• gjai

    shake u cant hide from Tyler #fail

  • Carlitos way

    The guy at 01:46, in his camo fitted and smoking a blunt. Too funny.

  • PRalines

    speaking of music festivals, any word on if rock the bells is coming to the midwest this year? we've been left outta the loop for a minute now.

  • goodshit

    nice video. good editing. makes me wish i seent it.

  • BrAiN

    first of all ..... how the fuck you going to shoot a festival ... filled with AMAZING artists .. and then edit a video containing music from people who were not even fucking ON THE BILL ...... STEP YOUR MOTHER FUCKING GAME UP ..... KIDS!!!!

  • http://www.twitter.com/DJZOlovesbacon DJZO

    Pretty sure JayZ, Yeezy, or Flux Pavillion weren't there so why use this track in the video?