Casey Veggies – Customized Greatly Vol. 3 (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka April 9, 2012

Young Veggies drops the third installment of his Customized Greatly series. Tracklist and link down bottom.

DOWNLOAD: Casey Veggies – Customized Greatly Vol. 3 (Mixtape) | Alt

  • Mike Tomlin

    Pumped for this

  • los

    only dl for windows.. anyone got another link?

  • Yep Been waiting 4 this

  • Ed Holiday

    Earl feature!!

  • Your Average Jet

    only downloaded this for the OF song tbh,Veggies is mediocre as fuck

  • Shook

    Meh 10 is worth it

  • Shuttaman

    Tyler the Creator bitch


  • unclesam

    Veggies is better than all of Odd Future except for Frank Ocean and Earl.

  • Your Average Jet

    ^joke comment of the day

  • timestretch

    this guy is so horrible. no flow, no vocal presence. i remember when shit like this would have gotten u laughed out a hip hop message board. now a days this mother fucker like rakim.

  • Your Average Jet

    Veggies is so wack man goddamn

  • Young Box Spring

    Little known fun fact: He got his name when he was 13 years old. He finally outgrew his playpen and his mom had to buy him a new bed. But they couldnt afford the box spring so he just used bulk packages of canned vegetables under the mattress (cases of veggies). Whenever he would get in trouble at school and sent to his room early, he would open a can to eat without heating. That’s why young veggies is so cold on the mic!

  • Tim

    What is he rappin about on this?

    Ill wait..

    not going to stop listening to Da Youngstas – No Mercy

  • SmokinAces

    Look at the Odd Future stans popping up

  • Supa Hot Fiya

    He’s rapping about his many exciting life experi…wait, nvm.

  • Your Average Jet

    Hodgy Beats had the best verse on the tape


    Odd Future be eatin baby dicks gtfoh with that OF shit

  • Being Real

    Casey Veggies has no vocal presence, sub par flow and simple bars…yet he’s hot as fuck. Shows you don’t need anything but good beats to blow up…

  • wookid

    Shout out to Krys$hun for that crazy beat on track 9!

  • Basser

    [email protected] Your average jet hodgy has the dopest verse.

  • CaliLivin400

    Not here to hate at all, a simple question to those who downloaded this tape…y’all really think veggies raps on here are even remotely good? Honestly?

    Show me someone who sits through this entire tape and not think its one long verse and I’ll show you a liar…

  • Tyler, The Creator

    Fuck 2dopeboys

  • Hip+Hop

    no TDE feature though, tha fuck u live in LA for?

  • Your Average Jet

    Cosign @CaliLivin400 he sounds just like any other rapper. He’s always been mediocre as fuck

  • SmokinAces

    @CaliLivin400 are you really looking for an opinion or are you just making a statement? It’s seems you already have you mind made up


  • CaliLivin400

    @SmokinAces i’m looking for an opinion, honestly. My mind is made up? Maybe so, I took my time and listened to this entire project and was just trying to see if people heard different than what I heard.

    What’s good about his rapping? It’s extremely average. Show me how its otherwise. What is he even talking about on most of these tracks man? What did you think of the tape? Honestly…

  • SmokinAces

    ^ How am I gonna show you otherwise. You like what you like. I dig it. is dude super lyrical. No. But I think dude’s flow is cool and I like his beat selection. It’s some swag, smoke out music. If that’s not style, then you probably won’t like it. But trying to convince you to like it. Come on man. There are plenty of projects that dropped recently so you are not forced to listen if you don’t like Casey.

  • Highofflife

    If you dont know what hes talking about then your obviously not listening cuz he spits alot of real shit about his come up and grind to get where he is now. The progression from the first customized greatly is crazyy…Tape is dope listen for yourself

  • CaliLivin400

    @SmokinAces I understand that, smoke out swag music isn’t my style, to each its own.

    @Highofflife I am listening, I listened to the tape twice front to back. Are you saying every verse basically isn’t the same in essence?

  • SavannahChitlinPimp

    All these people that are not fucking with this in the comments must not know how to click the nope button or must be slipping and hitting the dope button by accident.

  • Your Average Jet

    Stop trying to defend this nigga this shit sucks, SOME of the production is great tho

  • Highofflife

    Why are you still listening if you dont like it? SMH move the fuck on its obviously not for you…nobody is forcing you to listen to it. People fuck with it get over it

  • xDesmond

    To the people hating on this, are you actually gonna delete it from your computer and move on with your life? Or keep it there and angrily comment about it on 2dbz?

  • SmokinAces

    @youraveragejet i downloaded about 5 projects today. Maybe you could move on from this and actually listen to something you do like.

  • tyler sucks

    lol tyler, you blew up and didnt have shit to show for it. nice blow up and fail

  • I don’t understand the negativity, but Casey always kills the west coast features he’s on, From PAC DiV to Dom Kennedy. He referenced Manu Ginobili, so i’m downloading this now.

  • cb

    tyler sucks: you really think Tyler reads and posts on this site? GTFO

  • MegaMillion Winner

    @smokin aces @everyone else who thinks this tape is awesome

    Why are people hyping a nigga named after vegetables??? Hella corny. This tape is extremely average. What makes this cat so special? I listened to the songs and there was nothing that blew me away or left my thinking, well damn – he is the next big thing. This guy is hype, thanks to odd future and etc.

    Tell me what makes this kid different from Kid Ink, Future, Roscoe Dash, 2chainz????? Because this guy isn’t lyrical at all and he has some songs on here that are clearly the mainstream bullshit rap songs you guys always complain about. Is it the way this guy dress? Is it his brand that have you guys all going gaga for him? Is it cuz hes affiliated with Odd future so thats the cool thing now? You guys are lame, i wish this kid success but for now, this is garbage in my book. You guys sleep on good rapper but co sign some average rap nigga that has a crew named after vegetables?

    I would love for you guys to defend this crap, please do. Obviously, there must be a bunch of teens on here like figgy and etc that love radio disney rap – there is nothing wrong with radio disney rap….but the hype on this man is clearly fruity…let the games begin…

  • Juicy-G

    If ya’ll don’t like Veggies then don’t fucking comment. Fuck outta here. No he’s not lyrical, he just has a cool flow and chooses nice beats. That’s what his fans like him for. Got dam…

  • AD

    haters get paid in satifaction.. they dnt get no money… This is a very good tape, one of the best mixtapes so far .. He not the best lyrically but these beats and and the subject matter mesh perfectly, and he can rap.

  • Highofflife

    You write a fucking novel about something you dont like? Cool we dont give a fuck. Why do you care what we like? You THAT mad that people fuck with this? Get the fuck outta here

  • Your Average Jet

    @Juicy-G it’s a comment section for fucking discussion, did you think EVERY comment would be praising this wack ass nigga? Get all the way the fuck outta here.

    Saying “if you don’t like him don’t comment” is like telling a movie critic to not critique a movie if they don’t like it. Use your brain idiot

  • MegaMillion Winner

    lmaooo a novel!!! Nigga, i’ll write an 10 page essay easily on how this music is mediocre. This is tape is average, i aint mad at anyone lol so please dont hate my opinion…you might pass off my humor as hate but it aint, its more of a statement of why we co sign mediocre music but bash someone’s else music that is sonically similar…but this is the beginning.

    LoL at the lil nigga that said they dont get no money. What does money have to do with this???? So everyone who has money and banking hard loves this tape? Get the out of here B, I have money and I aint putting money into this crap. its comments like that shows how immature you guys take stuff. Keep defending the music, doesn’t make it better…the people that can judge music without getting emotional can see what I’m saying


  • MegaMillion Winner

    Damn, I just made someone mad lmaooo

    You guys act like I compared your favorite rapper, Casey Vegatables, to Lil B, he is a lot better – ill give him that.

  • Charles Hamilton x OFWGKTA

  • Your Average Jet

    hahahaha niggas bash the fuck outta Tyga but defend this nigga so hard like he the second coming of Christ or some shit

  • SmokinAces

    Who’s defending anything? You don’t like him, that’s you not me. Don’t hate your opinion but you can hate someone elses? GTFOH. Stop whining like some bitches. If you don’t like Casey Veggies, fine. Nothing at all wrong with that. And no one is “prasing” this project. Some people like it and think it’s dope. What’s the problem? Why are people so but hurt over that fact?

    It’s ok to like one rapper and not like another. I like a large variety of music and I bet that all of it doesn’t fit everyone’s standards of what is hot. But why should I care? There’s no reason to “defend” my musical preferences because it doesn’t make it any better TO YOU. Just the same as you trying to bash people who do like the music won’t make it worse TO THEM. Get over yourselves.

  • SmokinAces

    BTW, everything I listen to isn’t super lyrical either. I’ll go from some Casey to some Wiz to Nas to Krit to Kendrick to Fugees to Drake to Heavy D to LL to Jay to Dilated People to Curren$y to Slum Village to Mos Def. and that’s just hip hop. And I don’t like all guys who are claimed “lyrical” (I don’t like Immortal Technique for example) and I don’t like all “mainstream rap” (can’t stand Tyga or Nicki).

  • Mhm

    Bunch of salty ass stans. Casey doing his thing, and it’s still Wolf Gang over everything. Deal with it.

  • Juicy-G

    @Your Average Jet Fine I wasn’t thinking, and I agree. I’m sure you’ve been heated about something that you failed to put thought into. Shit we all have, but don’t come insulting me just because I addressed my opinion with little thought. Like shit just ignore it. Anyways…

  • MegaMillion Winner

    “You don’t like him, that’s you not me. Don’t hate your opinion but you can hate someone elses? GTFOH.”

    Not that simple, we can go in circles on that one. The MAIN REASON WHY I COMMENTED IS BECAUSE the same people hate on other cats that you like as well as people with the same content/sonics as Casey. So Its just that typical hip hop hipster head that always co sign crap but hate other crap because its either from down south, mainstream or w.e bullcrap answer.

    Obviously, that one wasn’t directed towardS you since you have a broad music sense. So at the end of it, its not directed towards you – its the same cats that always bash other parts of genres. Damn hispters lmao

  • Gotcha Bitch

    If Casey Veggies is so bad, why is he blowin up? Yes, he is OF affiliated, but he broke away from OF and is doing his own thing. People who hate on OF amuse me. They’ll be around for a lot longer than you think. They’ve been doing music since around 2008, and its 2012, and they’re still going strong. Flog Gnaw >

  • chill

    @Your Average Jet: you a dedicated hater, but how can we take you serious when you actually think OF is dope? Only dope dude is Frank Ocean, thats it, rest are more mediocre and corny than Casey. But hey, thats just my opinion. But shit chill on the dick riding tho bro, no one likes those people, including the artist (or shall I say the simple ass rappers of OF) themselves.

    @Gotcha Bitch: thats why they barely blew up during the end 2010? need to check yo facts before sounding stupid.

  • damnyoushowedthem

    If Lil B is so bad, why is he blowin up?

    People who hate on Lil B amuse me. He’ll be around for a lot longer than you think. Hes been doing music since around 2003, and its 2012, and hes still going strong.

  • Your Average Jet

    @Chill Nobody likes them but they just headlined Paid Dues. Nobody likes them but they debuted in the top 5 on Billboard with no promotion besides the internet. Nobody likes them but Tyler sold 50k independently first week. NOBODY likes them but Nas got Hodgy, Tyler and Frank Ocean on his next album. Nobody likes them but fucking Chuck Inglish and other dope producers wanna work with Earl. Nobody likes them but Earl is being called the next big thing by your favorite rapper.

    Yeah you’re right, nobody likes them, they’re irrelevant and they’ll be forgotten in a few months. Yup.


    NEWS ALERT: Lil B is the first rapper to sign an animal to a music label.

    The major news today came from his twitter:


    No word yet on when the first single is going to be released.


    “Nobody likes them but they just headlined Paid Dues. Nobody likes them but they debuted in the top 5 on Billboard with no promotion besides the internet. Nobody likes them but Tyler sold 50k independently first week. NOBODY likes them but Nas got Hodgy, Tyler and Frank Ocean on his next album. Nobody likes them but fucking Chuck Inglish and other dope producers wanna work with Earl. Nobody likes them but Earl is being called the next big thing by your favorite rapper.
    Yeah you’re right, nobody likes them, they’re irrelevant and they’ll be forgotten in a few months. Yup.”

    No truer words have ever been spoken.

  • Lolz

    If being a fan means I’m a dickrider, then I am a dickrider.

    Fucking ignorant halfwits.


    @Your Average Jet:

    You are absolutely fucking right. I absolutely LOVE when people hate on OF. Like, it makes me happy inside. To know I am a fan of such a progressive and ORIGINAL hip hop collective that is getting respect, money, and bitches, makes me truly happy. I’ve been listening to Tyler since before he released Bastard. And he is getting everything he deserves. If people can’t respect OF’s grind, then I feel sorry for you. Not everyone has to like them, to each their own, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But those who hate for the sake of just hating… get real, get a life, get laid. God knows it’s hard as fuck when you live in your parents basement!

  • Your Average Jet

    ^Hell yeah bro it’s quite humorous. When I see people hate on them I just laugh because 99.9% of the time they have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about.

  • @Your Average Jet needs to stick to the day job and stop talking crap about an 18-year old artist on his grind from straight from LA.

    Like if the music ain’t you, cool, move on. You’ve been commenting on this one page from 3pm to 9pm according to your comment times. Just relax and listen to your artist of preference and stop unnecessarily critiquing people’s taste.

  • Juicy-G

    @MAUI Thank You!

  • CannonsDeux

    LOL @ Your Average Jet from Twitter?

  • Your Average Jet

    ^Yup hahaha

    Anyway, I’m through. Niggas started talking shit about OF so I had to drop some true knowledge on you niggas. Peace

  • MakeCash25dotcom


  • ThatDude


    1) He’s 18 (or 19) years old. The kid grinds hard already and has serious potential
    2) He’s from LA. I’m from LA and I have mutual friends with him
    3) His beats are sick as fuck

    I do agree his rapping is mediocre at best on some songs

    Sleeping is class is much better and Im actually kinda disappointed in customized 3

  • ThisisLA

    Everybody is entitled to their Opinion, but give Casey props b.c dude has dropping QUALITY PROJECTS, since he was 16 A lot of rappers projects don’t even sound half as good look at from a bigger picture. everybody on the West is not Kendrick Lamar or Dom K!… Give Casey time to grow he’s barely 18

  • Mr. Wow

    Even though I thought the tape was not so good people are entitled to like wack ish if they choose. I just hate hearing about a artist and then when you give that artist the time of day you are disappointed. To me it ain’t nothing west about casey. Listening to his album he could be from anywhere in the US. TDE and a few is the only hope the west got. Everybody else sound like everybody else. Casey talks about the same ish on every song. At least big sean is a little clever and I hate him. Folks were mad because people were dissing SB when he came out, SB is still wack. Age don’t mean nothing when it comes to rapping. Most of the classics were made by teenagers of that time. This generation just ain’t cutting it. Sorry. Lil B is not as bad as some of you think. I mean least he is learning about things and rapping about it. He also talks about different subjects on each song. He def has potential to do something great. I wish the best for Hip-Hop in general. I don’t understand why youngsters get upset when elders tell them to step they game up. It’s good advice that will only help you in the end. You should be continuously be telling yourself that anyway.

  • Kermit The Frog

    Lil B and Casey Veggies should def make a joint album together…

  • chill

    @Your Average Jet: lmao hey dumbass I was talking about you being a hardcore dick rider, nobody likes dick riders. Learn to read carefully dumbshit hahha.

  • Your Average Jet

    @chill lmao just take your L and move along.

  • chill

    @Your Average Jet: take an L cuz you caught feelings because your simple ass can’t understand a simple sentence? LOL riiiight!

    You should take an L for spending over 12 hrs on 2dopeboyz. Pale ass white kid. Do even know what the outside looks like? haha

    OF is wack, yes you’ll disagree because someone with such a low IQ, as yourself, loves crap music such as OF. lmao I bet you’re one of those kids that tries to be just like them, cussing like a moron and saying stupid shit like fuck steve harvey, 2dbz, ect. You need to get your dick wet kid for real, and with an actual girl. also get back to flipping burgers kid while I laugh at your pathetic life. hahhaha. ok I’m done hazing you, don’t want to make a kid with LBS cry. loob

  • Your Average Jet

    I’m a black 21 year old college student. That just made your whole post null & void. Hop off my dick and keep bumping this trash ass tape

  • chill

    The whole post? You still caught feelings, you spent 13hrs on this site, you still haven’t seen the sun, you still have a low IQ, you probably still try to act like these OF kids, you still get no pussy, you still flip burgers, and you still have Little Bitch Syndrome.

    Being black, 21 and in college (more than likely you aren’t any) didn’t void shit. Oh and take another L kid, I ain’t even bumping this shit haha! Hop off this dick!

  • Your Average Jet

    Yawn. You done yet bruh? Making assumptions over the internet is what’s hot right now huh? Worrying about how much pussy another man gets definitely makes you a faggot. I flip burgers? What kind of an insult is that? lmfao… Little Bitch Syndrome sounds like some shit I would say in 8th grade, you can’t be serious with that shit lol

  • Holy-Holyfield

    LMAO! At this internet dispute! Ridiculous!

  • egyle

    veggies got hella swag, that’s what it’s all about in the end.

    “If skills sold, truth be told – I’d probably be, lyrically, Talib Kweli” – Jay-Z

    veggies got skills too tho, so shut it please.

  • Damn, it’s stupid controversy over this project. I’mma just give my quick opinion… First, I fucks w/ veggies over most mainstream artist cause he really doesnt rap about bs all the time apposed to a majority of mainstream artist & he has his own style, and his movement is in pure love for hip-hop instead of to sell records. I also fuck w/ mainstream music to so I’m not bashing any artist. He’s not most lyrical but every rapper can’t be lyrical & that’s just how it is. I really appreciate his subject matter & content of his music the most. He’s probably not going to blow you away w/ his flow but it’s decent & has a nice vibe. What’s best about him is his ability to construct a good song. At the end of the day he’s a little above average artist an can also produce nice records. It’s not like he’s completely trash & he raps about money/weed/bitxhes all the time so I don’t see the reason to bash his art. To end I’m just going to say sleeping in class was his best work but this was also a enjoyable project worth listening to.

  • damnyoushowedthem


  • chill

    @Your Average Jet: So many feelings caught, too funny! hahaha

  • Real nigga

    Don’t hate on a young nigga tryna make it man it makes you look bad. And if you actualy listen to the music you can hear a message in every song . Your not listening if you say this is weak.

  • RoshaneRonan

    Mixtape on repeat. Youngin’ dropin’ knowledge.