Steve Aoki – CuDi The KiD f. KiD CuDi & Travis Barker (Video)

blame it on Illy April 4, 2012

Steve Aoki teams up with Cudder and the former Blink-182 drummer for his latest clip, CuDi The KiD. Get Wonderland on iTunes now.

  • Steve Aoki is REALLY overrated

    This song is really annoying.

  • death to everyone involved in this video

    honestly everyone who is in this video needs to stop making music and die. I cannot stand kid cudi, i think he is so overrated and aweful. Steve aoki is so overrated, the guy is nothing but a glorified coked out techno playing juke box

  • The hipster is strong with this one.

    This was a video about how much Diggy Simmons hates nuns and clowns.

  • lol

    @death to everyone involved in this video

    you really wouldnt stand him if you knew what he worth. you’d probably kill yaself. cudi laughing on his way to the bank you broke & hating on 2dopeboyz you’ll never be shit son

  • lol

    Niggas hate on CuDi cause alot of niggas fuck with his shit.All you lame motherfuckers got something with cudi on it. If you got either of kanye last two albums you got tracks with him on it.Some of kanye best songs ever involve cudi.Watch the throne had cudi background vocals on like 4 tracks. kill yaself you just a waste of never gon be shit cudi here to stay & never going nowhere eat a dick nigga.

  • and at the end of the day, he’s an average artist who just so happens to be hit or miss most of the time

    ^it never ceases to amuse me how desperately touchy kid cudi’s stans get, or how incredibly angry his haters get

  • tunechi


    chill out fool. just look at it as a sign of respect when you see hate.they only hate you when you great.nobody would waste time out there day to hate on a nobody.niggas hate great.all the greats recieved a great deal of hate.

  • rcrownt1

    Hhahahaha @the hipster is strong with this one

  • rcrownt1

    Oooh and yall lightweight crazy if you dont think Kid Cudi is dope. thats your fault ha

  • HEY

    travis barker is still the drummer for blink182.

  • Rufus

    Cudi created the stoner illmatic with his first album and is just being haunted by that shit Nas style. He’ll never hit that peak again.

  • Jtron

    Drummer is truly clowning if he wants us to believe there are any live drums on this track.

  • @Rufus


    A Kid Named CuDi is not to be slept on its (IMO) the best mixtape i’ve ever heard in my life.Legend Of Mr Rager doesnt get the credit it deserves you gotta be in a certain zone to really appreciate that album.

  • crz

    Blink 182 got back together in 2009 yo

  • Cameron

    Fuck People Who Use STAN

    I hate when people take shots at an artist then when their fans argue back they pull that “WOW I love how butthurt these STANs get LMAO” arguement. That shit is so stupid. You started the argument, did you think everyone was just gonna say “Yeah you right, he really sucks ass”.

  • I don’t care if you’re not White. Stop wearing a Native headdress you fugging hipster parasite.

  • Dasilva


  • DP

    i agree with cameron. if you really like an artist, you just like them. that’s what’s wrong with rap today. the fans are stupid as fuck. either somebody is hating or somebody is dickriding.