Toki Wright – FADERS (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka April 2, 2012

After a few leaks, clips and teasers the Rhymesayers emcee drops his anticipated mixtape. Tracklist and link down bottom.

DOWNLOAD: Toki Wright – FADERS (Mixtape)

  • Advance

    How is he gonna charge for a mixtape with so many used beats?

  • Super Duper

    11 original tracks for $7 isn’t bad.

  • jdisragin

    ……………………. i was going to give this a listen, but naaah. but isn’t this the dude that was down with Hollyweerd? Dudes were dope.

  • doc suds

    wait? he is charging for a bunch of “free verse”? what the fuck is that outside of an upper-level college poetry class. getthefuckoutthere. Rhymesayers gotta school this kid. And don’t get it wrong, i like Toki! i just think this is a pathetic release

  • A!Re$1DeR

    hes down w/ rhymesayers..

  • Paul Bunyan

    Toki Wright is proof of a pulse in hip hop. Thank god we’ve got this dude in Minneapolis. Kick a hole in the speaker Toki, because im fienden for the next full release.

  • Big Meech

    Nice tape

  • Maestro

    People are stupid. You can stream the whole tape for free.

  • scil

    People do covers all the time. People re-use loops and lyrics and everything. It’s in the artistry of it. Mozart did it, Bach did it. All the greats copied. If you can lay down a mix tape with all originals & not take ANYTHING from anyone else (lyrics, phrases, loops, ideas), knock yourself out. It’s legit & if you gotta take time to hate on someone else’s art, you probs don’t have a lot going on for yourself. Just sayin.