Your (2)Dope Opinion: “First The Mobb Deep Break Up?”

blame it on Meka April 10, 2012

In case you are one of the folks who don’t know what’s going on (and if you still don’t want to know, I salute you. Now skip this post), a few nights ago Havoc started spewing all kinds of poorly spelled jibba-jabba at Prodigy on the Twitter insulting him and his manhood, only for Prodigy to respond with some ALL-CAPS barbs of his own. A few hours later both individuals claimed that it “wasn’t them” who wrote them, with Havoc using the telltale “my account was hacked” excuse and P one-upping him in the creative department by saying that it was a “fake” account (which, oddly enough, was “verified”).

Now, of course the rest of the hip-hop world has to have their own say in the matter, and when Peter Rosenberg asked Fat Joe he said it was the “9/11″ of hip hop.” I’d probably break my neck shaking my head so much at that logic. So now I ask you, the viewer: what are your thoughts on this whole fiasco? For me, I don’t care; I’m still trying to find out if Mary J Blige will come out and sing the ingredients of the new Crispy Chicken Snack Wraps at Burger King whenever I inquire about them. But perhaps I’m in the minority with this one.

  • who cares

    what grown man cares about this.

    get a life.

    mobb deep have been finished for 10 yrs anyway. this wont take away from the 3 amazing albums they did in the 90s.

  • Doesn’t Add Up

    I just want to know how Havoc’s phone getting jacked is the excuse he chose…when all the tweets were from web (not even mobile web).

    “We don’t believe you…”

  • inside information

    mobb deep ain’t made a good album in 13 years. if they were from any other city nobody would give a shit.

  • sit down nah stand up

    The rap gossip machine is as bad if not worse than the US Weekly & TMZ bullshit. Grown men acting like teenage bitches, and people constantly commenting on speculation.

    Twitter is great only in the fact that morons spout what they think is brilliance…and other morons pay attention to it. I smile inside everytime a tweet comes back to bite the originator in the ass.

  • nystradomus

    i care about this as much as i care about bone thugs n harmony breaking up…

  • chuck

    when did these hip hop stars become soap opera stars?

    shit man.

    fat joe shouldnt be comparing 911 to this either. thats one of the most ignorant things ive heard in a while.

  • AndOneill

    Shameeeee tho..

  • WhatMoreCanISaY

    These niggas, is washed up, Gay all thst shit.. It’s a shame.. member Jay out the pics of P on the summer jam screen? C’mon son, their run has been over if ya want to hear mobb deep music, just lay back and listen to Shook ones and reminisce on the golden days, other than that, these niggas is lost in the sauce. Our regular 9-5’s probably produce more bread then Havoc and P bringin in.. I still got love and respect for em, but just hang it up.. twitter publicity ain’t shit, ask Teyana Taylor bout dem gorilla nipples. ( drops mic) fuck this shit ( Hov voice)

  • Cloud 9

    two rappers trying to do a Pub stunt. failed. Fat Joe Trying To take the fame. Failed.
    And Why The Fuck would You go to Fat Joe or any other rapper to ask his opinion about this? well.. yea he prolly agreed on it souly for publicity. but he hasnt made a hit since “Lean Back” which was how long ago?? Who in their right mind would ask him for an interview about this. honestly if i was to see him walk down the street i wouldn’t say two words to him.

  • Lynx



  • Cloud 9

    mobb deep is ill tho btw when the were.

  • one8seven

    @cloud 9 you must have a very limited or skewed knowlegde of hip hop. fat joe goes back before mobb deeps inception. you ever heard of DITC? damn you sound stupid and your clothes are wack too.

    and 2dope i wish you didnt even post this fuckery. havs phone got jacked and some groupie fans chatted back… whats the big deal? twitter? get the fcuk outta here. i wish the ogs in my area beefed on twitter instead of the turf! HAHAHA

  • Tyler

    The beginning of this video is sum classic shit. Fat Joe wasn’t ready for a video interview, didn’t have his shades on. lmao.

  • marty mcfly

    I think both of these niggas should make love and forget the past. I do it all the time with my husband.

  • Cubano

    Lmao Fat joe gotta act like everything is either a tragedy or a major event

  • King Geezy

    It’s funny that people forget how soft Mobb Deep was on the Beef DVD when Tru Life confronted them. Prodigy was a anemic child Ballerina. How hard body did you expect him to be? This has been a long time coming. Nore even said he has worked with several gay rappers and they will come out on their own when the time is right. I thought Pharell would be the first to step out of that closet, now Prodigy is being thrown out of the closet by his best friend. lol

  • Thworldisyours

    I completely agree with Joey here.

    If this is true, I think I’m done with this hip-hop shit lol.

  • who cares

    Why is it impossible for their account to get hacked? It happens to famous people all the time. And the Prodigy account was fake because there was two verified Prodigy accounts. One with like 2,000+ tweets (obviously the real one) and one with 200+. People act like twitter accounts can’t get hacked.

  • timestretch

    damn…. some mobb deep haters up in here. honestly it would be a sad day for hip hop if this were true.

  • Haktuspit

    The Prodigy account that tweeted this is no longer verified (@prodigymobdeep, also, he spelled MOBB wrong…) and @THEREALHAVOC has been deleted. Hacked or fake accounts would actually make a lot of sense if true.

  • Brett Favre

    I would have cared in 8th grade but Im almost 30 now and the fact that either of these fools is on twitter is so not hip hop that Im still smh at that! Wu tang forever! Wu Tang is for the children!

  • Ambush

    Mobb Deep and Fat Joe collaborated on this so their names could be mentioned….one more time.

  • phuc jake

    Why do people care. Hip hop is pathetic nowadays. who cares.
    Its about the music and the culture or was. Now its about twitter beef//what has everything come to


    @phuc jake yo you sound dumb dogg. hip hop is alive and well. so many dope artists. you must be smokin pcp.

  • Gregory Kruxx

    @ Say What… I agree with Phuc Jake. But I do understand what you are saying too. But in my opinion Hip Hop is half and half these days..
    There are new dope artists and there is an over saturation of artists too. Its like the 70s again with the amount of Soul/RnB Singers that their used to be. And to quote, a bunch of dudes talking out they joints but aint saying nuthin…(If you a real hip hop dude then u will know that line)
    Look this much gossip about twitter comments is lame. Theres real shit going on in the world. support the music or dont…but fuck that he say she say nonsense. dudes be talkn like chicks. too much estrogen goin on
    Anyways. mobb deep does not impress me anymore. They havent made a dope album since murda muzik. that was 99 I believe and I’m open to everything. Artists should get better and push themselves not worse.
    We shall see how their new LP sounds like though. hope they prove me wrong.

  • BURR

    stupid ass interview

  • Fromthe410

    I thought 2dopeboyz was for real hiphop heads?!?!?! All the negative comments from people who clearly do know shit about hiphop! Go put your skinny jeans on and ride your skateboard, I dont know what the fuck yall listen to….What album have they put out that was bullshit?!?!!?? ….Im lost????