Ab-Soul – Terrorist Threats f. Danny Brown & Jhené Aiko

blame it on Meka April 6, 2012

MixedByAli, of course.

You want new Soulo, you got it. Be on the look out for his own project, coming sooner than you think. What up Dave?

DOWNLOAD: Ab-Soul – Terrorist Threats f. Danny Brown & Jhené Aiko (prod. Dave Free of Digi+Phonics) | Alt

  • Jawunda

    SOULO HO! kills this shit

  • spencer

    danny brown > ab soul

  • ok

    “coming sooner than you think”
    u also said that when u posted HnC leaks and it felt like 10000 years til it came out

  • Onlyhere

    Ab soul>>>danny brown.

  • someguy

    you saying “coming sooner than you think” automatically makes me think this is coming out in atleast a year or two.

  • Solo

    Soul a real down to earth dude i fuck with him nigga aint all hollywood like Dot & Q.

  • fresh

    TDE they got the belt!

  • anthony

    TDE is basically taking over.

    Danny Brown is BEAST too. So good.

    AbSoul is underrated imo.

  • BearFaced

    haha my nigga Soul trollin

  • eZ

    ‘ill give it up to TDE, they all bring something different to the table… this beat is crazy

  • Fucking amazing! Been waiting for this collab for a while. Shit is the heater

  • Ja

    SOUL! Cant wait for this project man I hope it drops soon, keep this TDE movement strong.

    Sidenote: I still don’t know how I feel about Danny Brown. Still haven’t heard any tracks that made me wanna check out the rest of his catalog.

  • A Reader!

    This is good but not something dat will get much plays from me!!

    I guess, after “Druggys WitH Hoes Again” & “Sexting” I expect a lot better from TDE group. Cos I like those two joints more than I enjoy banging the shit out of “Niggas In Paris” !!!

    Solo ho (solo ho)
    Solo ho (solo ho)
    Leanin’ like a motherfuckin’ cholo, ho
    Blue chucks on, El Pollo Loc

  • Basser

    Wow this is dope. Danny brown and ab-soul= banger.

  • db

    Danny Brown!!!

  • holy FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK this is awesome

  • NYdreams

    wow this shit is classic….

  • JR

    Not really feelin this one. Showin Love was a banger tho. Despite this track, I still cant wait for Soul’s project to drop

  • AD

    if you not feeln this track, think twice and LISTEN TO THE LYRICS… if you still feel the same, go buy a soulja boy album.

  • thatrealshit

    this is dope, TDE’s producer are so underrated, i cant believe more artists dont work with them. soul better keep one eye open when he sleeps tho, feds probly got his phones tapped by now

  • AD

    @thatrealshit the feds are watching all uf us

  • jeff

    soul will probably be dead by the end of the year.

  • lol @ the dude who said danny brown > absoulo. please i hope you are just trolling, otherwise kill ya self

  • mike

    This song is legitimately insane.

  • Pell

    ^^^ dumbass

  • QB

    This cat is fucking dope, but I feel he might be too “abstract” to blow up.. he said it himself “niggas don’t think” and it’s true.. Very fews heads can appreciate what he’s spittin here..

  • Jazzmatazz

    Ab-Soul is really a brilliant dude.. I could see him making an album like Deltron’s “3030”. Anyone agree?

  • daddy


  • Brendon

    This was a good collab. 2 very different artists coming together and makin a dope track. Refreshing.

  • Raiders4Life

    @QB Yeah, I feel the same way. “Can Anybody Here Me?” says it all, “Does anybody want to hear the real shit? FUCK!”.

    Hopefully the buzz that trickles down from Kendrick to ScHoolboy trickles down to Ab.

  • Kendrick might be the upcoming face of hip hop
    Q probably gonna blow extremely big
    But Soul is a fuckin genius

  • cmarie

    thanks for posting. clearly this goes! TDE is everything!!

  • Juicy-G

    OMG I can’t wait! I’ve always loved Ab’s music he just needed better production and here it is!!! FUCK YEAH!!!

  • anotherposter

    wayyyyyyyyy too dope

  • Crenshaw&Man

    TDE killin shit. plain & simple..

  • vlado


  • db

    anyone who doesnt think danny brown isnt good lyrically. “kill ya self” ..

  • realthinker

    we’d stand a chance against the military tooooooniiiiiiiiighhhttttt

  • Pops

    Black Hippy X Bruiser

  • SwizZ


  • L

    “Kendrick might be the upcoming face of hip hop
    Q probably gonna blow extremely big
    But Soul is a fuckin genius”

    I completely agree he might never blow as big as them but hes really a genius

  • dEt0X’

    No one is fuckin with TDE right now!!!!

  • Chris

    I must be the only one who doesn’t like Danny Brown…his lyrics are on point but I can’t stand his voice/delivery.

  • 2eleven

    ^^co-sign. i hate everything about danny brown. i respect his character but everytime he raps i feel like yelling SHUT THE FUCK UP! hes the guy who talks too loud when you have a migraine.

  • Malkdeeznutz

    DB’s voice is only like that when he raps a/o when he’s excited. Listen to Radiohead by Danny Brown his voice is pretty chill in that song compared to his others.

  • dude

    sounds like some goonies shit

  • Kksdemej

    Great fucking song, emphasising jhene’s angel voice and showing danny’s talent whilst making ab-soul the centre of attention. Great production too, I don’t know who da fark digi+phonics are but their beats are great!!

  • Chill+Rap

    Amazing all around on everybody’s part. Now i am officially a fan.

  • BW

    Soulo is definitely the most underrated artist in TDE, can’t really compare the TDE artists to each other, though. Each has their own strengths. i.e. Kendrick w/ storytelling, Ab-Soul is more intellectual, conscious hip hop and Q is just grimey as hell. Love TDE and Soulo, but be careful who y’all are calling “genius”…Not a term that should be getting thrown around loosely…Intelligent? Yes. Genius? No. And that’s not a knock on Ab-Soul.

    Almost forgot…this shit goes.

  • Koonta Kentay

    Anyone who thinks Danny Brown can’t rap needs to pull TDEs dick out their ass. Listen to Blunt AFter Blunt or Monopoly

    The Hybrid smoking on Papaya
    That give you niggas bronchitis, what you write is all vagina
    What I write is Wall of China
    Nigga that’s great like eighths of Grape Ape stuffed in my suitcase
    Ready to hit the studio and shit all on your mixtape
    Nah, literally, shit all on your mixtape
    Wipe with the credits, leave stains on the Jewel case
    In just two takes, then the booth is souffled

  • Thinker

    stupid niggas like @NyDreams throwing around the word “Classic” are the reason i hate these young, dumbasses. dude stay in school and step up ur vocabulary and learn to what the difference between a classic and a good song is. SMGDH

  • Classic Mess

    jhene aiko >>> danny brown & soulo

  • mattnotmike

    Bruser Ab and School Boy should do a project… perfect styled for it

  • He was right doe

    lol @ dudes talking shit about him saying “it might come sooner than you think”. Release date is 5 11 2012

  • stuyvesant

    lol @ He was right doe for thinking that release dates are set in stone