• chronwell

    I get high all day hi all night hi all week thats just me-Roc C
    This album is the sonic equal of a 1/2 of Sour Diesel. Nutso, AC, THad Reid, Joe Scudda, Chaundon and so many other represent over DJ Concept's impressive flips of a few familiar stoner funk classics. I gotta cop this cuz very few rap albums do I agree with almost evrything in the lyrics HAHAHA! 4/20 evryday! @ Jus, U right Blunts is a culture.

  • nicole cano

    buy this album its dope !

  • Tuff Ozie

    Heeeeeeey! Smoke weed everyday. R.I.P. Nate D-o-double-g. Props DJ Concept

  • Neen

    This album is a serious must-have. Perfect music to listen to with a blunt in hand and friends by your side. Props to DJ Mickey Knox and DJ Concept for going hard in their first album. It might be their first album, but hopefully it wont be their last! Check out the lil' vic joint..it's insane ! DCM here we gooo !

  • Neen

    oops..my bad. little vic *