaled is mismanaging the Runners career. They should be producing whole albums.They got that sound.

  • eZ

    Dj Khaled….JUST GO AWAY.!!!!!!!!!!!

  • factormax

    did anybody hear nicki fucking verse? this is getting ridiculous. she bragged about the size of her dudes fucking balls.

  • Vito Corleone

    Why the fuck does stupid shit songs like this got all these comments but actual dope songs only got 2 or 3? that piss test song with Juicy J and Danny Brown was dope and it has 2 comments? Fuck this song Chris Brown already sang this hook before

  • eZ no hes not goign to go away. You go away you dont do shit if you disappeared nothing would happen nobody would care. I dont even like Khaled but u sound like a bitchnigga

  • Lynx

    you lil kids must see what is going on

    they give you the same song with the same people everytime and your stupid enough to not realize

  • robbb

    This ain’t that bad. Y’all just hating.

  • war22

    @Lynx well said…ppl starting to realize they are garbage…its about time

  • Tay

    Only listened to it cuz of Ross, the song is just “ok” at best. Weezy had the weakest and shittiest verse, don’t even wanna repeat what his bars were. Fuck all this, I wanna hear God Forgives, I Don’t. I agree with the above, this is the weakest single Khaled has ever put out.

  • Chris

    Kiss the Ring lol

  • Love it.
    Ross= great
    Minaj= out of this world
    Loved it. Y’all hating. I mean because y’all being on the track is gonna be so much better. Jealous ass people. Smh. It’s sad really, why comment if it’s negative. That’s why there’s always so much negativity. Maybe y’all should rip your organs out and hang yourselves by your large intestines. “Big eye roll” This track was fire. Y’all made cause you couldn’t tale the heat furthermore this track wasn’t about going in it was about flow. Why does people think talking about drugs and shooting people are just so hard. #real talk Half of them wouldn’t really do that you need a gun? Pussy. Use your fist. Most will not because there scared. Like the people hating

  • GIno

    This Khaled sound is getting tired, same beats, same melodies, same cadence of raps, no meaningful lyrics.

    Take it to the head….Instead, they should have taken this one to the toilet and flushed this piece of crap.

  • 123

    LOL at the miss info video after. Dude say’s he’s 63 3/4/5 times, and in the intro they have him as 62.

  • Don Henley

    @cloud9 he’s signed on CM records..he uses rick ross cuz that’s his miami homie

  • vivo

    dope song they all killed it….up until that young mula baby shoutout at the end, coulda donw without that

  • mr2faire1bon


  • cranberry

    yall can hate but chris brown makez this song

  • Mr Quack

    To all Haters. When you hate Khaled then why you listen his every song. why you are here on this page. LOL you are all mad. You all listen him carefully but in comments wrote negative. goto hell