Childish Gambino – Eat Your Vegetables

blame it on Illy April 2, 2012

Mr. Glover drops off his latest leak “Eat Your Vegetables” which is rumored to be appearing on his upcoming project.

DOWNLOAD: Childish Gambino – Eat Your Vegetables
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  • jannik


  • CJ

    Donkey Kong sample…..YESSSS

  • French Montana is Not Built for No Windshield Views

    First saw this over on Prefix and they were less than enthused about it. I’m surprised, though, because I actually think this is a pretty dope track. Hope we get that next Childish mixtape sooner rather than later.

  • satan, satan, satan

    he kinda looks like riley from the boondocks in that picture

  • donkey kong ahah!

  • Illaiiller

    No these mufuka did not just flip sum Classic Donkey Kong shit LMFAO!!!! I love this joint know

  • no

    this nigkas hair……..another nigka tryna bein the same by tryna be different.dude is gay as hell,tht love track he did with the vid with the car ruined this nikka

  • Bro

    This track’s got an A$AP Rocky-type feel

  • OkayOkay

    That J.Cole and Diggy line doe….fucking hilarious lol

  • grs

    maybe his lyrics are kinda dope, but i still cant get over the fact that he sounds like a whiny woman

  • Krea

    That Trayvon line was to soon. That Diggy/ J.Cole line was hilarious. And somebody is jackin flows. This is still hot though

  • Wonton Soup

    Damn it sounds like he BIT THE FUCK out of ASAP Rocky/2 Chainz flow…but implemented it with actual lyricism. Different from all his other stuff…but still cool I suppose

  • OkayOkay

    Also, this is “D-Money”. Not trying to justify him going all 2-Chainz/A$AP on us, but it’s just him fucking around. He went off with that Donkey Sample too!

  • Wonton Soup

    @OkayOkay – I see. Well now if Rocky or 2 Chains ever spit anything beyond an 8th grade vocabulary I’ll have to question who wrote it

  • OkayOkay

    @Wonton Soup – DEAD. Showing no love, eh? Haha.

  • Wonton Soup

    @OkayOkay – haha nah I like all three artists for what they do, im just pointing out the obvious

  • Lupe Fiasco

    He sounds kinda like me. Hes my invitro seed

  • Clos

    Yup “Nobody cares like its J Cole/Diggy”

  • First I Park My Car, The I Fuck Your Bitch

    Almost downloaded this until I heard the Trayvon Martin line.

  • My favorite rapper and all but are those cornrows/braids I see?

  • k dot

    This is straight ASS,ASS,ASS.
    What happened to this guy ?

  • Meh

    ^Nothing? He’s just trying something different (and it’s not ass either). Obviously it’s nothing special coming off that dope album, but it’s not bad.

  • d

    You people do know Donald Glover in an actor right? The braids could be for a role he’s doing

  • bobbychalkers

    “Man I die for my hood, Trayvon”
    I was yelling too soon for about 15 seconds after I heard that.

  • yeah

    I hate that we live in a world where people love to box you into just one category/genre and give you shit for expanding. Is there an obvious ASAP Rocky feel? Yes. Does it mean he’s automatically biting/posing? No. He obviously likes that feel and was influenced by it and is showing respect and paying homage by taking his own spin on it. No one person strictly likes one thing. Don’t be naive. Music is music and no style/feel is patented.

  • J.T.

    The track is nice. He always has a way of clowning around and still making good music.

  • i wish i got baseball money

    Damn when did Xzibit’s voice get so high

  • DeliciouslyA

    This is the first Childish Gambino song I don’t like…the beat is good but it doesn’t him. And the lyrics are really mainstream. And also wayyyyyyy too soon for the Trayvon line.

  • ATL

    Stone Mountain, Ga REPRESENT

  • A-yo

    That Trayvon line isnt bad when you think about it.
    “Stone Mountain Georgia, got something for ya
    Killing bars, I’m a lawyer
    Baby drinking Goya, girl put your shades on
    Man I die for my hood, Trayvon”
    when you look at the whole thing he’saying he’d die for his hood which is Stone Mountain. Trayvon died because of his hoodie. Thats another way to look at it.

  • Ryan G

    @A-yo, that’s what I thought he meant by that verse too, people just assume that because he mentioned Trayvon that he was poking fun at the situation.

  • mikeyfresh

    this shit is the best shit ive heard from him. download.

  • NoLess

    I guess some people might think its a poke at trayvon because of the way he said it. When he says it on the song his voice sounds like its a joke when its high and echoes like that. Personally don’t have a problem with the line…pretty sure he knew it would be a pretty controversial when he laud it down

  • RSWD

    Childish Gambino spits,he just hasn’t found his lane yet.First he was biting Wayne,now ASAP -____-

  • jape

    this guy sucks soooo bad. and thats not hating he really just sucks at rapping.

  • nigga

    he’s a fuckin comedian

    you think he gives a fuck what you think about that Trayvon line?
    that shit was awesome

  • Thinker

    biting ASAP? ASAPs WHOLE fucking style bites Houston ya lames!

  • Trayvon

    It’s ok don’t worry about it guys. I’m fine…we both agreed we would die for our Hood so don’t trip. I just happened to go first… but at least I went out with a BANG!!!!! D-MONEY!!!!!! GET EM

  • Phili

    Correction no one cares about Diggy (period) dont talk bout J Cole (he’s referring to the beef right?)

  • So is everybody but me too young to hear the sample from “Donkey Kong Kountry” for Super Nintendo in the background? You know from the swimming level? Dopeness.

  • JIJi

    this guy is such a corn ball. just a bunch of played out race jokes and predictable pop culture references. nothing creative. if lady gaga died tomorrow he would release a song the next day with the line “this fame is a monster and its killing me… LADY GAGA”. wooooohh! how does he write this stuff!? -___-

  • Awal

    ^…problem is Gambino’s lines are dope…while your lady gaga line was shit..haha you were better off keepin that one to yourself….cuz you seem to be a cornball also

  • Maximus

    HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Nobody care like J. Cole Diggy!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

  • Hahahahaha! That Trayvon line had me rollin’, ma nigga!!! :D


    Mannn I agree he obviously meant the Trayvon line in a good way but as far as the ASAP Rocky shit goes he sucks dick if you ask me Gambino was like I can do that wayyyy better. And yes NOBODY CARES LIKE J COLE/DIGGY!

  • lil jon