Stalley – Savage Journey To The American Dream (Artwork x Tracklist)

blame it on Meka March 27, 2012

Stalley’s MMG debut drops this Friday (March 30th) at 3:30pm. Hit the jump for the tracklisting and features.


1. Savage Journey (prod. The Block Beattaz)
2. Petrin Hill Peonies (prod. The Block Beattaz)
3. Route 21 (prod. The Block Beattaz)
4. Hammers And Vogues f. Curren$y (prod. The Block Beattaz)
5. Lover’s Lane f. Anthony Flammia (prod. The Block Beattaz)
6. Home To You f. Wale & Anthony Flammia (prod. The Block Beattaz)
7. Island Hopping f. Avriel Epps (prod. The Block Beattaz)
8. Cold (prod. The Block Beattaz)
9. Everything New (prod. Chad Hugo)
10. Seen It All (prod. Soundtrakk)
11. Hell’s Angels (American Heathens) f. Rick Ross (prod. The Block Beattaz)
12. Live At Blossom (prod. Soundtrakk)
13. BCGMMG (rmx) f. Rick Ross & Meek Mill (prod. The Block Beattaz)
Bonus: Party Heart feat. Rick Ross & 2Chainz (prod. Chuck Inglish)

  • uknow

    wish there was another track w/ Rashad. but its all good i can’t wait!

  • twoface

    yo i had no idea this shit was gonna be exec produced by the block beattaz..theyre dope.

  • siajs

    PLEASE give us another project with Rashad. LWN was so classic and i havnt herd anything to top it sense. Block Beattaz are hot but we want that STALLEY sound and you developed that sound with Rashad

  • SantiagoAntonio

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  • Live at the Blossom luv it

  • Iodine

    Fuck and Yes

  • unclesam

    Is this gonna be a free project or a retail album? I´ll cop if it´s an album, I love Stalley.

  • electrotherapy

    holy shit he got soundtrakk beats on there, i didn’t even kno dude was still around, i hope he’s got work on F&L2

  • KING

    this tracklist looks like a mini lincoln way nights

  • man, i haven’t heard from soundtrakk in a while…
    not since lupe’s “the cool”
    looking forward to this shit

  • ASAP Patrick

    wtf No Lex Luger or Beat Billionaire????? This album is gunna be hot garbage juice, why is this dude signed to MMG then?

  • Big Pugg

    @A$AP Patrick—You sound like a clown. You even Spell “Gonna” like a clown.

  • eva

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  • that truth

    surprised you faggots posted this since soundtrakk produced a majority of lupes first two classics. stalley still wack tho

  • WestLA’s Finest

    Man…. Where the fugg is Rashad?!?!?! Keep it 1 hunnid I havent like a ton of the new material since signing to MMG. He cant flow off the beats as well as Rashad, plus his sound was so much bigger and stadium sounding. Cash and cutty was the best thing Ive heard oh and also party heart but that was Chuck Inglish and I fuccs with his beats. we will see…

  • JohnB

    I am happy that I’m not the only one saying that Stalley will have a hard time topping LWN….the chemistry with Rashad is unique.
    And I really think it will be hard to match that…the sound with Chad Hugo is average…
    One day Rashad and Stalley will make something together again…



  • ASAP Patrick

    @Big Pugg

    you sound like a joke and so is this album, I guess this is another Audra the rapper in the making.

    He should have gotten some beats from ASAP Tyebeats or beatbillionaire

    This is the reason why hip hop is dying

  • Sir Escobar

    @ASAP Patrick lmfao, no the reason why hip-hop is dying is because of niggas like you. Hipsters that jump on anything popular and then start to hate it once they might get REALLY big, Dickriders like you, like really, we all know your not ASAP so take off the damn name, and niggas that think rap is all about the beats. Flow and Lyrics make the beat AND the song. People like you are the reason as to why hip-ho is dying.

  • JohnB

    @JWIII – Do you like Outkast????
    Which one of their album’s sound do you like the most????
    Personally when they worked with Organized noize…the rest is good sometimes excellent but….
    Same for stalley…on his ape tape it was ….oookayyy!
    When he uses Madlib it’s not too bad but he took his jazz album for blue note…
    with rashad it was the perfect combination…
    I know Stalley is an artist dabbling with sounds but Rashad and him is what made Ross take notice…

    If your burger ain’t got no pickle would you like it the same???


  • ASAP Patrick


    First of all, I rep ASAP to the FULLEST so don’t even go there. I’m the realest ASAP affiliate. Second of all, all you bums listen for the beat, it just so happens i want lex luger and beat billionaire to be bumped in my car. DICKRIDING???, nigga why do ya trolls have to be so homo about you explain things, nigga im just a fan, thats IT. I guess you DICKRIDE all your favorite artists then too, smdh this nigga is straight up fag B

  • tylerdeauvea

    Is this an album? Stalley should have waited. Used this as a free album
    and then try to attack the mainstream. Hate to see him go out like Pill did. Not taking away from either of them, they’re both good artists in their own rights.

  • jwiii

    JohnB, I know what you’re saying. LWN was a great album. My perspective is that I don’t expect Stalley to stick to any particular style because he isn’t defined by any one style. It’s annoying when people assume he’s only that as if that was all he was riding on and as if he attempted to say he’s only that. Kid is dope and can spit.

    Do I love LWN? Hell yeah!

    I just don’t need Stalley to make the same thing over and over. There’s room for growth.


    LWN style can def be improved and I look forward to their future work but I also dig him over other producers

  • jwiii

    Plus, his work with Ski Beatz is ill and I would def prefer an album produced by Ski than Rashad.

  • 2dope4nope

    Hmmm yeah idk and I can’t really judge on a free tape and I’m sure it is but that’s alot of “(prod. The Block Beattaz)” but track 4 goes and damn no Rashad tho hmmm guess gotta wait til 330 or 130 west coast time.

  • Master Lee

    I’m really excited for this. Lincoln Way Nights was one of my favorite mixtapes of last year. Stalley really deserves more shine.

  • theguywholikecrazybeats

    WTF HOW U GONE MAKE ME PAY FOR A BUNCH OF STALE ASS PRODUCTION .. No Olympicks no Justice legaue , no just blaze , no bink! no NOTHING!!!! GTFOH …