• Carlos Rojas

    fresh!!! i love this guys outlook on life and hip-hop this a voice that needs to be heard!

  • JaySole

    download link anybody?

  • D.J.

    Pure dopeness

  • http://jkenzo.tumblr.com kenzo

    that flute is smoooooooth! diggin' the lyrics. true shit. definitely keeping an eye on this dude.

  • t.a.morales

    The iLLZ has been a favorite of mine since I first heard him a few years ago. Can't wait for his new album. I hope it gets put out. I did my part to donate for that cause. Will always support good music.

  • Costco

    Illz - my favorite chillin', laid back, vibin music.

    Help him release his album people!

  • Juicy-G

    I'd def support, but I'm broke right now. I will when I'm paid though, I'm ready for some new ILLZ.

  • Drew

    This song is the epitome of everything that main stream hip hop, pop music, radio hits lack:

    -Great production that's not overdone, over-produced
    -Honest, sincere, humble, relatable lyrics
    -No corny autotune R&B hook
    -Simplicity is often better!

    Great beat/great production, great flow/great lyrics = great song

  • FreshSup

    So dope...

  • jetlife87

    Not surprised , homie's been killin it since dreams of life n beth. Gourmet food for thoughts