Kendrick Lamar – The Recipe Live (Video)

blame it on Shake April 8, 2012

Instead of being in my High School stomping grounds and attending the Paid Dues Festival that went down yesterday, I’m stuck in bed with a serious of Pneumonia that hit me right after my latest Euro-trip. Shitty. Anyways, here goes some crowd footage of Kendrick performing his Dr. Dre-assisted single.

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  • E-RAW

    did anyone else laugh at the fact that kendrick performed the verse that he wrote for dre, and did it 100x better maybeeeee it should have been just a kendrick track.. :\ no hate just a fan of music

  • Justin T

    I think it was moreso that Kendrick had the whole song for himself, but they figured it’d be good to have Dre and his name on the track as a single, so he gave a verse to Dre.

  • This guy’s a f*ckin genius. Period.

  • Sparkle

    Its not crowd footage. It’s from CSNW they captured the footage

  • Varsityballin

    lol shake i didnt no u grew up in the IE..

  • Sean

    Many, myself included, weren’t able to see the whole set because it was held inside and reached capacity. All while Dipset was performing on the main stage outdoors in front of 10 people.

  • WWW


  • doodoobrown

    @Sean they let us in after a while, they funneled people in single file so we didn’t kill each other getting in. I really thought the police were gonna start some riot control type shit when people started throwing shit, but they handled it pretty well.

  • mcd

    yeah that shit last night was crazy! they had us smashed together outside waiting to get in. i felt like i was in a scene from the walking dead, mindlessly walking towards the sound of the music.

  • Damn bro

    Ha ha ^. I feel like everyone in TDE probably puts on a dope ass concert though. Even when I’m watching their videos of concert footage I get hype as fuck. Dudes just have a lot of passion and energy in their music. Shit is contagious.