Nino Bless - Nameless (5AM)

blame it on Meka March 26, 2012

Up at 5AM and laying down a track. This is the result ... More relaxed than the 2 previous joints. Change of pace joint ... I was too tired to tell anyone that this sucks .... but it does. - Nino

Well, damn.

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  • HaskAboutMe

    never heard of this dude, but this shit is raw. i love when his 2dopeboyz shows me music i would normally never hear

  • Tre

    He was on the first Slaughterhouse track and arguably had the best verse on the song...

  • Purp

    This dude is dead nice, obviously, but unfortunately has no swag, so will never blow

  • D

    This guy seriously reminds me of an early Eminem, but with more focus to his verses.