• needed this

    bout time johnny p

  • limosexsuperstar

    hold track, but sounds dope like always.

  • RJ

    Dopeness. Apparently someone leaked this? Johnny is raging on his FB...I need some Gussy Pun in my life. Bow.

  • A

    this aint the final version.

  • http://dizzythumper.tumblr.com dizzythumper!

    I've heard this before, they did this live on KnocksteadyTV like half a year ago last fall!

  • As-Hole

    Polygon is wayyy 2 DOPE

  • Hotshot

    Didn't know what to expect but I am now a fan of Johnny Polygon

  • http://musicbytheargonauts.com Argos

    produced by @itsTheArgonauts

  • Dylan

    I need pussy....gun

  • bambino

    people be leaking everything now a days,smh.....trust no one

  • Bonz

    One time for them Argonauts>>>>