QuESt - Fear Not Failure (Mixtape)

At long last, QuESt's highly anticipated re-up has arrived.

“I just want people to shed their fears and embrace their failures,” says QuESt. “We fail every single day. Failure doesn't stop us from what we desire. But fear can literally prevent you from everything you want to achieve and more.”

Indeed. Tracklist, stream and link down bottom.

DOWNLOAD: QuESt - Fear Not Failure (Mixtape)

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  • Asshole

    Guess I'll be the first to give this the stamp of approval...go get it!

  • Jay-Z


  • Chi2LA23

    Quest is sick. Who produced the beats??

  • fatboiireal

    Shit won't download on my phone can we get a media fire link...

  • Obama Fried Chicken

    A lot of new mixtapes today: This one is DEFINITELY IS one of the better ones. C+ Decent storytelling, the pop production can come off corny at some points but I get it tho. Not a download for me personally but its a dope effort. The timbo influnced "Gambler" is prob the best track here.

  • oohla vegas

    212 mb's? Compress your shit

  • Ermac

    Not really feeling this dubstep type of music from quest his last album was way better than this

  • iDre

    QuESt never disappoints.. another classic to add to the collection..

  • og

    this is how you rap over electronic/dubstep type beats. take notes

  • Goomoonryong

    you shake can e get a different link

  • GrayDilla



  • FvdedGrey

    Fantastic release.

  • cam

    I've heard every QuESt project since Broken Headphones... &I'm not feelin dude at all... I dunno why I just don't like him!!! Broken Headphones was his only project I really messed wit, &I didn't even mess wit that to tough...

  • Ducey

    Kendrick Lamar took his spot. This bum is just wasting his time lol.

  • 2

    this is guaranteed to be dope.

  • Chi2LA23

    Sick ass production and flows

  • A Reader!

    Production credits, anyone ???

    Kindly share the info on instrumentals !!!

  • @shloob_

    I been follwing this dude for a while.. He's defintely ill, but im not gonna download this. BUT...the fourth track: "No where to go"is fucking ill. that ones worth some money.

  • Soulness

    This is a complete body of work. You can tell dude spent time with this one. Love the originality. Real rap real bars. This kid deserves more attention!

  • Soulness

    @ A Reader credits look like they're on the soundcloud.

  • Dg15

    This project is fire


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