SLV (Joe Budden x Emanny) – F*ck That Condom

blame it on Shake April 3, 2012

Joey and Emanny are back with another one..

DOWNLOAD: SLV – F*ck That Condom
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  • this shit right here tho……i know this started out as “fun”but they can really make some noise with this material….SlaughterHouse-June 12th!!!

  • Gawd

    Real Talk. fuck a condom. Raw like monday night wrestlin.


  • fastflipper


    track is not bad

    but the name is dumb

  • JLthefirst1

    I’m a Joe Budden fan and have been since ‘Salutations’ n ‘Drop Drop’ n ‘Focus’ n I didn’t even think he was gay, but now I’m convinced he’s fuckin this Emanny dude to keep doing tracks w/ him. And wtfkinda name is is Summer Leather Vest? No wonder you didn’t post it. SLAUGHTERHOUSE!!!! get back on that ish joey

  • who cares

    ^So he’s gay because he’s workin’ with another dude? Method Man & Redman? MarQ Spekt & Kno? Eligh & Amp Live? gtfo!

  • a

    emanny’s a trey songz knockoff tho

  • JLthefirst1

    ^^no he’s gay because he must be cuttin’ Emammy to still be makin songs with him…Enammy sucks….get it??

  • JLthefirst1

    oh…and I was playing on those Joe Budden gay rumors…catch up who cares #talkshit

  • who cares

    You make absolutely no sense. Only thing I can agree with you on is that Emanny sucks. I might not go as far as saying he sucks, just not my cup of tea.

  • Emanny doesnt suck. listen to Stuck In The Moment, Ayo, Dreamerz, All Of Me, & if you still think he sucks, you have absolutely no credibility or idea what a singer & a great hook is.

  • Pauly D

    Hip Hop heads suck tbh. Emanny isn’t “Boom Bap” enough for you so you have to hate?

  • a

    @ Dino —

    he cant sing. seriously. dude sounds mad generic and lame. you wanna talk about singing talent and hooks: i’ll go listen to let’s stay together & what’s going on, you can bump an emanny ep or whatever the fuck he got

  • Jim

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  • NYdreams

    not a big fan of emanny… but hes listenable … his hooks matches the songs joey raps about everytime so the chemistry is just perfect … i mean seriously if they dropped a mixtape and u let ya girl n on it i bet she started singing along everytime which is the goal of SLV

  • dubcyde

    They should do a tape, simply put

  • SLV is a good look. In a way Joey fathered that drake’s style, and this is the best presentation of that side

  • byUnknown

    It takes me a few listen to buddens tracks for me to understand it fully, but sounds good.
    So you mean that it should only be one rapper, one rnb dude, one rnb girl, one country person, one pop star? Ya’ll lame as fuck. Logical that would not work at all, what would all the rest of the world be doing? Personally I don’t think is trying to sound or be like trey at all. Drop that mainstream shit. I dont listen to mainstream anymore, cant stand all the swagg and uncool stuff. GO RAW, Music RAW. And we all know that Joe’s best music is that truthful music. That emo shit lol.