Cage – The Void f. Sherry St. Germain (prod. Mighty Mi)

blame it on Shake April 3, 2012

Artwork by Alex Pardee.

Years after their well-documented beef, the former Smut Peddlers partners are back at it with the new single off Cage’s upcoming Illuminated: Kill The Architect EP. And while I think it might grow on me, right now… I’m not fully digging the production. But that could be due to the fact I’ve been jamming to this J57 remix I’ve had for a little while.

Also, if you hit the jump you can check out another loosie that Cage wrote to the music playing during the credits of A Serbian Film.

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  • DefNotCage

    Good thing Cage doesn’t give a fuck what Shake thinks.

  • ^^ i agree.

  • a

    i agree with you on the production. cage has been spitting better lately, but the beats are wack. and not just because they aren’t traditional hip-hop sounds, it’s just that the shit isn’t good.

  • mark

    Is Cage still on good terms with El-P?

  • Basser

    Yo I kinda dig this beat. Sounds dubstepish but it really isn’t that bad. Cage is for also lol

  • Le0Regulus

    F.Martin had sick beats on Cage’s last album…that CD kills…

  • Basser

    *Dope. stupid smart type

  • Voided

    I think Cage has one of the best websites ever!

  • @mark

    yeah, he still fucks with El-P.

  • Melo15

    ahhh can’t really hate on the dub step this beats dope

  • I need to hear the J57 version ASAP !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Strife Immaculate

    Cage is supah fucking dope!

  • IM1UFO

    Cage is such a trend hopper…always trying to figure out a way to bang that teenage poontang haha