Knocka – Diary Of A Real N*gga

blame it on Shake April 9, 2012

With Still Black Flaggin on the way, that boy Knocka puts a Harlem twista on Wale’s Ambition.

DOWNLOAD: Knocka – Diary Of A Real Nigga

  • I can’t get passed this dudes photo… “Baby Oil and Bandannas”?

  • JaySole

    Same here i keep crackin up to this pic like nigga are you serious!?! haha

  • Your Average Jet

    LMFAO they had to put that picture up as a joke!

  • G

    Fuck the picture and shit..real shit, this goes in. He speakin some commandments almost

  • Damn he just spiiiitsssss.

  • Randy

    im glad to see i wasnt the only one dying at those pictures. lmao wtf

  • Anthony J

    first of all why would a real nigga have a diary

  • MFJ

    I can’t really take a rapper serious when they rap over a lame remake of a popular beat.

  • Kim

    Wait a minute!!! you faggot ass niggas trippin off this dude picure, when he just killed this beat, i swear it be some homo ass dudes on this website SMH

    P.S this dude got a future in HipHop

  • DK

    No Joke but he looks like Trey Songz especially on the left

  • Ok

    Aint even mad at the pic.
    That pretty shit is like the new “gangsta” smdh.

    He did he thing on this forreal though. Caught me off guard.

  • Ok

    btw. the beat is still a horrible knock-off.

  • KJiue

    please explain to me what is gay about finding humor in a photo. i swear you homophobes get deeper and deeper in the closet every day. the picture is funny. whether the song is good or not the picture is still the first thing we see and its still a funny ass pictures with an ironic ass title. is he biting his lip? lmao

  • KJiue

    whoever remade that beat remade it wrong.

  • Kim