• Maclemore345

    SHAMEEEEE this is isn't getting as much love as it deserves. Shits nuts

  • http://vimeo.com/user677428/videos Chi2LA23

    Quest just gets better and better. Who produced this??

  • illicitly ill

    I want a QuESt and Kendrick joint so damn bad.

  • FST

    i lost some interest wen he introduced the electro production..
    still like his verses but i dont feel the production...
    im feeling this one tho

  • hektik

    fucking sick quest is a legend and this beat is fire who made it???

  • ihave5broats

    produced by uk dubstep artist mt. eden..

  • nz

    New Zealand dubstep artist mt. eden**

  • ihave5broats

    ^^good call man! my bad..

  • detroit89

    New Zealand dubstep artists mt. eden** It is a duo