• chill

    only a little bitch like JES still talks shit about R. Kelly, fucking wannabe hip hop elitist.

  • Randy

    ^ overeaction much?

    i know alot of people who talk shit about r kelly.

    thanks for the link justice. had hops for this song. immensely disappointed.

  • Thinker

    ^^^you had hopes in a Future song? You'd be better off hoping for detox

  • Rafae Sheikh

    Good ass song

  • Megan


  • sum

    its said how much better a rapper r. kelly is to Future

  • NYdreams

    how da hell did future get r kelly on a track...anyway i turnd the song off when i heard future weird ass autotune voice cause he ass ... dont see what all the hype about..

  • internet rap critic

    BY FAR the best Future song I've ever heard. Because he's not on the hook and doesn't make a sound until over 1:30 into the song.

  • RSX

    Future so poor that the bridge from Future verse to R.Kelly hook isn't R. Kelly after the first time lololol.x

  • JAyP

    great for the clubs smart move on Futures part to get Kels on a track!

  • Olly

    I have a hard time understanding what the hell future is saying.