Showbiz & A.G. - The Cloth (Instrumental)

NYC legend, Showbiz of Showbiz & AG and DITC is releasing "Still Diggin: Volume 1" dropping on April 24th via DITC Records. It's an instrumental album of 18 tracks and is the prelude to upcoming new music from Showbiz & AG.

Today, enjoy the free download for the song "The Cloth" featured on "Still Diggin: Volume 1."


DOWNLOAD: Showbiz & A.G. - The Cloth (Instrumental)
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  • fastflipper

    pure hip hop sound

  • julianAso

    The fact that the type isn't centered on the artwork... pisses me off lol

  • trufisbak

    @julianAso: it pretty much is... the fact that the artwork itself is wack as fuck would piss me off ;) the instrumental is hella nice tho, so i don't even sweat it...

  • JayBee

    We are accepting all artwork for the album, what you see is not the official artwork. Hit me up with your designs and the best one wins, simple as that!!!