Young Roddy’s Good Sense PSA (Video)

blame it on Miss_Peas March 31, 2012

I’ve been anticipating this project for a very long time and it’s finally here. The Jet Life’s co-pilot Young Roddy’s titled Good Sense will officially be released tomorrow, April 1st. Here he presents an exciting PSA for this upcoming project.

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  • CptNoFuxGiven

    Been waiting on a tape from Roddy for months. jets


    little bitch squeky voice : i been trappin since i was 16, that makes it 1 year ago, now with these 16s i flow, jet liiife i bet my liiife higher, til the grave , smokin weed paaaay me , pave my streets with jet fuel cuz im that higgghed up lil mama thats my honor

  • Chad

    Young Roddy cool n all but real talk my favorite verse from dude is still off that “Lysol” track off Curren$y’s “Life at 30,000 ft” mixtape when that nigga was like 12 or 13 nigga killed that shit.I aint really been impressed with shit he spit since.

  • Koonta Kentay

    Wait, so we have to buy this shit?

  • eZ

    ^^Wutchu kno bout dem old Spitta mixtapes… Personally, “Air Assault” has to be the dopest track by Spitta x the Jets crew. Roddy is straight…but dude need to bring a lil energy.

  • JAyP


  • Young louie

    Young roddys bought to show all your bitch ass’s up, come up by suprise and snag all yah muh fuggin money son waatchout

  • Lol watching this video lets you know how new orleans that nigga roddy really is

  • AndOneill

    This better be no joke.!! Been waitin on roddy. This gonna be dope as fuck. Better be not a short ass ep.! Jets at ya muthafukin neck.,

  • TMunz34


  • maaan those haters up there need to get educated. he brings enough energy, hes chillin n smoking with some of the realest lyrics, no need for him to get loud.

  • Lames catch feelings we catch flights, Jet life , Jet life..