Kendrick Lamar Says He’s Recorded 30 Songs w/ Dr. Dre

blame it on Shake April 9, 2012

During a phone call with DJ Whoo Kid (available after the jump), Kendrick talks about his upbringings in Compton, his relationship with Dre, thoughts on Top 10 lists, his relationship with ScHoolboy Q, wanting to work with Erykah Badu, working with Snoop and Dre on Detox and more. And as the title states… he also reveals that he and Dre recorded 30 records during their studio sessions. Damn, if even half of them are as dope as The Recipe

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  • pgeezy

    When them 30, drop. its going off!!! hiiPower and Cole World.

  • Gomaman

    …… Trente morceau de musique avec le legendaire Dr. Dre, oh mon dieux
    oh mon dieux
    Kendrick vait etre une legende le meilleur sorti du West Coast apres The Game
    Je veux je veux je veux!

  • TonYG

    Woah so kendrick wasted many of probably good bars which we will never get to hear. Maximum 3 more songs with dre gon land on his album and yeah 2 more on detox which I dont even expect to drop EVER

  • Rec

    30 songs we’ll never hear.

    Detox status. Aftermath and Dre fell off a long time ago. Lmfao.

  • Your Average Jet

    We won’t hear them until 2020

  • Ama Hussla

    ras kass est le meilleur du west coast (écoute soul on ice), pas the game.. A mon avis il est surévalué, il a 2 albums trés lourdes, mais aprés ca il n’ya pas une discographie d’une haute qualité..
    mais tu as raison, k dot a le potentiel d’être l’un de plus relevants artistes du rap

    haha btw this is the first time I’m reading a french comment on here

  • Gomaman

    Rass Kass est une merde.
    Kes ki a apporter au West?
    Il a pas mit le West sur le Map comme Game la fait.
    C’est une petite merde qui s’est fait tapper par game comme une grosse salope(no homo)
    Game est une fucking legende, et est le prochain.

    Shit en plus la plupart des gars du west qui on prit ce status ON TOUS FAIT AU MOINS UN ALBUM AVEC DR DRE.


  • chanimal

    I dont want to get my hopes up too much, but think about the last time Dre dropped an album; it was in 2001 right after Em dropped Slim Shady LP. Now, we have Kendrick, a black kid from the same hometown as Dre, something Dre has been looking for, about to drop his first album. The thing is I think Kendrick’s style fits into Dre’s sound much better, I highly doubt Kendrick can ever touch Em’s record sales because of his image and content, but there is NO DOUBT that Kendrick’s debut will be dope.

  • bigpen15

    damn dre takes yrs to drop anything smh detox will never come out … kendrick lamar is the future he gonna be the king of the west

  • who cares

    He could’ve recorded 1,000 but it means nothing if we don’t hear ’em.

  • Homosexuals 4 Kendricl

    Ooooo Wee Kendrick All Of Your Fans Are Gonna Have So Much Fun Listening To These Songs ,We Hope You Release All 30 Of Them *Smooches*

  • Mike

    Great Interview. 30 tracks with Dr. Dre is dope can’t wait to hear them.

  • NYdreams

    since dres last album… i bet eminem recorded like 100 songs with dre for detox .. snoop about 200 … jay ill say about 10.. 50 ill say about 35 .. nas ill say about 10.. etc..i done heard he got songs with wayne,drake,luda,ti, basically the whole rap game wrote 4 this nigga and we aint hear but 5 songs max rumored to be on detox… smh these kendrick lamar songs aint coming out unless kendrick kept them for himself

  • NYdreams

    its a waste a talent tho fa real.. i bet dre looking j cole 2 do some songs with him 2

  • someguy

    so thats about 25 songs were never going to hear.

  • k dot

    Fuck all this DRE shit, when is that Cole/Kendrick Collabo mixtape coming ? that shit is going to be bananas when it drops.

  • h


  • sit down nah stand up

    ^that Cole/Kendrick tape will be dope…if J.Cole is erased from it

  • earl

    its a waste a talent tho fa real.. i bet dre looking j cole 2 do some songs with him 2


    nah he aint tryna put nobody to sleep

  • Somebody is working to hack and leak all dr. dre shit…right now lol

  • k dot

    @Sit down, come on bruh, how you gonna do cole like that ? Im pretty sure J.cole will step up all of shit when hes on a track with kdot. Listen to “Temptations” its bad quality but cole did his thing.


    NEWS ALERT: Lil B is the first rapper to sign an animal to a music label.

    The major news today came from his twitter:


    No word yet on when the first single is going to be released.

  • hiphopcritic

    J.Cole has gotten mad weak since Sideline Story but I bet that collab project with K.Dot will save him… you can’t come weak with K.Dot…

    Anyways…. I hope K.Dot continues to make the quality music we know him for…

    if G.O.O.D Music continues dropping records like “Mercy”, tho that shit goes ham, TDE will stand on top of their graveyards content wise…

  • (l,k)

    the recipe wasnt bad but it was boring. he needs to stop rapping so monotone. and he needs to stop ghostwriting verses for dr. dre that sound so obvious that he wrote them lol

  • zachariah

    Kendrick Lamar
    Good Kid in a Mad City
    Wanted features
    Nas, J.Cole(production + verse) Dr.Dre(Recipe verse only), Krayzie Bone(Assistant hook), Black Hippy.

    He doesn’t need alot of people. Krayzie influenced him for sure, Nas would be crazy to see him hold it together lyrically with him(he could do it), Detox will come out and the first Dre produced track should be on that(not his debut), J. Cole needs to lace him again(I doubt the joint album will actually get released, they are too deep in their careers and I cannot see an opening within the next 12 months), Black Hippy need to be on there.

    No Pharrel joints, no Drake, no Dre joints, just the raw stuff he has stuck to since the past 3 projects. Not a heap of collab verses unless it actually makes sense. I don’t wanna hear A$ap,Drake or any of them dudes on it, save that for their projects. It seems everyone wants K.Dot on their record, but he doesn’t need them. Look at Gunplay, he fit the song, so was perfect, but otherwise, verses are not needed. Cole will have him on the next one. Their joint album will end up like I cant feel my face, never released.

  • Juicy-G


  • Kendrick is a dope dude man, hope he keeps killin the game

  • BT

    @chanimal just to let you know 2001 dropped in 1999

  • matt


  • the realest

    ” Nas would be crazy to see him hold it together lyrically with him(he could do it), ”

    ^ delusional ass stans. knock THAT shit off.

  • Big Dreams

    Fuck @hiphopcritic and @sitdownnahstandup y’all some faggot ass niggas. Suck J.Coles Dick son. Straight up no homo.

  • robert

    171 guys just jerked off to this post.

    This guy is probably the most hyped up rapper ever.

  • 1eightseven

    ” Nas would be crazy to see him hold it together lyrically with him(he could do it), ”
    ^ delusional ass stans. knock THAT shit off.

    delusional ass goon nerds. if tyga gets a feature. if nicki minaj gets a feature….

    hating ass wannabe abstract stubborn niggas need a life*

    this young cat is in the studio with the best producer of all time and yall are hating? even if nothing comes out of this something will come out of it. speculating ass fuckboats. sail into silence.

  • marty mcfly

    Im sorry but I just dont be believin niggas when they make statements like this. Now maybe Kendrick is keeping it real and if so then my comment dont apply but just speaking on when rappers say they have recorded x amount of songs. Alot of that kinda talk be bullshit because some cats need to put records out but for some reason they never release them shits. Thats cause fools aint record as many songs as they said in the first place. Im basically saying to Kendrick if you recorded 30 songs with Dr fucking Dre then you dont just let them songs go unheard, I dont give a fuck what Dre’s over analytical ears think about it. PUT THEM SONGS OUT and let Dre be mad about it until he hears people start saying the shit is dope cause outta 30 at least 8 of them is dope if not more and the chances of you recording better songs then with Dre with other producers is only but so much. No diss but just saying cause you dont just say shit like that and then give people no Dr Dre beats cause what if after those songs you never get that opportunity again?

  • marty mcfly

    Better yet probably 18 of them is dope judging Kendricks ability. Put some of those songs out before Dre just deletes them like he mite have done with some of Rakims, Joell Ortiz, Bishop Lamont and Stat Quo’s best material.

  • realtalk©

    Why do so many people have a problem with Kendrick getting fans? I swear you can’t genuinely enjoy his music without being called a dickrider nowadays..

    When did it become a rule in hip hop that you can only like 1 rapper and have to hate everyone who’s a fan of anyone else..

  • I know it doesn’t matter but i’m really proud of Kendrick, he’s come a long ass way i remember listening to ignorance is bliss as my first song and i thought wow he is seriously bringing it back. This is a big thing for him to do music with someone who knows where he’s coming from and has been at the exact same place. I’m a Kendrick fan and it’s amazing to watch.

  • Act123

    Judging by Kendrick Lamar’s consistency of excellence on every single track, I’m sure all 30 of them are ill.

  • eZ

    I wanna hear tht Erykah Badu’ Collab.

  • marty mcfly

    @Act123, I highly doubt he did 30 songs and each one of them is dope because if thats the case and then he decided to not use them that would be ridiculous.

  • Orlando Scandrick

    With all due respect Kendrick, then fucking release them.

    The Recipe was a GREAT song, I think we’d all love to hear more of it, but don’t make grandiose statements unless you’re releasing the next 29.

    Seriously though, we need more, especially if Scoop is producing.