DJ Whoo Kid, Diddy & T.I. Present: 2012 XXL Freshman Mixtape (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka April 9, 2012

To celebrate the Fifth Annual Freshman issue (on newsstands now), XXL linked up with DJ Whoo Kid for the third year in a row to release a mixtape showcasing the skills of the new class, and now it’s ready for the world. The 2012 XXL Freshman Mixtape features all 10 of this year’s freshmen, as Don Trip, Danny Brown, French Montana, Future, Hopsin, Iggy Azalea, Kid Ink, Machine Gun Kelly, Mackelmore and Roscoe Dash all display their talents. In addition to Whoo Kid, the release is hosted by Diddy and T.I.

Tracklist and link down bottom.

DOWNLOAD: DJ Whoo Kid, Diddy & T.I. Present: 2012 XXL Freshman (Mixtape)

  • Basser

    Was expecting more. Only 2 songs with Danny brown and they were both features? Boooooooo this is weak.

  • Numba7

    wow…this tracklist couldn’t be any more ass. lol

  • Basser

    And only 1 macklemore track? * Hits Nope button

  • Iodine

    Because we all need more diddy in our lives…..

  • koke

    ab soul macklemore danny brown
    the rest is wack, garbage

  • chuck

    how can a journalist even put out this list? Doenst it go against journalistic responsibility?

  • N.A.S



  • unclesam

    Oh, so THAT´S why Iggy Azalea & MGK got on it? T.I. promised to show up on the mixtape. He made a bad deal though, Diddy got French Montana on it AND five songs with him on the mixtape, although MGK only had one song on it.

  • jojo

    Tracklist look like XXL Presents French Montana & Friends.

  • SirAnomaly

    Looks as weak as the lineup. Funny that they have Ab-Soul on the mixtape when he should have been on the cover.

  • Heman

    Damn u think they got enough Diddy on this mixtape

  • internet rap critic

    What’s the key to setting yourself up for a successful rap career you may ask? Name yourself something catchy, easy to pronounce, socially acceptable like “CHINX DRUGZ”

  • @Koke So, Hopsin and Don Trip are whack? fuckouttahere

  • JB

    5 French Montana tracks??? This is just ridiculous

  • Bruiser Brigade

    Nice to see Diddy controlling this mixtape to meet his marketing needs!!!

  • gvg

    I need everyone to go listen to that Hopsin track immediately…He went ape shit on it…not even joking

  • 2dope4nope

    DJ Whoo Kid, Diddy & T.I. Present: 2012 XXL Freshman Mixtape (Mixtape)
    ^ makes good toilet paper I’m sure haha and < charmin toilet paper tho

  • cse420

    One macklemore track?????? Really?????? No download from me then. Will someone upload the macklemore track to YouTube please? Thanks.

  • who cares

    I’ll just take tracks 15 & 23.
    Everyone else on this is garbage.

  • ImNUrGurl

    Listen to Lil B’s Album or This… Wait.. shi…t

  • doobs

    tattoo is spelled wrong for 20.

  • only 1 fucking Hopsin song?! WTF!

  • H

    the shits full of diddy and ti features… the fuck is that about??? i thought it was the XXL freshman class not 1 rapper promoting his dumb broad while the producer-turned=fagbag starts dancing around in the backgrond while promoting HIS artist. which by the way, dannny brown is better than ALL of them. take that. take that.

  • Hopsin sucks anyways… seems like it has some legit songs. French Montana is always TRILL. It needs more Iggy Azalea, though.