Azad Right – Intuition

blame it on Shake April 6, 2012

With his latest release, the West Coast upstart gets personal with a song about a failed relationship.

DOWNLOAD: Azad Right – Intuition (prod. sy.ic)

  • 4real?

    this is the softest, most pussy shit i’ve ever heard…i mean, look what done happened to rap

  • Evan

    Sick tune. This guy brings out hit after hit. Only a matter of time before he makes it big.

  • d

    So I guess rapping about selling drugs you’ve never touched and busting gats you’ve never shot are way more appeal to some, but I like rappers to be real, this shit seems real to me, I think I’ll start to pay more attention to this dude

  • darkman

    lemme get this straight….this dude’s homie set him up with some ho, he wifed her up, fucked her raw, and then found out she was fuckin other dudes including the same cat who put it together???

    now he crying about it on wax and “wishing her the best”???

  • Natalie

    Genuine rapper. He’s real and his songs just keep getting better , watch out for him he’s going to make it big.

  • djevertsmikey

    just saw him open up for slaughterhouse tonight in hollywood! sick

  • david

    looks like McLovin

  • Taylor

    Nothing less than I expected, he shows improvement with every track and delivers genuine emotions and meaning.

  • MF


  • F1 Schiz Deflekt

    Deep track, with a good feel/vibe even though the content is somewhat on a sadder note. You live and you learn though! Im sure we can all relate. Park your feelings under a bird and they’re bound to get shitted on! Keep em coming AZ.

    Sincerely your number one fan, Stan

  • RapJesus

    This is some real ass shit… listened to his other tracks on his facebook… legit rapper. Some serious diversity in his flow as well

  • L

    love the diversity he brings, kid is a dope lyricist and his flow is on point

  • ghost

    you know when a rapper’s “team” comment on his tracks to make it seem like the general public has a positive sentiment towards said rapper….that’s what this feels like

    i don’t believe any of y’all above actually fuck with this garbage

  • JP

    I got to agree with Ghost. This song just isn’t that good. The rap is kind of whack and the talking in the hook isn’t cool. Not only have I heard better from this guy – but his best stuff is always rapping over someone else’s beats/tracks and that is not something that gives me confidence in his talents as a lyricist/writer.