• first

    first son

  • Jus’ Sayin’

    Lupe Fiasco> 2dopeboyz

  • bummed out

    i can't get any sound to play from your website. not the soundcloud links not the mp3 player not youtube not anything that plays sound.

  • that truth

    bury the hacker, i mean hatchet and start posting all lu's stuff here. shit is childish son. put up the new track with game!!

  • unclesam

    HOW IS IT CHILDISH FROM 2DOPEBOYZ´s SIDE? Has Lupe even apologized? If Lupe SINCERELY apologized and made up for what he did to Shake, I´d think it was childish. But he hasn´t and he probably never will, it´s his loss really.

  • Kelly

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  • grandma

    lupe's 2nd stanza.

  • that truth

    he has to apologize for wanting to know what engineer emailed shake songs he thought nobody else had? unclesam=uncle tom. proly meka tbh

  • Steez McDuck

    Lupe fiasco is so, so good.

  • just

    Good job shake. Disregard people talking garbage.
    Good music, meaning behind it. Deserves to be posted.

  • ak spitta

    man lupe please put out more music like this, man had 2 classics and is now off the map and I ain't for him not changing his music but mans got to put out what he wants to put out not what the labels want

  • 1dopeboy

    I think thats one of the first Lupe guest spots that he didn't steal the song with his flow
    he can do way better than that

  • z

    Respect Shake.

  • bstyles

    Track is bonkers
    Thanks for posting
    I'm getting sick of 2chainz and every other wack ass rapper you post about nowadays