The Audible Doctor - Success pt.1 f. Chaundon

First leak off the Brown Bag AllStar emcee/producer's upcoming I Think That... EP.

DOWNLOAD: The Audible Doctor - Success pt.1 f. Chaundon
- Cuts by DJ Brace.

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  • jonzo

    This track is bananas, from cuts in the intro to the beat and the raps, ill as fuck!

  • Quimburn

    who da fuckk thumbs downed this

  • Jonathan wild

    This shit is BANGING!!!

  • what?


  • PhyScy

    Feelin this jawn

  • Samos da god

    So crazy right now!!!

  • PROB

    I was supposed to be productive this morning, now I'm stuck here listening to this on repeat. SO SICK.

  • t.a.morales

    DAMN!!! Audible Doctor NEVER disappoints!

  • MoM


  • nothingwhack

    The amount of talent these guys have is absurd. Def watch out for the Audible Doctor...

  • rhymer

    This is ridiculously dope

  • Frank Givens


  • BBASfannumber1

    BROWN BAG!!!

  • josey

    Still loving this song.

  • ForRealDealz

    really feeling this jam