Slum Village – The Dirty Slums (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka March 27, 2012

Hosted by Mick Boogie and featuring the likes of Rapper Big Pooh, Phonte, De La Soul and more, SV makes their return to music in mixtape form. Tracklist and link down bottom.

1. Mick Boogie & nVMe Intro
2. God Sent f. Rapper Big Pooh & Vice
3. Just The Past f. Big Sean & Black Milk
4. Music f. Focus…
5. Slum Talks About The Evolution
6. Hunger f. Vice & Focus…
7. Church f. Focus…
8. Fresh f. Rapper Big Pooh & Vice
9. Turnin’ Me Off f. De La Soul
10. Slum Talks About Native Tongues
11. Beats & Breaks
12. Special f. Phonte
13. They Say Remix f. Rapper Big Pooh & Phife
14. The Hard Way f. Focus… & Joe Scudda
15. Slum Talks About The Legacy
16. They Don’t Know f. Vice & J Ivy
17. Mortal Kombat f. Vice & DJ Bonics
18. Slum Talks About The Future
19. Da Essence f. Vice
20. Reppin’

DOWNLOAD: Slum Village – The Dirty Slums (Mixtape) | Alt

  • i feel like i dont know what to expect. which is crazy coming from a group that i could rely on for a particular sound for so long. DLing off the the strength of the name. but damn i miss bataan and elzhi..

  • gmurda33

    ^^^^I AGREE

  • I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH TOM PETTY… years of good music… kinda sucks how the beef with ELZHI and T3 happened. but im hoping this project is STILL good… features are nice but

    #KindaThoughtELZHI woulda been a NICE touch on this project

  • fromconantgardens

    CLASSIC MIX TAPE!!!…@Tom Petty well all 3 of yall….it was no beef wit Elzhi and T3…El wanted 2 leave the group plain and simple….it was all on El…he thought he was BIGGER than SLUM….and hes gettin his wake up call now…

  • frank

    Damn can we please stop talking about Elzhi…. Move on. He did, T3 did…
    Nice tape

  • fromconantgardens

    I AGREE WIT FRANK…..move on and quit talkin bout El&the past….move on!!

  • But isn’t this just T3 then?

  • HeX

    What about Phat Kat ?! Is the nigga still alive ??? Katakombz was due in 2010…

  • It’s T3, RJ & Illa J. So…can we get a “Reunion Pt. 3” w/ T3, eLZhi, unreleased verses from J. Dilla & Baatin & also an unreleased Dilla beat? I’ll wait.

  • tony atlas

    this tape is weak. yeah elzhi got a wake up call.
    he’s gettin paid.

  • @ Hex

    That’s crazy you say that. I had my ipod on shuffle today and Phat Kat came on and I was wondering the same fucking thing! We need some new Phat Kat.

  • thecatalyst

    If Elzhi’s wake up call is a critically acclaimed and universally loved mixtape, then more rappers should wish for a “wake up call”.

  • NASzhi

    @ Tony Atlas U right Elzhi is getting paid. Doing shows with 20 people in attendance hahahahaha in major markets. Oh by the way please tell him to stop riding Nas Dick and make some original music. I forgot Elhzi was on Vol 1, Vol. 2 and J-88 Plus he created SV. ELZHI IS OLD NEWS…

  • CussleRowe

    why anybody would hate on elzhi is beyond me, but this tape is dope, its a newer sound but it def works.

  • 3….


  • eatshit

    You niggas sound like hoes talking about “he’s this and they broke up because…”. Shut the fuck up and listen and make your comments about the tape. You bunch of dumb fucks

  • turftalka

    This is more of a T3 mixtape then a Slum Village mixtape.

  • PHAT KAT has been working for those who don’t know… he still has a bunch of joints produced by J Dilla he still needs to release and other projects.. just gotta be patient… he did release a new video not to long ago called “stylin on Niggaz”

    For the record…Slum Village would be so much better if it wasnt for T3 tryin to kick Elzhi out the group….hopin this mixxtape is still good tho….. Rip Baatin & J Dilla

  • @ALLAH – thats whats up can’t wait to hear Phat Kat over some new Dilla

    love how haters never have anything bad to say About ELZHI sept the fact they think he is “copying” Nas… comparing Elzhi to Nas is like comparing Nas to Rakim… at the same time no one was comparing Elzhi to Nas before Elmatic Dropped so people obviously got a hurt pussy cause Elzhi did his Illmatic tribute justice.. no other rapper do a Illmatic tribute better than he did.. i went to Elzhi show in NY at SOB’s and that shit was packed.. ima true Nas fan and i love listening to Elzhi.. i dont see any other rapper paying respect to Nas like Elzhi so he deserves much props

  • preezy19

    No Elzhi…no DL… Plain and simple

  • Robby Rob

    @NyGiants PLEASE don’t ever compare or mention Elzhi with Nas or Rakim. He ONLY work came with Slum Village. Other than that he is paying homage to a rapper who is still relevant??? We all know he will ALWAYS be a good rapper but NEVER a legend. Slum Village was legendary BEFORE homie joined the group. By the way I LOVED Elzhi on Slum’s classic album Vol 2. OOOPS he wasn’t on it….LMAO Please stop saying tee3 kicked Elzhi out the group. Tee3 gave him a chance so without Slum Village, NO Elzhi. Let slum do their thing without Elzhi wish them luck. Let Elzhi do his thang without Slum…. wish him luck.

  • DavidWest

    All the people who doesn’t download because Elzhi is not on it is DISRESPECTING Jay Dee and Baatin. PERIOD. Elzhi didn’t make Slum, Slum made Elzhi.

  • Hot97

    Slum Village from the past will always be a legendary group. But they fucked up when they kicked Elzhi out the group recently. I’m sure Baatin and Dilla would have agreed that was the worst move SV ever made, especially if they wanted to keep it going. Who is SV nowadays anyway? I rather go listen to my old Slum CDs and keep it moving. Not interested in any new SV stuff. Much Luv.

  • Science

    I think Its hilarious how you have this one dude(Yes It is one person because he repeats himself with the same bullshit about nas dickriding, being a midget) running around on multiple websites talking about elzhi doing small shows etc. Every article Ive read on this new SV lineup he pops up. A part of me reckons Its T3 himself but to think that would be to belittle whatever skill T3 had from his earlier career. Dude isnt even defending T3, he’s just obsessed with the success Elzhi has had outside slum, which is pathetic. Elzhi didnt need slum, J Dilla didnt even need slum, slum need them both. Slum being RJ Rice and the rest of those fags in the background.

  • Jo El

    this mixtape is dope…to all the other commentators talking about what slum used to be STFU. the proof is in the pudding. think about it…if De La is still riding with them, they must be doing something right. De La knew Dilla as much (or better) than any Slum Village member…period.

  • Wu4Life

    @Jo El: De La rides with Mac Miller?, hes not exactly what I would call a proud hip hop moment lol. As a matter of fact when did a co-sign from de la equate to a seal approval from the hip hop community? Afterall It is the Hip Hop community that have showed the most resistance to the gimmick that is Mac Miller. The only people De La speak for nowdays are the hipster/pop music crowd they’re trying their best to appeal to. Don’t get me wrong, I fucks with the back catalogue but that doesn’t make some of these legends any more desperate to look relevant at times.

  • Dashiki

    I think T3 and RJ have some plants in these comments. I mean, anyone who would try to point out that Elzhi not being on SV’s classic albums vol 1&2 isn’t really defending the SV that made this mix tape. DILLA made 2 classic albums for Slum, without his creativity and guidance they were unable to continue in the same style. They wisely added Elzhi to the group to help them transition from their DILLA/classic style to what they became post-Trinity.

    SV existed for more albums as a lineup including Elzhi than without. The best thing about those albums – Trinity-Deli-SV-Manifesto- is Elzhi.

    And RJ Rice is the reason that El broke up. It has nothing to do with ego, and everything to do with justice. T3 was and is a broke ass rapper. He will never, ever have the money that he deserves, just like Elzhi wasn’t getting paid his fair share. The only difference is that Elzhi had the good sense to see he was getting fucked and had to bounce. T3 is like a house slave who loves his master RJ for the scraps he feeds him.

    All in all, I feel sorry for T3. His name will never carry the weight of Elzhi or Slum Village. Elzhi packed houses all over the world on his recent tours and has everyone eagerly buzzing about what he’ll do next. T3 will never release a single fucking thing without Slum Village written on it. He’ll even add 2 other rappers to overhaul the lineup again just so he can somehow claim that Slum Village is still alive, and sell tickets off the strength of a group that he has always been the weakest part of.

    Last time I saw Slum, they did a couple songs that weren’t from Fantastic Vol 2. Most of their material has come out since, and they’re still performing shit from more than 10 years ago. At least when I saw Elzhi he did his own shit in addition to his Nas covers. Talk about dick riding? T3 is still riding DILLA’s coat tails, just like he always did.

    I was going to say that T3 is like the Phife Dawg in this situation, but that would be an insult to Phife. He’s more like Top Dawg from Originoo Gunn Clappaz, but with less money and more overweight. Fake ass bitch.

  • Tres

    Gossipy ass niggaz! Just enjoy the music!

  • keith

    hahahahaha Elzhi oops I mean JBarber/Dashiki please stop… They got some jams on this tape.

  • MJ

    Yall niggas sound like a bunch of Bieber obsessed white girls.

  • Baraka

    Just listened to the tape. It was awful vocal/lyric wise(Illa J? Big Sean?), but had some decent beats here and there. I think at this stage T3 should be looking at enhancing his solo career cause the SV thing isnt working. Thats just my 2 cents.

  • Dashiki

    @Keith I don’t know who the fuck JBarber is.

  • Gutta

    Bout to download the mixtape and see what it’s about. I think T3 should let the SV name go tho. It jus ain’t SV witout Dilla and .

  • Gutta

    Reading through these comments it seems to me that Daishiki is the only one who got the story right…that’s how Elzhi told it on Verbal Intercourse

  • laffinatyou

    DAAAAAM DASHIKI i mean Jae Barber u still maddd???..LMAO!!.. and ELZHI WHO ?????????????? WHERE IS THE MUSIC ? SORRY SLUM IS STILL GOING WITHOUT DUDE MOVE ON ELZHI PLEASE GROW UP BUT YOU CAN’T CAUSE U 4’2……and we know its U Jae Barber…lmao…u talkin real wreckless on these sites,but u sholl ran yo ass up out that photo shoot…..ur funny,be a manager and GET YO CLIENT SOME WORK…cuz it looks like Slum is workin…without ya boy!!


    To be Honest i Rock with all good Music whatever this shit that keeps going on about this Old SlumVillage News is some Weak Shit. It is what it is none of us getting any Paper by Holding ELZHI Dick nor T3 Dick. FUck both them Niggaz all yall Niggaz on this Comment board act like yall Work for these 2 Big Face Niggaz. T3 Need to fall back from the Pic-A-Nic table & Elzhi Needs PROACTIVE this shit is Real old.

  • Cameron

    Naw Elzhi and RJ Rice got into a a beef and Elzhi peaced….I’m still feelin El regardless if he’s in Slum Village or not

  • Skills

    Niggas need to move on…this shit about t3 and ol boy is old…slum got some shit on this tape.. Grow up bitches!!!!