Saturday Night Sexy: Bernice Burgos

blame it on Illy March 31, 2012

Appeared in J. Cole’s Work Out video.

A few weeks ago, someone called Saturday Night Sexy vixen Sally Ferreira “one of the most non-Dominican looking Dominican chicks ever” and while that may be true we’ve stumbled on another one of her kind. Tonight’s Sexy is Harlem native-turned Bronx honey Bernice Burgos—probably one of the most non-Puerto Rican looking Puerto Rican chicks you’ll ever see. And no shots to any of the other boricuas from the tri-state area, but Bernice is just sheer natural class. Check her out in J. Cole’s music video for Work Out as well as in the 2009 Notorious B.I.G. biopic, Notorious. You can also just hit the jump for some more late night treats of Ms. Burgos.

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  • Game’s California Republic coming this week



  • Joseph Richardson

    Still say the first one you did a few weeks back was the best. Not bad though.
    Side note: I do not remember her in Notorious at all.

  • King Ass Licker

    I suck every inch of SHIT out her ass. NO HESITATION!

  • said this

    okay im gunna be quick with this, things i would do to her:

    3.Riding Stickshiff
    5.Pound 4 pound
    6.Eat her alive
    7.Suck her tits till it juices
    8.Massage her back
    9.Jizz on her hair
    10.Enjoy Lil B’s CD while I’m doing her

  • Obama Fried Chicken

    Dang, I didn’t know 2dopeboyz turned into a porn site lmao

  • If you think model pics equal porn, you live in a sheltered life

  • Dabur Honey

    We are glad our customers are very satisfied, we pride ourselves in making the best honey possible.

  • Tone Riggz

    Thanks for quoting me. This chick is hot btw. She looks more Dominican than the chick who was actually Dominican.

  • skeet skeet skeet

    I just got my keyboard pregnant.

  • Obama Fried Chicken

    LMAOOO yeah i must be living a sheltered life or maybe this can count as soft porn – it sounds like yur an excessive porn addict, please school me on pussy my fellow expert

  • Young Raspyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    just blew a hard nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut to this and now my keyboard is stickyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Imma

    Tits or GTFO

  • the rap bandit

    She looks like a conestant from RuPaul’s Drag Race…

  • Clos

    I don’t get the “non-puerto rican looking” or “non-dominican looking” part. Her figure? Her face? Cuz its not her skin-color. Her face looks of straight african decent though. But I can still tell she’s hispanic. I live in NY though so I guess am I trained eye

  • frankddank

    Naw homie last weeks hottie is still constantly flushing out my family jewels!!

    Brittany Dailey > Any Saturday Night Sexy


    ME I would take a SHOWER with her & let her POLISH MY TORPEDO but also watch her clean her VA-JAY-JAY real GOOD & when we got out the SHOWER I would return the favor but picking her up NAKED on my SHOULDERS but REVERSED so the BOX is right in my FACE & I would TONGUE TORNADO it while I walked around & I wouldnt stop until she GUSHED like OLD FAITHFUL & then I would have her REVERSE COW-GIRL ME on the BED … then DOGGYSTYLE & then either REPEAT all PREVIOUS or START FREESTYLING SEXUAL ACTS(lol) I would also have a 24 CASE of RED BULL … but I dont need VIAGRA cuz the STIMULANT of the CAFFEINE & the HOTNESS of BERNICE would have my DICK HARD enough for a MIDGET to do PULL-UPS on it … PAUSE … NO HOMO… (*t.m.i*)

  • Hello ladies and gentleman – names Scott, and I love describiing my sexual fantasies to other people I don’t know.

    First of all, I’d probably see this girl walking down the street. I’d glance at her and she’d look at me and she’d beg me to have sexual intercourse with her. She’d have an intense orgasm right when I grace her vagina with my glorious mast. I would then make passionate love to her in a candlelit room with Duotones by Kenny G playing on a solid gold record player.

    She’d orgasm about 4-5 more times and I’d let her go down on my almighty penis and suck my pimp juice out. After she finishes, she’d lead me to the bathroom where she and I would have sexual intercourse once more, followed by a thorough massage.

    After the night is through, I’d tell her that she’s a spectacular specimen, but I cannot stay with her. The life I lead is not a life of a married man. I’d send her a box of Ghirardelli chocolates, a vintage 2006 bottle of Silver Oak merlot, and some crisp, velvety red roses. I’d leave the next day and we’d part ways forever more.

    I’d ascend the steps of my Gulfstream airliner and sit back in my captain’s chair while sipping on a glass of Moet & Chandon and enjoy life.

  • Y’all geeked w/ these posts…but yea, I’d hit that too, lol

  • Thinker

    Yo I got a huge fuggin boner in my shorts right now. Do y’all feel me?

  • Cage

    That bitch is BAD… and i haven’t posted on this site in a while but she’d get ran through

  • Gawd

    why is there 10 nopes on this shit. bitch bad as fuck.


  • dante

    Bernice is clearly gorgeous but can we get someone a little thicker next week?

  • You Niggas

    You niggas in some pussy tho, But Ehh she aite.

  • Typo


  • Thriller

    @Dante: Its important to have a good balance. Bernice has a great looking face, which is needed sometimes.

  • People Like To Fantasize.. Y’all Are Weird And Disturbing.. If I Have A Daughter.. She Will Grow Up In A World Full Of You Fuckin Creeps.. Get A Hold Of Your Self Before Y’all Turn Into Sex Hungry Rapist..

  • NYdreams

    yea… shes bad… thats all i gotta say about that…

  • MAUI

    HOW MUCH!?

  • MegaMan

    I love how american give us hispanics “looks” yall gotta stop following Hollywood and their stereotypes. Im born and raise in Puerto Rico and please believe me when I say there are A LOT of women on the island that have that kind of look…I hate when people say to me “You’re rican? I tho you were black!”…Yeah cuz you know, we ricans dont come in this color right? GTFO.

  • stack.

    I would’ve bought this if I hit the mega million Friday

  • killamic

    Oh shit, she is fine from head to toes! not gonna run my mouth about what i would do to her though like most lame ass niggas on the internet would do.

  • jeez

    Hot body, sexy fuckin feet but bit of a screwed up face. would still ram it though!

  • TresLeches

    Damn………………………………….aieght now lets see the before photoshop pics. -_-

  • Jim

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  • Quban

    she looks edible

  • JD

    “Hello ladies and gentleman – names Scott, and I love describiing my sexual fantasies to other people I don’t know.”


  • top_shottatx

    Thank you black Jesus :)

  • LAW

    @said, you watch WAYYY too much porn homie.