Jay Electronica – Dear Moleskine (prod. Just Blaze)

blame it on Illy April 7, 2012

The unofficial artwork for Act II: The Patents Of Nobility.

So, like, Act II is so happening.

DOWNLOAD: Jay Electronica – Dear Moleskine (prod. Just Blaze) [Full]

  • zig



    Out of left field. Ain’t complaining though.

  • Riptide

    Just when you thought the week couldn’t get any better…

  • Detroit89

    Almost too good to take in. With all these big singles this past week, this is the icing on the cake.

    Now wait for the trolls

  • ME

    literally saw this and went “HOLY SHIIIIIT”

    now i have to listen lol

  • Gunz


  • Drizzy

    This shit drops and not 1 nigga outside of the blogs give a fuck. LMAO not even a buzz on twitter smh.

  • muk

    dont get it. it tht one or two tracks?

  • R


  • Your Average Jet

    Lol it was ok…just one short verse and the instrumental plays for like 3 minutes…I guess

  • Nyc22

    One verse in five minutes… Idk what this is but it doesn’t doubt finished to me.

  • SmokinAces

    Now we can wait a year for him to drop another song. Are people seriously getting hype over a 5 min song with about 1 min worth of verse and 2 looped bars? A song that has been in works for like 3 years now?

  • the realest

    so jay elec is in the illuminati now right? i mean he got the pyramids and shit everywhere on some weird demonic symbolism shit. the pyramid automatically mean illuminati so jay elect in there now, right?

  • 2ndera

    Amazing…please, please drop act two sometime soon jay elec!

  • Chuck

    this is a joke right? it can’t be the full version surely? I thought I’d heard him perform this live with at least two verses.

  • 2

    WHAT! seeing this post gave me the chills

  • Looking Like A Louie V Mannequin

    Bout damn time I can’t believe he is actually making progress.

  • what 32 bars over a 4 min plus dope ass beat about how the pressure is on and he feels like an emo so he goes to the pad to smoke a blunt. This is the biggest let down and waist of a beat wtf is this pile of shit. That instrumental is sizzlin though just didnt do ish with it.

  • xastey

    Good Saturday.. think I believe in god now lol

  • eZ

    Lmao he is not illuminati… the next time your ever wondering if someone is illimunati ask yourself “When was the last time ive EVER known a nigga to hold a secret?” anyways.. this song is aiight, i couldnt really give it a chance w/my bias towards Little johnny.. Just being honest.

  • finally, looks like act ii aint detox us!

  • mackduezelduez

    kendrick killed this beat first.. johnny boy”

  • hardy

    The song was actually made 3 years ago..

  • SmokinAces

    Let’s put this into perspective. in the last three years, Big Krit has dropped 3 incredible projects, Kendrick 2, J. Cole 2 mixtapes and an album, Wiz 4 mixtapes, two albums (one on the way) and a collab album. Don’t even let me get started on Curren$y. And in that same time period, Jay Elec has dropped 2 dope songs, a subpar joint (Shiny Suit Theory) and this (hopefully) unfinished ok record. And people still are hype why?

  • 2

    only 1 min. verse. kinda lame

  • dev

    this is underwhelming

  • the realest

    The song was actually made 3 years ago..

    hardy said this on April 7th, 2012 at 2:33 pm

    ^ would have been suprised if he it wasnt

  • dev

    I bet $20 Cassidy does a freestyle over this instrumental by next wednesday

  • Rufus

    I don’t care how long it takes, if his shit is anything like that verse he had on Just Begun, that Reflection Eternal track, I can wait. Besides Hov aint gonna put up with him dragging his feet too long.

  • Deucez

    Finally drops in full and… yea. I might have been real hype if the snippet wasn’t stuck in my head for years. It’s still dope though. Plus it means the album is getting closer.

  • LALowkey

    @macdueze Pretty sure Kendrick got the beat from Jay…dunno tho. Anyway this isn’t anything new. Songs been out for a minute..just remastered??

  • the realest

    Let’s put this into perspective. in the last three years, Big Krit has dropped 3 incredible projects, Kendrick 2, J. Cole 2 mixtapes and an album, Wiz 4 mixtapes, two albums (one on the way) and a collab album. Don’t even let me get started on Curren$y. And in that same time period, Jay Elec has dropped 2 dope songs, a subpar joint (Shiny Suit Theory) and this (hopefully) unfinished ok record. And people still are hype why?

    SmokinAces said this on April 7th, 2012 at 2:36 pm

    ^ ppl are still hype bcuz he makes some real shit. you know, music. not a smoker who stays high all day and mumbles his materialistic underground shit, or the exact same rapper cept hes mainstream and french kisses kanyes ex slore, or a boring ass rapper that is more fitted to be a ghostwriter rather than the star arist for most successful rapper’s label, or two C+/B- on a good day rappers that pretty much talk about nothing and only difference is one is from compton and the other is from mississippi.

    i say this everyday, there are no new rappers out, who have the potiential to duplicate the same impact that nas and jay-z had when they dropped. or tupac or biggie. except jay elec. that is why ppl are still hyped, sir.

  • A Reader!

    [Verse 1: Jay Electronica]
    Have you ever ever ever been depressed so bad
    It was a struggle every day not to regret your past
    Feeling cursed like you never ever get your swag
    And you was speeding down the highway when your threshold pass
    When you cried all your tears out
    And one page of your diary can tell you what your year ’bout
    That’s a lonely place
    My mama said “Son, why such a lonely face?”
    Because the pressure’s on me
    Plus I feel like Bill Murray trapped in Punxsutawney
    Dr. Phil told me that I can sell crack or hit the army
    Look at where we live at
    Tell me you don’t hear that
    Tell me you don’t feel that
    Show me to the way out
    Tell me when pastor Raphael gon’ reveal that
    If not, man I’m outta here
    I’m just a sleep walking robot that’s outta gear
    I stick my nose out the water to the sky for air
    Lama sabachthani
    I’m trying to see light but the devil trying to blind me
    The grim reaper walking with his shovel right behind me
    Trying to introduce me to the untimely unkindly
    I Walk the line finely like Johnny Cash
    But I keep getting visits from the ghost of the past
    So I spark another L then I go to the pad

  • 2dope4nope

    Hmmm this coo and ab soul still has the best track of the week and weekend and wow “So, like, Act II is so happening.” casper of shake I’m hoping u a girl cause that sounds like a Beverly center shopping white girls hahahaha

  • 2dope4nope

    And what A Reader! wrote with the lyrics makes me dig the song more real shit right there 2dope!

  • 1

    These vocals aren’t mixed right? You hear the velocity and panning on them!

  • eZ

    Hmmm… Props for dropping the lyrics… will def give it another listen, mainly on that “Lama sabachthani” line.

  • Norim

    Lyrics have been on Rapgenius for ages though

    a-ma-zing verse btw.

  • smitty

    Yo!!!!!!!!! This nigga here……..

  • J.T.

    I think this is a case of having to listen to the full project before we deem this as a success. This song by itself might not be crazy good but in album format it may fit in perfectly. I’ll withhold judgement for when Act II drops in its entirety.

  • realquickflips

    Jay Elect “Your Ghost Writers Favorite Ghost Writer”

  • Bryan

    People can’t just be happy for what they recieve? I mean, they could’ve NOT let this record loose.

  • SmokinAces

    @therealest get off it man. Jay Elec has dropped 3 songs in 3 YEARS! In order to make an impact in this game, you actually have to have some MUSIC. Regardless of how you feel about the artists I metioned, they all have dropped GREAT MUSIC. Jay Elec is a hot rapper, but he’ like a great ball player who got drafted and won’t show up to the games. Who gives a fuck how good you are if you won’t show up and produce? At the end of the day, Jay Elec is looking alot like a Papoose or Saigon right now.

    And we can’t even talk about Jay Elec in the same sentence as a Nas Jay Big or Pac. Pac RELEASED 5 albums before his death between 1991-1996 and still had ALBUMS left over afterwards. Jay had released an album a year up until the Black album in 2003. That’s an album a year for 8 YEARS STRAIGHT! Productivity is need just as much a part of making an impact as saying “real shit” is.

  • scientist

    Look up Five Percent Nation. Jay Electronica is a beast.

  • Hinton

    Oh my that was quite hot fire.

  • marty mcfly

    Lama sabachthani = My God My God why has thou forsaken me. This song is dope, now of course people will say Jay Elec hasn’t done enough but I believe he has in the last few years because thats why your probably looking forward to his music. Jay understands the concept of less is more and he knows when he has peoples attention. Anyway @ the realest ( here we go again lol ), I stopped listening for people who are potentially similar to Nas, Pac, Jayz or Biggie cause the fact is this is the internet era so the impact factor can never be as strong nowadays. When the legends came out there were no mixtapes from them you could go buy before their albums and there was no heavy promotion on them that was running 24 hours a day like on the internet so that made people want their music even more. As for Currensy, I think he has the potential to be great and not like 4 legends but like himself. I have said before that Spitta is always talking about the same shit but as time went on I realized I still like alot of his songs. I dont know what it is in Spitta’s music but something is there that leaves the possibility on the table for greatness imo. Anyway this beat has been in my head for a while now so its dope to hear it again today and even though its one verse, it probably should be because when your really dope you can do what GZA said in As High As Wu Tang Get – “Yo, too many songs, weak rhymes thats mad long, make it brief son, half short and twice strong.

  • the realest

    nah, i vaule “real shit” more than quantity or how ever many fake songs is made. but thats just me. i ride around with the same cd in the car for about 2weeks before putting in another one. i like substance and music that cant be played once and then next. but that just me. i like instrumentations and 6 min songs. but thats just me.

    the papoose and saigon thing is just a no. they are not on the same level as jay elec. neither is jay elec on the same level as nas/pac/jay as far as amount of songs. but hes mos def there as far as quality. which is why we are patiently waiting for that album. and are grateful for any verse dropping in between that time.

  • aSap hoggy


    Verse 1:
    Mac-10 lay em on da floor like a mattress
    Young based god in Olympics
    Stay fuckin bitches
    Got da chop 6 wit extensions
    Hoes on my dick cuz I look like Matlock
    Bitch kiss my ring yo baby daddy is a mascot
    Hoes on my dick cuz Im white like Asher Roth
    Bitches on my dick cuz my rims chop like applesauce
    Fuck what it’s costin
    6 pinky rings and yo bitch wanna toss em
    Ridin wit no mask on, dat pussy take dat hanky pank
    Boy talk dat fye den ima hit em wit da laser
    Gran turismo hoe she suck my dick den I raced her
    10 karats on my ring I got dat folk wit da plater
    Hoes suck my dick cuz Im finna be a baber
    Ya bitch kiss my ass n I aint fuckin wit dem haters BASED GOD

    Hook x2:
    Suck my dick hoe
    You dont wanna try me
    Get yo ass robbed fuckin wit dis pretty bitch
    Hoes on my dick
    Westside bitch
    Suck my fuckin dick bitch Im rich like a trick
    Verse 2:
    Bitch I look like Ben & Jerry
    Chain like canary
    5 on my hoe she suck my dick cuz Im ready
    20 on my dick and I just might be in petty
    Dat 4.5 caliber make you look like Fran Drescher
    Sex wit yo bitches, head game so cozy
    Yo bitch look nasty, she look like James Posey
    Suck my main bitch wit da glock 9 in 10k
    10 on my dick and my girlfriend persian
    Bitch suck my dick cuz I look like a surgeon
    10 on my dick dey kiss my ass on purpose
    Told my main bitch dat she worthless..SPANKED HER
    Ask my main bitch if she hungry..SPANKED HER
    Flexin 10 bars and I aint talkin bout a razor
    Yo bitch is on my hip , and I aint talkin bout dat pager
    Yo bitch suck my dick cuz I look like Darth Vader
    I hold supreme court
    I elected dat bitch cuz Im da mayor..
    Young based god came straight for da bitches
    Yea..uh..based god nigga..

    Fuck you niggas bra..uh..yea

  • Jesus


  • wase

    yawn – still not falling for the hype, 5 minute song and one verse? half ass shit, dude stay never completing joints. you can expect fans to support you if you dont even bother putting forth actual effort in your songs

  • Cybano

    As happy as i am, 4 people already used this beat since he first previewed it like 2-3 years ago. Woulda been better if released sooner.

  • the realest

    and @ marty

    nah. when jay elec come on, you dont get that “internet era” feel. you get that old “broke on the street corner” feel over loud, big, and smooth instrumentals, and still got that 90s feel. which is why hes not watering down his product with mixtape after mixtape like these “internet era” niggaz is doing. they know nothing about putting in 3yrs to make an ALBUM. they just grab some beats that sound decent. spend a few weeks on it. then send it out.

    and then bout 3months later do the same thing over again. yeah, im not ashamed to vaule real shit still instead of mass production.

  • SmokinAces

    @therealist I’m not just talking about some Lil B “quantity for quantities sake” shit. I talking guys who are consistently dropping QUALITY MATERIAL. Quality verses, quality songs, quality projects, mixtapes, and albums.

    And quality wise, no, Jay Elec is not on the level of the greats. But there’s no reason to continue with you. You seem content with any loose scraps Jay Elec let’s fall.

  • PRalines

    This dude’s got some weird complex where he can’t finish anything.

  • Jumpman23

    LOL at all the stans desperate for him to drop ANYTHING, this was boring as hell and very average. Stop overhyping this man, he has that Nyquil flow and his lyrics aren’t all that to make up for it.

  • the realest


    those scraps are better than the majority of music that will be released each year. lol like, real shit.


    whether its finished or not, is really irrelevant. just haters looking for anything to hate on. even if its not finished, the verse alone was great. and if this is the full version, it’ll fit in with the overall flow of the album. hes an artist, not a smoker that raps. theres a difference.

  • Ox

    link down!!!!!!!!!

  • Wait wait wait

    I thought he said nothing official was released yet

  • Eric A Bad OOOoo

    Kendrick Lamar and Big KRIT >> Jay Elect and I’m a fan of Jay Elect too, but come on man you’re a fuckin rapper, this is what you fuckin do and you drop songs every now and then? He’s amazing and talented as fuck but can we get more songs or at least some sort of consistency like a new song every two months or something? And I don’t really like throwing the word dickrider around like most people on here but damn “The realest” is riding this dude’s dick like it ain’t nothing. I get that you’re a huge fan of Jay’s but you completely shut down J. Cole, Spitta, Kendrick Lamar, Big KRIT like they’re nothing. Great music is great music but you’re an artist and you have fans and if you don’t feed those fans then what’s the point? Quantity over Quality is so true but when you put damn near nothing out there’s something wrong.

  • CAKE

    This project is finally surfacing..for all of the ignorant fucks that are all “he doesn’t drop shit, why is everyone excited?”….kill yourself.

    This is great fucking music, whether it comes out this year or next year or ten years from now. Who cares if it’s not flying at you at 100 MPH like the shit on the radio? He makes QUALITY music for appreciative fans, not trying to impress the simpletons.

    Tell me you don’t hear that;
    Tell me you don’t feel that.

  • lawliet

    If my understanding is correct, exhibit a, c, and dear molskine are all for Act III. Not act 2. I can honestly say jayelect is my favorite Rapper and I’ve been listening to the music since 1998. That’s all that matters to me, fuck convincing others he’s great when I already know it for myself.

  • SmokinAces

    You Jay Elec fans are something else man lol. Bunch of sensitive ass niggas talking about “real shit.” People are simpletons because we wanna hear more than 1 verse every 2-3 years? Funny. Yea I am unappreciative of an artist who feels like people should suck his dick (and has “fans” ready and willing to do so) when he drops 1 cool verse from back in 2009 over a repeated 2 bar loop.

  • T

    @SmokinAces cosign lol. This dude could put out a song where he just spits the lyrics to the star spangled banner and people would eat it up.

  • marty mcfly

    @SmokinAces, we get it man your not feeling Jay Elec. Ok thats cool, you call his music scraps but I call that good strategy to make people anticipate more. For people that want more Jay Elec songs its simple just go download more songs. I have a playlist full of Jay Elec songs so there is more out there just go download them.

  • Your Average Jet

    He won’t drop another song until 2014

  • 5%

    though u guys funny. but i know id hear his shitty album this year

  • What’s the first instrumental playing? Like the in the first 7 seconds? Sounds very familiar… I know it’s one of Budden’s songs.

  • terrance

    This nigga Jay Electronica be sittin on his fat ass playing xbox exchanging cheat codes with niggas online planning mixtapes with lil b & shit smh.Nigga dont give a fuck about his fans he just wanna beat all they ass in call of duty. Niggas on here riding this nigga dick & he probably aint even started working on a album the next time you niggas get a track from this dude will be 2014.A 30 second verse & the beat playing for 9 minutes straight. lol you niggas are fuckin losers just like ya mans.

  • mag

    his lyrics murders somethin, and fuck marty mcfly. electra is better than 90% of these very new cats. he been ghost writin so? who knows

  • WT

    Fuck ya!!! iont give a fuck if its one verse, Fuck Rap this God Hop.

  • i bet mcfly would troll JE if he was not on the Roc Nation. blah blah. u mad son?

  • Same shit been floating around for for the last few years smh,I’m saddened that the Dopehouse actually stooped to this level and post this shit…the weekend isn’t THAT slow

  • marty mcfly

    @mag, fuck you too cause really you same punks thats internet thuggin and complaining right now are gonna be the first to listen to anything Jay Electronica and you anticipating his music more then people that come here just saying they are honestly. You hate just to be different but when his album comes out you gonna drop what you doing and listen to it more then everybody else so stop frontin cause you aint foolin nobody. Smh

  • mag

    i said shut your pussy ass up you bitch nigga

  • MegaMillion Winner


    “Nyquil flow” HAHAHAHAA l m a o o o o o o !!!!!

    yo b, this putted me to sleep. 3 songs in 3 years and you guys compare him to biggie, tupac, nas, em, and jay? riiight

    Please check yourself, you might just be a closet fagbag that
    actually loves jay’s appearance more then his actually music. Because he hasn’t released enough songs for you to be a fan of his music like that, nonetheless build a 3yr hype around it.

  • 2013theyear

    Jay Elec., TDE,and Danny BRown!!!! Hopefully they all drop an album this year!!!!

  • DXN

    iv been listening to jay electronic ever since 1976

  • marty mcfly

    Same people that hate on certain artists in c sections really be their biggest fans. We all know its true, ya’ll just be the super lames cause not only do you front in real life you front on the internet lol. Ya’ll like them cats that get online a say Drake is the worst rapper of all time while blasting Take Care in your room at the same time. STFU you square and if you really aint fucking with this type of music then go back to bumping your Meek Mill or Stalley or Young Roddy or whatever mixtape and shut up punks. Done

  • wtf

    @marty mcfly

    dude just go away. why are you always here? nobody on this site likes you.just go away dude. no one ever ask for your opinion on anything. kill yourself man.

  • nahhhhhhhhh

    definitely not within top 5 songs released this week

  • Homosexuals 4 Kendrick

    This comment was removed due to graphic explicit sexual nature and violating our offensive content policies.

  • D

    LOL there is only like a minute of actual rapping. Jay Electronica is the greatest troll in hip-hop.

  • Snookie

    i liked it.

    *kanye shrug*

  • 444

    dont talk quality. this ish is quality.
    u guys are some impatient jerks. 1 flawless album is 300 times better then 300 shitty mixtapes. fuck everyone impatient

  • colgatewhite

    dont get this ‘3 songs in 3 years’ outreach. actually Jay E got about 60 songs. songs about people and history not about muscle cars, weed or margiela jackets. and people overseas do know his songs word for word.

    ‘but yall would much rather hear me rappin’ bout trash. the size of Erykah’s ass, blunts and cash. we need savin’. minds are consumed with swine we need bathin’

  • JXSH

    This is an unofficial unfinished leak. There is more to the song.
    And its still better than most rappers careers.

  • JXSH

    BTW im from Australia and there are plenty of us PATIENTLY awaiting this album.

  • hah?

    @D doom also raps under a minute, hes one of greatest tho.

    if hiphop is music, music is art, one verse and much instrumental is positive. rappin like loose cannon is not.

  • KD

    Now we’re comparing Jay Electronica to MF doom? People just think Jay Elec is deep because he wears a kufi hat and namedrops fuckin pyramids.

    The problem of jay elec is that he wants the credibility that the best rappers have, without putting in any of the work and actually releasing material.

  • Selassiey

    Personally, I think this would have been faaar better with a Dylon feature… ’cause Dylon… i mean… you know… he spits that hot fyah.

  • Look, if y’all want music that is deep and doesn’t take a year to drop, listen to Mickey Odyssey – click the name; guaranteed better than Jay Elec.

  • Neggero86

    I love Electronica…but how do you finish an album Summer of 2011, but dont turn it in to your label till March 2012?

    Man…This album is about to get BOOTLEGGED like a mutherfucker, if anything. Ima still buy it IF IT EVER COMES OUT. but I’m just saying…

  • Kermit The Frog


    You seem like the type that loves to get it in the booty while you squirt, can we arrang a time and a place? Thank you.

  • ddave

    Too many Jay Elect haters because he doesn’t drop on a consistent basis. You know it’s real when you press play on your computer or phone. ACTII is a go. I don’t buy albums, but I’m buying this & Slaughterhouse. YESSIR!


    Curren$sy’s Mixtapes:

    Sportscenter (2004)
    Welcome Back (2005)
    Life at 30,000 Feet (2006)
    Independence Day (2008)
    Higher Than 30,000 Feet (2008)
    Welcome to the Winner’s Circle (2008)
    Fear and Loathing in New Orleans (2008)
    Super Tecmo Bowl (2008)
    Fast Times at Ridgemont Fly (2008)
    Fin… (2008)
    JETS FOOL (2009)
    Kicks, Video Games, Movies & Chicks (2009)
    How Fly (with Wiz Khalifa) (2009)
    Smokee Robinson (2010)
    Return to the Winner’s Circle (2011)
    Verde Terrace (2011)

    Biggie’s albums:

    1994: Ready to Die
    1997: Life After Death

    Currency wins. u KNOW why? CUZ quantity beats quality.

    Now get ready for Another example:

    Lil B’s mixtapes:

    2010: “Base World Pt. 1” [13]
    2010: “Rose Exodus”
    2010: “Dior Paint”
    2010: “Everything Based”
    2010: “MF Based”
    2010: “Blue Flame”
    2010: “Red Flame”
    2010: “Red Flame: Evil Edition”
    2010: “MM..Christmas”
    2011: “Paint”
    2011: “Red Flame Extended: Devil Music”
    2011: “The Myspace Collection”
    2011: “Illusions Of Grandeur” [13]
    2011: “Bitch Mob: Respect Da Bitch Vol.1”
    2011: “I Forgive You” [13]
    2011: “Black Flame: Water Front H20” [13]
    2011: “The Silent President” [13]
    2011: “BasedGod Velli” [13]
    2011: “Blue Eyes”
    2011: “GoldHouse”
    2012: “White Flame” [13]
    2012: “God’s Father”
    2012: “#1Bitch”

  • Mike

    Jay Electronica X Just blaze! 2012

  • Biggie

    Yeah but after all that I still put out better music and more people know my songs then Currensy. Quality > Quantity

  • Chicago

    All I gotta say to the people who don’t like Jay Elect is: Sucks for you man.

  • buckets

    lol @ quantity over quality. that is some backwards ass shit

  • hopoffquickly

    Wow you niggas are all over his dick. This shit. Right here. Is ass. A lazy ass verse from the chubbiest laziest motherfucker in the rap game right now. This dude thinks he’s a for real fucking prophet or history teacher or some shit. GET OFF HIS DICK. Nigga is super lame.

  • sk8injuan

    *head explodes*

  • mr leon

    Eh. Ii’ve listened Victory, WTF is A Jay Electronica, Act I and Style Wars. I’m a fan, or rather, I was when this guy was actually putting out music. This wasn’t bad but it wasn’t really all that great either. As far as I’m concerned he’s yet to do anything better than Departures. I still occasionally bump the guys music, but if you’re shitting on K.R.I.T. to make yourself feel better about this guy’s lack of output, you’re dick riding fam.

  • cool kid

    YES!!!! fuck what jay-z is talking about him not havin a single drop the album

  • Lew

    super lame? quantity over quality? hahahaha YALL ARE SO LAME ON THIS SITE go listen to dubstep and let the real hip hop heads enjoy this art. You wouldn’t know hip hop if it hit you in the face.. young ass dudes stick to your “currency” shitbags

  • mr leon

    damn, i didn’t know Jay E still had internet soldiers like this.

  • Lil B

    @marty mcfly @kermit the frog

    I would love to join you guys, give me the time and place bruh bruh

    Go support my latest mixtape, #1Bitch

    #thebootyisnutritious #mmmmmmmmm

  • @Lew u mad my nigga?

    You can’t argue with facts: Lil B is better then jay electronica because he put out a disguest amounts of tapes for you guys to listen to. Hip hop didn’t die, it began with little niggas like currensy (who just turned 42 on wednesday) and lil b. Hip hop was at its pre stages back in the 90s and this is it in full effect. jay electronica is garabge for just putting 3 songs in 3 years. My nigga thats like putting 25 seconds of material each month for the next 3 years.

  • I just dont understand how people bitch about good music being dropped. Impatient fucks. Stop bitching and absorb the Essenes of it.

  • NYdreams

    man fuck that yall niggas givin this dude a pass for no reason… this nigga drops 1 song a year… man fuck that… to make things worse this nigga gives 1 verse(nice verse tho) on a 5 min song ?? hell no… yall niggas comparing him to jay n shit but yet this nigga jay was coming out with ALBUMS back 2 back in years nigga

  • mackduez

    overall.. kendricks had a little more relation for me.. jay sounds a tad boring. dot keeps it interesting the whole way.enough comparing though. just the thoughts of a thinker. jay is taking to long. NOBODY is waiting anymore. same with saigon. two dope artist just past there time

  • lol good music? nah this is trash. This isn’t even music. This is a beat with a emo I dont think I can live up to my own hype verse. Why was this even posted SMH. Fan boys fan boys fan boys. Next Jay Z is gonna wait 8 years to drop a song that just has his infant baby farting all over the record ft Jay Elec and you guys are gonna be talkin about thats the dopest 20 min song ever and its just gonna be baby farts JAYz laughin and Elec cryin bout how he is still broke never put out any music and feels like the most EMO rapper since Buddens horrible horrible emo era.

    You can paint shit with gold all you want this is still gonna be shit no matter how much you want it to be gold.

  • “You can paint shit with gold all you want this is still gonna be shit no matter how much you want it to be gold.”

    ^ THIS

    amd THIS V

    “man fuck that yall niggas givin this dude a pass for no reason… this nigga drops 1 song a year… man fuck that… to make things worse this nigga gives 1 verse(nice verse tho) on a 5 min song ?? hell no… yall niggas comparing him to jay n shit but yet this nigga jay was coming out with ALBUMS back 2 back in years nigga”

    I agree its like somewhere around the way things got all twisted and fucked up and you guys are thinkin Jay Elec is on some 3 Stacks Level and givin him 3 Stacks treament. Nigga you ain’t 3Stacks make some quality music consistently, shit just make some quality music period first and put it out. When you get two classic albums under your belt you can use a pass till then whatever thanks for two songs every other year type ish. And lets all be honest this isnt even a “SONG” this is a beat with 1 verse and not even that dope of a verse. Sorry this whole track was nothing but sour bullshit would have been better off pullin a Dr Dre and not releasin ish since you got your fans all gay like Dre fans swearin to god the mythical music that will never be heard is the most legendary stuff soon to come. LOLLLLLLLLLLL

  • Realerthanyou

    ppl are still hype bcuz he makes some real shit. you know, music. not a smoker who stays high all day and mumbles his materialistic underground shit, or the exact same rapper cept hes mainstream and french kisses kanyes ex slore, or a boring ass rapper that is more fitted to be a ghostwriter rather than the star arist for most successful rapper’s label, or two C+/B- on a good day rappers that pretty much talk about nothing and only difference is one is from compton and the other is from mississippi.

    i say this everyday, there are no new rappers out, who have the potiential to duplicate the same impact that nas and jay-z had when they dropped. or tupac or biggie. except jay elec. that is why ppl are still hyped, sir.

    the realest said this on April 7th, 2012 at 2:50 pm

    hahaha Homie you had me till you said A J Cole is boring as if ppl don’t say the same damn thing bout Jay Elec plus Cole sold a bunch so he is suited to be a star and then you said Kendrick and Krit don’t say anything you clearly haven’t listened to them they cover a massive amount of subject matter

  • Regulator™

    The opinions in this section are part of the reason this genre is dying.

    1: I love Jay Elec. but you can’t give him a pass just because he’s Jay Elec. This guy has TERRIBLE work ethic. Just Turrble (Charles Barkley voice). And he sees no need to pick it up because he feels no pressure from the people waiting for it. So, although it is good. It’s not enough for how long we’ve been waiting.

    2: How can you call this trash? Just because he’s not talking about ignorant shit over some generic “hard hip hop” beat? “Fuck that, fuck rap. This is God Hop.” Seriously, some of the dumb shit I read in the c-section actually saddens me. Recognize and appreciate a real artist when you’re in the presence of one.

  • Regulator™

    And I don’t know why Kendrick is even being discussed in this post, but whoever says he has nothing to talk about except coming from Compton must not actually listen to him. I’ve heard him talk about pretty much everything. God, conspiracies, race relations, even ignorant shit lol. He has a lot of depth as an artist.

  • @Regulator™

    Are you kidding me??? You’re just like your gay troll buddy Marty McSemen, This song is garbage, why r you holding on? People give lil b crap for this but when jay electronica does it, its different. Dude they only reason why jay and lil b was going to do a mixtape together is because they understand each other’s style and the strong chemistry. The only difference is one is more lyrical and technical then the other. THATS IT. Get out of here with that bull b

  • Turtle

    Just for everybody to know, Jay Elect is not made up of 4 or 5 songs. In my iTunes, when I type in “Jay Electronica,” 85 (EIGHTY-FIVE) unique songs come up. While the dude has not released much music lately, that is a pretty large amount of music to have. I’ll take that amount of great music over what we have from CurrenSy and J. Cole combined (and like them both).

    Nobody is ENTITLED to hear anything from Jay Electronica. His life, his music. We are just along for the ride, as far as I see it. If the guy wants to be poor, let him.

    I cannot wait for this to drop, if it ever does. It WILL be amazing. Now, I am going to listen to Candyman, followed by Attack of the Clones.

  • yeah

    That verse is amazing. The imagery Jay Elec creates with verses is incredible. If this had two verses it would be classic.

  • neggero86

    I agree with Turtle. Even though I get upset and make jokes on Facebook about Jay Elec’s work ethic…the only reason I’ bother is cus I care about his music. As an artist myself (Visual Arts Major w/ a minor in Art History) I understand that you cant rush art, and the artist has no obligation to anyone but himself to create. Jay’s choices, how ever left field they may be, are still his choices…he has a right to do what he wants. Jay-Z trusts him, so I am willing to do the same.

  • marty mcfly

    @FOCs news (fags on computers) Look mothafuckas, Jay Elec has put out over 60 tracks in the last few years, most full songs and some just snippets but if you dont have them its on you and if you dont like his music then nobody is forcing you to listen but when this album drops:

    1. Act II: Patents of Nobility (Overture)
    2. Premonitions (Ft. Erykah Badu)
    3. Remember the Patterns
    4. International Conspiracy Theory (Ft. Jay-Z)
    5. Lion’s Den (Step Into The Realm) (Ft. Raekown, Curren$y & Mobb Deep)
    6. Fortress Of Solitude
    7. Obfuscations (Ft. Erykah Badu)
    8. Open the Muqaddimah (Ibn Khaldun’s Theme)
    9. Live From the Green Ol’ Globe (Ft. Yasiin Bey)
    10. Situations (Ft. Erykah Badu)
    11. Days Of Future Past
    12. All the King’s Men (Ft. Nas)
    13. Year Of the B-Boy: The Circle Completed

    You will probably listen like the rest of us so STFU.

  • 40 oz. to Freedom

    Oh…..My….Based….God…am I trippin’? Is the world ending? Finally……now open the floodgates Jay.

  • i heard this track before
    Truck North Ft. The Third-Brilliant

  • marty mcfly

    That may be the tracklist or it may not be but god damn stop HATING to the fullest on shit you haven’t even heard yet. Smh

  • jwiii

    cinematic, story telling real life music. y’all bitch because of what? y’all selfish. this is an artist of high culture. he don’t owe any of us shit. it’s not like we bought or paid him. all you who whine are such bitches. really, get into the studio and create something half this gold. all them albums these rappers released and most can’t hold a torch to the honesty and sincerity in this track. some times it’s not about how many bars or whatever stereotype image of music you have, it’s about pure raw emotion

  • This nigga been lost his buzz,No cares what he puts out lol

  • Exhibit C

    ^^There’s 125 comments so far, which is by far more than anybody else on this blog besides Kendrick gets, so obviously people still care.

  • justblazed

    loved the track but I gotta question just blaze for the tinty buzzing sound he does on the beat am I the only one who found that annoying? also I wish jay would have done a snippet over the actual opening…

  • Thworldisyours

    Still playing Exhibit A & C.

    Take your time Jay… I aint goin nowhere.

  • I think this is a case of having to listen to the full project before we deem this as a success. This song by itself might not be crazy good but in album format it may fit in perfectly. I’ll withhold judgement for when Act II drops in its entirety.
    J.T. said this on April 7th, 2012 at 3:18 pm

    ^this …

    jay elect makes incredible interludes.

  • I enjoyed the track personally, Jay’s output rate doesn’t bother me too much, so long as that LP sees the light! hopefully we get more just blaze produced joints too, & this is more of an lp cut than a single … this reminds me of shiny suit theory – taking a previously heard loop and rocking over just that, no drums.. So like that joint was cool but but production was overshadowed by pete rock’s use of that sample, likewise this for me is topped by De La Soul’s ‘Sunshine’ beatwise – those drums make a difference! Ill lyrics though, Jay’s up there no doubt

  • matman

    my bad I just noticed this is more than a loop & there is some (subtle) drums on this, was listening on shitty laptop speakers.. this is dope still, he’s teasing us with that 1 verse..

  • BeyeneSausage

    He and NaS has already said he has a Verse coming on this…So this can be Finished…unless NaS is on something else…

  • Conscience Is what the world needs, Balance is necessary Jay Elect.
    but he’s not alone are artist “SmBucRoger” drops LGFVolume2 4-20-12

  • electrotherapy

    all you hating ass motherfuckers can eat a dick why u even here in the first place? if you dont like dudes music or the fact that he just drops quality ish once in a while, why you

    “This nigga been lost his buzz,No cares what he puts out lol”

    dumbest comment on here
    this niggas LP gonna be a classic, i’ve followed JE since exhibit A dropped.

  • Costco

    Like a lot of other people I was very excited to see this but…
    Am i missing something here?
    Is this a song or is this just an idea for a song that’s in the making?…because it’s obviously unfinished and I’m not hanging on the edge of my seat in anticipation after that below average verse. And it says produced by Just Blaze??…it’s a recycled beat.

  • Unknown

    be adviced mentionin currensy and lil b mixtapes, thats quantity not quality, musically those mixtapes have no value and are “forgettable”. they dropped millions of MP3s aight but on regular how many u keep playin on yo shit and how many of which are music could stuck in yo mind? however i dont mean those ppl are wack at all.

  • SavannahChitlinPimp

    Alot of Slurpin and burpin going on here.

  • SavannahChitlinPimp

    And the funny thing is niggas dissing Lil B now. But watch the dickriders when (if) the Lil B Jay Elec project comes out. Electronica’s not that hot, pretty boring flow, alot of those songs people are talking about came out in 2007, even Just Blaze is fucking tired of this dude. At this point though, these Jay Elec stan ass niggas don’t care what comes out. Niggas was hyping that bullshit Eternal Sunshine bullshit. That shit was a bore. And that was his last full project. But Jay could fart on a record and niggas would say it’s classic. No reason to argue with these jackasses.

  • espy

    im jay elec fan but this is 2 lame… years for 32 bars in 1 min? this is crap…

  • Finally!!! We love it!

  • MCG

    It’s not finished. Listen to it, not even mastered. Why does the instrumental loop even though his verse finishes? Ask yourself these questions. Jay E didn’t drop this, it was probably leaked by some jackass.

  • SMH

    DISSSSSSSSSSSSAPPOINTING. I waited… how long… for THIS???? The quality was terrible too… shit sounds like trash. Does Jay Elec just think that shit is cool cuz it’s reminiscent of how Enter the 36 Chambers sounded when they recorded it in RZA’s basement?? Jay… step your game up… it’s 2012… your material can sound SO much better. Ugh.

  • DJ Sapien

    I’m tired of this recent trend of hip hop with no drums. Stop it already.

  • zak

    De La Soul – Sunshine > Jay Electronica – Dear Moleskin

  • pILLpusha

    Aint gonna lie still get goosebumps when I hear that! But man for real, he needed another verse at least or leak another joint out! Crossing my fingers hoping something drops, soon!

  • Ricki Lutes

    dope song! like extremely!.. on top of that it tells me that his album really is coming… you all know this album is gonna be insane! stop complaining about quality and that its been too long, be glad to receive some music from two of the best in the game

  • WhyCSectNobodyCare

    I liked the song…are U watching closely :)

    Quesht??? Since rappers don’t read this feedback…who are y’all voicing y’all in depth opinions to? and NONE of y’all are in the music industry…if u liked an artist u would want him to succeed…JayE NEEDS a single…almost another ExhibitC…WHY CAN’T Y’ALL AGREE TO DISAGREE??? U CAN’T CHANGE PERSONAL MUSICAL OPINIONS

  • cmon son


    Dude plenty rappers check out 2dopeboyz.I know TDE check the site damn near everyday.Alot of artist like Drake,Cole Currensy,Big Sean where messing with this site(& nahright) before they got BIG. Check twitter dude alot of rappers post links for their fans to check out their post on here dude.

  • Jaeson

    coulda been on a different beat but hey as long as this fucker drops his album ill be a happy person for the rest of my life.

  • Boone

    Wow. Niggas complain about lack of music from him, then bitch when SOMETHING does come out. Continue…

  • paulv1luv

    the beat is so beautiful. reminds me of a dilla beat

  • ZeusNiggaZeus

    Beat is too fire

  • Maine

    Jay elec is takin his time he is creating art he is saying real shyt this is an Mc

  • trurace

    he spits one verse and you all freak out??? GTFO. are you serious? get this out of here and put on some ridin shit

  • Chris

    Nas took less time making Illmatic than Jay did writing this single minute-long verse…

    and you stans are still on his dick acting like he’s on the same level as hip-hop legends. fuck outta here.

  • d

    who cares how long he takes to write a 16? time is a man-made illusion, peep the bars. judge on that, if you feel the need to judge.

  • hes not legend yet tho. but i wont fuck outta here son. so fuck u. 647 of dopeboys liked this guy unfinished shit. that artwork solely eats your fav rappers alive.

  • listen to the man.

    “one page of your diary can tell you what your year ’bout”

    you ask questions when you already have the answers. this dude needed some answers before he could drop the album.

  • man it’s about time this dude drops a track. I hope that it’s not too late for him to get his shine on because he’s good. But he’s really taking long to drop and by the time he does it will probably be too late. I hope not because we need his presence in hip Hop

  • chiefbeats

    SHAKE/MEKA – anyway to get the Just Blaze – Dear Moleskine (Ringtone) reupped in iphone format? thank you in advance if possible

  • Gawd

    Jay Elec >>>>>> your favorite artist not named KING HOV.

    Act II is the next hiphop CLASSIC


  • david

    most over-rated hip-hop artist on blogs, this is nice but doesn’t live up to the hype and anticipation, he’s dropped some gems just like a lot of other artists have but he’s not the hip-hop ‘savior’ or ‘prophet’ that people make him out to be

  • marty mcfly

    @david, The fact that your saying he’s not those things only suggest the idea that you have already thought he is a hip hop savior. I think Jay Elec is just a hip hop artist but the reason why people are hyped for the album is he is totally different from all the other artists in the mainstream right now and buzzing underground right now. Who is in his lane doing his type of music better then him and has the people’s attention more right now? My thing is people always complain about how they want to see a change in hip hop especially in subject matter and lyricism. So why when that time is here you keep complaining? Thats crazy. Even if you try to name off some other MCs, there is still a difference in them and Jay Elec. If you wanna act like somebody else is rapping better right now then thats ok but there’s nobody right now bringing what Jay is bringing to the table right now and thats not even hype thats just what it is. I mean look at the tracklist even, it looks pretty damn creative if those songs are official. COMEONSON its ok to be a fan of something new in hip hop fam

  • marty mcfly

    I think some of ya’ll be expecting Jesus Christ to come out the heavens and start rappin but thats just not gonna happen but id much rather hear this album then some of those rappers on the XXL freshman cover this year.

  • i want to get this lyrics

  • propheT

    I heard this long time ago, in my opinion Divine Victory has the best version especially with Malcom X talking in the end

  • Dakingovny

    To whoever posted about Kendrick using this first correction…….De La used it firt

  • ebra

    jay already said “FUCK YOUR BLOGS”………..its just fair to wait for this dudes album considering how dope his verses are!!! and the knowledge he is dropping

  • Kendrick

    Damn!! niggas are makin’ it way too easy for me to take over the game

  • doubles

    “de la is the crew you must see, but please don’t rush the stage…”

  • let’s be real tho, all of you fans were pissed after you got gassed when you saw the post title, played the track and the only difference between what was already out and “the finished product” was the final two bars on the verse and the 3 extra minutes of instrumental.

    i know he’s some niggaz favorite rapper but it’s okay to be mad, i’d be pissed off too if i’d wait that long for something that i’ve already heard before lol. that being said i don’t even think this is the final song considering jay elect didn’t even say anything about it dropping or coming out, and he done the same thing w/ the shiny suit theory which supposedly is incomplete.

  • Jay Elec Stan

    I wish I was Erykah Badu’s pussyhole.

  • gatsby

    somtimes you just gotta have a song to ride out to on a low-key day to make the day even way chiller.