B.o.B – Both Of Us f. Taylor Swift

blame it on Illy April 11, 2012

With Taylor Swift part of the Grand Hustle crew, B.o.B is joined by the pop/country singer on his latest single “Both Of Us” set to appear on his sophomore effort Strange Clouds out May 1st.

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  • who cares

    Honestly what the fuck happened to B.o.B.? He got a slice of fame with the less than stellar “Nothing On You” and it was downhill from there. smh

  • william

    softer than a baby’s bottom

  • b1tcha$$n1gga

    Wtf, finally some good music on 2dbz and they take the vid down.

  • Rec

    Warner Music Group is lame as f*ck.

    Torrent and download all their sh*t for being lames.

  • RealTalk

    LOL @ shake’s descripton..if you didn’t have a personal relationship with the artist you’d bash this shit. You. Sold. Your. Soul…and not for that much, either.

  • IslandKid

    hahahhaahahahhahaah co sign @realtak!

  • Mike

    About time they collab this album looks interesting.

  • seriously?

    BOB fans must love this. Tayler really copliments BOB.


  • Bryan

    this is gonna blow radio up…maybe bigger than airplanes

  • Eric

    Sounds great! Nice message and everything, Best luck to both.

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  • Schoolboy with Attitude

    I don’t mind BoB doing poppy singles. But if he puts more of that old genre-bending flavor in his album, that would be great.

  • Your Average Jet

    Lmao I know exactly why Tyler dissed him now.

  • chill

    Why hate? Song is chill as fuck, nice chorus, good message. Yall need to be less close minded, B.o.B make ill shit, even if its pop-ish. No doubt this will be a radio hit.

  • Meh

    You guys are acting like this isn’t better than ‘Nothing On you’ or ‘Magic’. The song has meaning and it’s not like he phoned it in with the lyrics this time either.

  • Origsmi

    you close minded niggas have no influence on what artists do i hope you realize that one day. callin everything techno and gay on the blogs wont stop people from enjoying it or buying the album…which yall would never do even if you did like it. happy blogging.

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    tyler the creator was right