Rah Digga – The N*gga In Me

blame it on Shake April 6, 2012

Rah Digga has a few choice words for Fat Trel and my best friend. Those in San Bernardino this weekend can catch her close out her set at Paid Dues with this.. Spotted at TheWellVersed.

I didn’t make this record for press purposes or for hype cuz that’s not my thing. I got wind of various artists referencin me in a negative fashion. They poked fun at me I’m just pokin back. Its all sport to me. I wish em all the best, they just need to understand who is off limits. MC Lyte is off limits. Rah Digga is off limits. Respect those who kept hip hop raw so that we could still have a culture or get a first hand lesson in a lyrical ass whoopin. Love is love.

DOWNLOAD: Rah Digga – The Nigga In Me

  • who cares

    Really? Rah Digga? Really? When was the last time someone actually cared about her?

  • MrZone666

    This is the same kind of bitter-ass irrelevant old rapper publicity beef that Common and Cannibus tried to make happen.

  • QB

    This was a solid diss.. she’s defending herself and she has a right to. It’s not about “old rappers” looking for publicity, it’s that some of the younger kids have no respect for absolutely anything in this world. If you diss someone, they have a right to get back at you..

  • yung

    lost ya only black fan lmfao. it’s straight.

  • yooo

    @whocares… thats the problem with you young, fickle, pieces of shit. You worry about who’s being heard or “hot”, but talent is talent. She killed this shit and raps circle around that Curious George looking motha fuckah.

  • m

    Damn right digga get at that lame slim shady wanna be

  • She caught a body!

  • Dockness

    I’on car what nobody say…Rah Digga just served these dudes!!!! Can you say….Serviced!!!!! @whocares maybe in your world she might not have ish going on but she is very relevant. She felt disrespected…she got at them dudes…and she won!!!!

  • If a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound?

  • SforMusic

    She went in on both Tyler and Fat Trel !!!! honestly it aint gonna go anywhere outside the blogspace as much as the purist fans want it to go far… soo calm down children !!!

  • Tiiz

    OF has more than one black fan. They have at least 12.

  • Vito Corleone

    her voice cracks me the fuck up but she went in on those dudes. Nothings gonna come out of it though, idk if Fat Trel will respond but Tyler is gonna act all hype cause she dissed him


    She caught 2 bodies. Easy. Period.

  • Pops

    Digga just served these 2 lames. Nicest female rapper EVER.

  • eatshit

    I bet she’d beat tyler ass too. skinny fuck nigga. Pussy ass crew got ran off the block by chris brown. Like digga said, these niggas are soft as baby shit.

  • Tone

    Hahaha laughing at all the tools who are saying “who is rah digga?” or “when was the last time rah digga was relevant?”. that’s some bitch ass shit. famous or not famous, relevant or irrelevant. rah digga just took a fat shit on your favorite lil rapper. deal with it. i give her props to sticking up for herself and delivering. that’s only respectable.

  • Seven Duece

    I’m still trying to figure out who listens to underage, underweight fraudulent wack rap acts like Odd Future. I guess real shit is gone, oh well, get ’em Digga.

  • who cares

    @yooo I ain’t even young I’m going on 20. I know who Rah Digga is, and I have for years. Her music has always been shit. Don’t tell me I worry about who’s hot, you must not see me post here. I hate that popular Hip Pop bullshit, but just because her music doesn’t fall into that category doesn’t automatically make it dope. Ya fuckin’ clown.

  • Seven Duece

    ^Rah Digga wack??! Kid, kill yourself.

  • 2black31

    @who cares going on 20 im going on 25 and i can say this sit your lame ass down about you ain’t young. Matter fact can you even spit bars because if you can’t fuck is you talking about diggah on the mic i’m not even that major of a fan but ignorant asses such as yourself who’s only role in hip hop is to consume the shit are part of the reason why this rap game is lame as fuck. you argument starts on who is relevant and ends on you’re a hip hop purist? a real hip hop head? gtfoh with your flip flop ass.

  • Hpno

    Niggas are just mad cuz Digga got B.A.R.S. lol

  • Your Average Jet

    Old ass rappers dissing other rappers almost half their age? What planet is this? Tyler trolled her on Twitter and she got mad. Digga lost.

    Although I must admit, the black fan line was pretty funny.

  • Tone

    ^^ fools have forgotten what hip hop is. battling and disses are part of the history. digga is an MC and tyler trolled her. thus, he got sonned. rah digga came out on top. end of story. obviously some fan boys are butt hurt haha!

  • Schism

    People who don’t know rah digga are those lame asses who wears tight pants, wallet chains and them clown shoes. go kill yourselves and leave hip hop alone!

  • david

    talent and creativity have nothin to do with age, Tyler is the same age Nas was when he put out illmatic but illmatic shits all over Tyler’s discog, not because Tyler’s young but because he has no talent

  • Big Pookie

    she did her thing! aint even mad at her

  • yoo

    @whocares…20 IS young you stupid c*** LMFAO. I guess everyone on here agrees that your comments are delusional and you’re a d*** rider for Tyler. SMH my generation is killing Hip-hop and we dont even know it.

  • Rik

    U will respect me, BITCH!!!

  • On the f’real… this shit was lame. Rah PMS’n cuz some young nigga barely out of they diaper shot her with a single line?! LOL Tell me you bloggers don’t actually think she went in… only Shake and Meka’s lame asses would be proud of this hot garbage.

    Rah Digga is OOOOOOLLLLLLLLDDDD news… shit, dem nice tits she USED to have must be scraping the city pavement by now. And GOD DAMN… her hairline is even farther back than poor Bron-Bron’s.

  • Your Average Jet

    ^LMFAO! I had to quote that on YouTube lol

  • Who cares about age? Jay, Nas, Monch, Em well over 30+. Seriously why is that even a factor? Oh and “relevancy” in what terms are you speaking of. Digga been AND STILL IS relevant, can’t say the same for many of todays so called rappers.

    She straight killed them! Her album Classic was underrated like crazy. And who comes trolling at a female on Twitter? #thisaintnolilkidrap

  • Clos

    “the niggas in me?”… How many niggas she got in her? And how is she old? okay she IS old but not old hip-hop.

  • Clos

    OH and also, She looks like she’s ready to phone home on the count of that fivehead

  • them two verses inspired a whole fucking song from her then she had more time starring at her leg hair turn grey than we all thought. she think she gonna get her groove back with a incoherent wikipedia song ala Roxanne Shante ain’t cutting it.the nigga in her sound old and tired with horned framed glasses on with a blackberry