• HeadHoncho

    I actually like this more than I liked than the first Premier Politics, and I liked the first one a lot.

  • A reader

    Tye hill got some smooth beats right here!!!

  • Jetsboats

    Alive & High smoothhhhhh C-C-C-C-Cookin Soul



  • chill

    Too Ill! Mikey Rocks is too dope. We need an album soon, probably one by the Cool Kids too.

    Also, can we get a solo project from Chuck?

  • http://zeus-slapps.tumblr.com/ Zeus-Slaps

    shit slap hard

  • OrdinaryCelo

    smh. How this one sound better than the first? No problems with it but this should have been the original. Props to mikey though. Jets.

  • Infam0usp

    lol thought it was just me....Premier Politics 1.5 >>>>> Premier Politics

  • midwestbeast

    after that hit a lick and pajama pants, this was an instant download for me

  • kingdnd

    Whats next premier jet lifehahahahhahaah jet lifers sucks

  • Mr. Andre

    What's with the link?

  • milly

    why remix 'slice' the original beat made that track a fucking classic. great tape, great production. another W for mikey

  • sdddddddddddda

    dont sleep on this, this shit is fly!! very good produced

  • Mizzi

    chill is way too smooth