• MJR

    Been waitin on this! First (i think..)

  • detroit89

    i was not too big on the last tape he had. i don't know, i love oddisee, QuESt, ScienZe. Also i liked some of Chris Faust releases from 2010. but his last tape just did not stick to me amongst the other music i had at the time. i think ill listen to this, but i can't help feeling that this concept album is going over my head since i don't know much about Chris Faust as a person or comic books.

  • GeeZuP

    based off the artwork alone I'm coppin, I just hope this is dopeness

  • Jake

    I enjoy FAUST and his concept projects. He really makes an effort to set himself aside from everyone else out there and still delivers dope product. At first I was like @Detroit then I was really did some research and got to know his music. But the intro track to VILLAIN will let you in to a lot about him as a person. I think this project is good work. Although, I would like to see more trill shit from FAUST.

  • FiltratedGrub

    track 5 is dope

  • P.DOT

    too many people sleeping on this! wholee tape is a banger!

  • Good

    agree with ^^ track 5 is lyrically insightful and the beat is fuego

  • overlooked

    This and Clear Soul Forces - Detroit REvolutions might be the best releases of 2012 so far.

    between track 2,5,8 and 9 i cant pick a favorite.