XV – Now Let’s Go In f. Freddy High

blame it on Meka April 2, 2012

I’ll be honest: my brain usually checks out after the NFL and NBA seasons are done (summers are the absolute worst for me), so tonight’s NCAA Championship does nothing for me musically. I’m obviously in the minority, however, as XV drops a cut to support his hometown Kansas, who supposedly faces imminent destruction to their opponent Kentucky.

DOWNLOAD: XV – Now Let’s Go In f. Freddy High | Alt

  • kd

    NBA isnt over dumbass

  • JMY

    this shit gets me so hype. too bad they knocked my team out.
    well vizzy goes in on this and freddy high is coo too

  • heavymayn

    homeTOWN? Kansas is a state lol ba lee dat

  • adam

    Perfect timing ! Now let’s go in gametime

  • nito

    get pac div on the remix

  • Randy

    if you’re too lazy to create something original please stop making music. ive heard this exact song 100 times.

  • i am sam

    what song have u heard that sample a college team chant and hymn and makes it into a banger? stop. continue listening to drake simp to bitches and wiz rap about weed.

    fuck your circle! #SQUARIAN

  • Chris

    I’m guessing @Randy was the only chump who disliked this shit Lmao poor guy has nothing else to do so why not hit the dislike button for fun

  • Randy


    why does every nigga that can’t articulate always tell someone to “go listen to young money/wiz/gucci mane/soulja boy” just because they don’t like the same things as you? this sounds like a generic carbon copy. i dont give a fuck what he sampled that doesnt make it a hot song.

    and how does me not liking a song/having an opinion just like everyone else give you the right to say i have nothing else to do? grow the fuck up. i listened to the song and formulated an opinion of it. just like your dumb ass did. i guess you aint got shit better to do neither then.

  • Jmic

    it’s lights out for Kansas but this song still goes. can’t wait for this dudes mixtape

  • Sir Escobar

    @Randy big difference between forming an opinion that makes sense, and hatred. What you said was that XV lacked originality. This is a rapper who samples songs by Smahing Pumpkins, the Pixies, Japanese musicians, and raps about real shit. Please give me the name of a rapper that has used the chant of college basketball team. How you’ve heard something like that “100 times” is beyond me cause this is the first time i’ve ever heard that being sampled. Had you statement made sense I would’ve called it an opinion but it doesn’t.

  • lol what

    The first guy rapping sounds like Sir Michael Rocks

  • lol what

    No wonder! WTF 2Dopeboyz! Y’all got the wrong song up, or its a glitch. It was playing Sir Michael Rocks – Hit A Lick. I had to click the download link to listen to the XV song.

  • lol what

    Yeah it was definitely a glitch on sharebeast part. I refreshed the page and its playing XV’s song now.

  • randy

    @sir escobar…. nigga just shut the fuck up. seriously. im sick of bloggers like you. i said this song lacked originality. THIS SONG. not XV. i dont judge a song based on an artists previous songs. i judge it based on the fucking song. that’s the problem with niggas like you you judge music based on reputations instead of the actual music. typical over sensitive fanboy blowing shit out of proportion. i cant stand niggas like you who cant handle criticism and resort to calling everyone a hater. i dont care what the sample was. rappers use obscure samples all the time…. that doesnt make a song dope muthafucker. i heard alot of mediocre tracks with obscure samples on them. this still sounds like a generic southern track! even if he sampled the queen of england burping it still sounds generic.

    the hook is commonplace… parts of his flow sound like yet another “tats on my arm” ripoff.. and the beat is nothing new. That’s my opinion…. get over yourself you self-righteous bitch nigga. i dont like the fucking song and i gave a reason why…. i didnt call the nigga a faggot or say some ignorant shit. i gave it a chance, listened to the whole thing and gave my opinion. learn the definition of “hatred” and stop using that bitch nigga phrase as a crutch for your own intolerance and unintelligence. If you can’t handle criticism or differing opinions get off the fucking page and get off our dicks. stop flexing on niggas for not sucking your favorite artist dick!

  • Grimey

    I deff love the verses.

    I love XV but I think he should work on the choruses. They seem repetitive.

  • JR

    I go to the University of Kentucky. State Street was wild as fuck tonight. As much as I like XV, fuck Kansas. Number 8 bitches. Talk all the shit you want but all year I’ve been saying this is our year. UK ALL DAY EVERYDAY

  • Oliver

    @Randy Hahahaha you’re a clown. First off, if any thing, Tats All on My Arm is the track lacking originality. The song was created to support his state’s team, Kansas, in the NCAA playoffs ( We now know that it didn’t help much). Its a track designed to hype a sports team/fan/college for a huge game. No shit its not that complicated of a song.

    Relax, there’s no need to get hyper defensive about your misguided opinion. You can have your opinion, I sure as hell don’t agree with it and I’m sure at this point you are just defending it for the sake of defense but its all good, do what you want. The rest of us will continue to enjoy this song.

  • Randy

    @oliver whatever you say bitch nigga. i expressed my opinion and you’re the only one that caught feelings over it. even started crying because you thought i disliked it. i dont have to defend anything, im not going to change my opinion just because youre a bitch nigga who has a superiority complex about your taste in music. you’re sitting here trying to tell me why my opinion is wrong and then you have the nerve to say im being defensive gtfoh. insecure ass nigga has to rationalize someone not agreeing with you. welcome to life bitch.

  • Oliver

    I don’t get it, Randy. Did I not just say you are entitled to your own opinion? Hahaha I’m the one with the superiority complex. I never said I was better than you, nor did I ever say my opinion was better than yours. Here you are enraged as ever talking shit to me without analyzing what the fuck was said. You said you don’t like this song, you gave your defense as to why you think it is a bad song, I disagreed with it but I didn’t ask you to change your opinion. You can like whatever music you want and I am not going to give a single fuck about the music you play on your ipod, but I am still going to tell you why I disagree with your opinion, just like you would do with mine. First, learn how to articulate your point like a sensible human being and second learn how to read before you jump to conclusions. All anyone ever asks for is a decent discussion about why a song is good/bad but that can never happen when fucks like you decide to catch this sort of attitude. I disagree with you, I told you why, and now I’m moving on because it is no longer worth wasting my time.

  • clues

    where is all the se7en production?