• NoAlias

    Yeaaah dude been waiting to see Asap and Lana do something

  • AQ

    crazy collab, gonna be dope.

  • swag

    i really liked her album it had a nice hiphop feel to it. i also saw she was working with odd future. pretty dope

  • anthony

    came here to hate but the beat and hook are hater-proof

  • Amy

    After hearing all the bad press she got for the show, I have to say, I think she was great!

  • jsteez

    takin notes from spitta, ski, and mckenzie eddy i see...

  • John

    This song isn't on the mixtape. So fucking lame that they promo their tape with a song that's not even on it.

  • John

    Apparently Rocky pulled it and said he wanted it for his own album. That's some selfish shit. This song was going to be on a free mixtape, and once he saw how much people liked the preview he decided that he was going to put it on an album that people would have to buy.

  • http://www.devinfrymire.com dvon

    i downloaded the mixtape primarily for this track. what. the. fuck.

  • TH

    I've heard that the song is not on the mixtape because A$AP Rocky will be using it on his debut album.