Wiz Khalifa – It’s Nothin’ f. 2 Chainz

blame it on Miss_Peas March 31, 2012

Wiz Khalifa hits up Def Jam’s newest signee 2 Chainz to collaborate on a brand new record titled “It’s Nothin’”. Pretty random joint! Props to KYITL.

DOWNLOAD: Wiz Khalifa – It’s Nothin’ f. 2 Chainz
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  • Wiz x 2Chainz = Best Day Ever (until The Stoned Immaculate)

  • kd

    Wizzle man and Dos Chainz…yes indeeed

  • strap

    2 blunts together like an extension cord! track is dope

  • cg

    2 chainz is straight garbage…i dont even know why people like this dude….


  • ArtByShake


    Imma lit up my special blunt for this one. (a blunt made from the finest weed stems from the 80s, laced with shrooms and wrapped in a The first spiderman comic book issue paper)

  • awhole

    damn son

  • dre nova

    woulda been better if was just wiz…nice try though

  • Flip

    Hottest rappers in the game in 2011….They kool off a little since 2012

  • Peter Parker

    Ew. 2 chainz is junk and Wiz is the shit. I blame the production entirely for the lame rhyme schemes. BOOOOOO ALL AROUND. Please do not do this again.

  • asdad

    2 chainz suck so damn hard, cant see how people like him at all

  • Pauly D

    Stop being so close minded. People like 2Chainz because of his charisma, ear for beats, sometimes great lyricism, and the overall feel of the tracks.

    If you don’t understand it, cool. But don’t say some shit like that and expect NOT to get blasted.

  • thehungergames

    Pauly D, the only reason people tolerate 2 Chainz is because he gets some crazy good features, sometimes great lyricism? you must be mistaken friend, don’t expect to say some shit like that and not get blasted…

  • 2 chainz go hard af. Fuck what a nigga say

  • factormax

    everybody rhymes the same on this tempo. and 2 chainz voice is annoying as shit to me. YAAAAAAAH. anyone want to explain how you can like that?

  • JETS

    2 chainz shitted on wiz on this track and i’m a much bigger fan of wiz than tity boi. “High cause it’s a better view”

  • Melo15

    2 chaiiiiiiiiiiin

  • KG

    hollyyy shiznett Tittyboi went innn..i like bein high cuz its a better view..ewww

  • This guy 2 Chainz is so bad but his verses are entertaining. Nice track overall, though.

  • Princeofthecity2

    they both basic. wiz used to be hyphy but hes on some raggedy ass gonja marley gay ass hat shit. 2 chainz is on that ignorant swag dont give a fuck music, thats why people like him. wiz is tryna be cleaver but he aint

  • AudemarsontheWrist

    “like 2 get high cuz it’s a better view” heavy smokers realize the change in the brain, sometimes I cant believe my own thoughts when I’m high lol

  • zookeeper

    I think Waka Flocka and Gucci Mane are better than 2 Chainz… he is SO FUCKING SHITTY “Similac!!!!!”