Buddy – Staircases f. Kendrick Lamar (prod. Pharrell Williams)

blame it on Meka March 28, 2012

This was previously performed for the first time at SXSW, now here’s the latest single from Pharrell protege Buddy’s Idle Time.

DOWNLOAD: Buddy – Staircases f. Kendrick Lamar (prod. Pharrell Williams) | Alt
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  • derrty

    good song nothing special kendrick was dope but I can’t help but wonder if pharrell would have been better on the hook

  • Can we just call this one average?

    Honestly its just a terrible hook no matter who’s on it. Kendrick did pretty well I guess… kinda hopec for more from Pharrell + Kendrick.

  • jebus

    Pharrell woulda been nice on the hook. Kendrick wasn’t necessay

  • satan, satan, satan

    sounds like the yonkers drums. hook is pretty bad. pharrell shoulda been on the hook, but even that may not have saved it. expected more

  • K Dot

    Kendrick doesn’t need to accept every invitation, if you know what I mean.


    As usual Kdot outshines another artist on his own track
    but this track isnt anything special

  • Thinker

    ^^^^^All K Dot dick riders

  • jebus

    @Thinker I’m not a crazy fan of dude. He can rap and got lucky and is nothing different from J. Cole. Co-sign = dickriding fans

  • Cubano

    ^^ But Kendrick is actually one of the artists who deserve dickriders lol I mean he aint fuckin with Elzhi but he is one of the top lyricists….Cole WAS dope but his album was a disappointment and never was as lyrical as Kendrick…plus Cole needs to find his own lane and stop trying to sound like Kanye, Pac, Jay or whoever else he tries to imitate…and stop relying on his production too much cause most of his beats are bland…he needs to take notes from Krit who is a great rapper anddd great producer

  • Thinker

    Btw this track goes. Fuck boys. Stop analyzing and start enjoying the music

  • Obama Fried Chicken

    “Kendrick is actually one of the artists who deserve dickriders”

    “J. Cole. Co-sign = dickriding fans”

    “All K Dot dick riders”

    Why ya niggas explain things in the most gayest way? Why cant a nigga just be a fan? Do ya dickride your favorite artists????? This blog is full of closet homosexuals

  • Cubano

    I was being sarcastic b chill wit that homosexual shit lmao I was making a point…K dot deserves all the praise he gets.

  • kareem

    @obama fried chicken truth

  • SmokinAces

    This joint is tight. Don’t know what cats up here are talking about.

  • The BBC

    @obama fried chicken – you wanna ride this dick?

  • Obama Fried Chicken

    @the bbc

    nah, i really love pussy but your homeboys will be honored to serve you. better yet, your dad would join you again tonight

  • kendrick saved it. great verse but i doubt i’ll ever want to listen to this song again

  • internet rap critic

    hook obviously is terrible and this beat is boring as shit, if you told me this was gonna be the first result of one of the best producers and kendrick in the studio???

    This Buddy dude has not impressed, why does P work with him?

  • The BBC

    Alryt cool jus thought i’d ask. No need to lie about ur homosexuality.

  • pharrell been boring as ever since hell hath no fury. not suprised. yawn* that new jay rock >>>

    “This Buddy dude has not impressed, why does P work with him?” —> thats probly why he got this throw away.

  • Obama Fried Chicken

    pussy takes me HIIIIIIGH

  • Darth Vader

    The gayness has gotten really weird in here now.

  • Gawd

    i hate hiphop fans. hate em. smh.


  • realtalk©

    i still don’t see how people can say kendrick is nothing special.. have you actually listened to his mixtapes? of course he’s overhyped because nowadays everyone wants to seem like a hip hop head and they will dickride anyone new rappers who shows a little bit of promise.. but seriously how can you not be excited about what kendrick is going to bring us in the upcoming years?

  • eZ

    “I live inside the air plus I wear air jordans…so the mic is always near me wether swaggin or recordin…”

  • whitedude

    put this kendrick verse with any other pharrel beat get rid of buddy nd we got a track

  • louisVdon

    fuck all you kendrick haters.

  • Mike

    Kendrick X Pharrell good stuff so far can’t wait to hear more from those two. (not including Buddy)

  • KD


  • ed Dubya

    simple yet clever.. sounds like some refreshing throwback stuff.

  • elzhi

    elzhi is a great lyricist…but I think kendrick offers so many styles and has so much versatility…which makes him someone i listen to more than ne other rapper. his story plays a big part too…thinking spiritually but yet knowing the street life