Rita Ora – R.I.P. f. Tinie Tenpah (Video)

blame it on Illy April 4, 2012

The first official video from Roc Nation songstress Rita Ora is here.

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  • F.C. The Truth


  • Randy

    its funny how these days the only criteria to be considered pretty by thirsty niggas is light skin. especially the u dark skin diss to her but she is average looking at best. just cause she light skin niggas dickride her.

    and as for the song/video i cant even judge this crap b/c it aint even hers. she is insultingly lazy taking someone elses old song written for someone else and using it as her first single. what kind of new artist who is serious about their craft does that?

  • Jim

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  • TVA

    @Randy – Most artists. Just because somebody at the Young Money camp leaks all their demos/references. Most folks who don’t scour the blogs for music like us still haven’t heard Drake’s version. Like they hadn’t heard Frank Ocean’s reference of Thinking About Forever which he had sold to Bridget Kelly. Most artists don’t write and hit up the Dream, Frank Ocean, Ne-Yo, Ester Dean, Makeba, Stacy Barthie’s to supply them with material for their albums. Same way it was back in the Motown era which is why 5 different artists had versions of the same song. They’d all go in and record it and then decide who’d be putting it on their album after they were recorded. Now the bidding is just done before hand.

  • TVA

    I take solace in the fact that she can actually sing (unlike Rihanna) but possibly because I’ve heard and liked the Drake reference (which he threw a bunch of Rihanna ad libs in) I prefer that tempo to what they ended up doing for Rita’s version. She sings it just a step too slow in my opinion.

  • Randy

    @tva its no secret that most singers prominently select songs from a batch of demo’s by songwriters. but when the song you select has already been established… years earlier… by a currently hot artist, and you are a new artist trying to make a name for yourself,… it really reflect poorly on you as a musician taking the easy way out and promoting a song that’s already made its rounds and been established.

    and i personally never scoured the blogs and came across this song, i never even heard this song until rita sang it, but all i had to do was read the comments from people pointing out that they already knew and liked the song 3 years ago for me to realize what a lazy, cop out, non-working resort rita ora took to promote herself.she had 2 other original singles she could have promoted, but instead she opted for sucker route because she’d rather get views than get views AND respect as an artist. this is why i respect rappers and rock singers. 95% of them actually participate in the groundwork creation of their craft and actually put forth an effort. whether they suck or not, at least these niggas have significant imput into their music and are putting a piece of theirselves into it. alot of these pop singers have artistic value who are willing to promote hand me downs and leftover from other artists as long as they are popular enough. no fucking thanks

  • Randy

    *alot of these pop singer have NO artistic value*

  • What is the big deal with her? She can sing, okay and… She seems average at best. Should’ve picked a different song for a first impression IMO cuz this song is being ran into the ground.

  • undefeated

    well unlike rihanna’weak ass…she can actually sing…and she sexy..

  • Greg

    wtf does rihanna have to d with anything. sounds like rihanna got you shook. acting threatened and shit

  • Wonton Soup

    Im honestly on the fence with whether i think she’s sexy or not. I think her eyebrows are whats holding me back.


  • bobbychalkers

    This song is pretty generic….

  • aye

    Extreme amount of haters on this post sheesh…..drake wrote it for her stop bitchin its a good song….u either think shes hot or shes not stop tryna use blogs to mke everyone think like u guys…dnt like it dnt comment…..ritas sexy as hell btw

  • Greg Focker

    @aye i dont see anyone trying to convince anyone of anything. i see people having a discussion expressing their opinions. and they are pretty valid. but since you dont agree with their opinion you call them “haters”. i didnt see ignorant name calling, no trolling, no childish insults, i read alot of good ass points made.. which apparently were too much for you to rebuttle intelligently so you just resorted to calling them haters in lieu of a debate. i honestly wish that people like you would just go away. you ruin these blogs. im not saying 2db doesnt have haters… but a nigga can’t even have an opinion without a bitch nigga like you screaming hater. “if you dont like dont comment” reveals everything about you we need to know. you think people should only express opinions when they are alligned with you own views. if you cant handle criticism get off this fucking planet. unless you’re telling me that you only comment on shit you love, and never give any sort of criticism ever? that’s what a fucking thought.

    and no, this song was not written for her. it was written for rihanna many years ago. fucking moron.

  • chomp

    someone should establish the definition of hatin. a lot yall dont know it

  • Mike

    This video is really simple reminds me of work out by J. cole video simple to the point the song overrall is great.

  • J.T.

    I compltely agree with @Greg Focker. People cant even have an opinion these days without being branded a “hater” smh. As for the song, I really am not feeling it. Im sorry but Drake did this shit so long ago that I rather hear something original. I know most of these pop singers dont write their own stuff anyway but I wish she had Drake hand her a completely new song. Maybe this will work for Rita but she is losing points in the respect category.

  • Gawd

    i agree wit alot of ya’ll in here. i’ve said it before but she just doesn’t sound right on this song at all. her voice just doesn’t fit this song. Drake shit while it was wrtten from a female POV, his voice fit better wit the song. she’s ROC so her album is 1st day cop cause of the KING HOV cosign. btw UK accents are annoying as fuck.

    @ Wonton Soup……. i agree wit you my nigg. either that or her blonde hair, black eyebrows and red lipstick just aint fit cause i’ve seen some pics where she looks good and then i see some other ones and this video and she doesn’t do it for me.


  • kfrxshfs

    Drake wrote this