Lil B’s Lecture at NYU (Full Audio)

blame it on Shake April 12, 2012

Photo: SnappsNY.

Here goes the full audio of the Based God’s lecture on Wednesday night at NYU’s Kimmel Center. 80 minutes of life, theories, self-acceptance, relationships and more.


  • big b

    I feel sorry for anybody in that audience listening to this simplistic dude who thinks he’s deep

  • KING

    Can someone please explain to me the allure of this dude? I feel like he’s the punchline of some inside joke.

  • wat

    Since when are the legally retarded allowed to lecture?

  • barney

    it’s crazy how much hate he gets, when all he’s trying to do is spread positivity.



    Some people worship God and some people worship Lil B, God’s Father. It’s that simple.

  • wat

    He’s not trying to spread positivity. He’s spreading homosexual stupidity. *Actual* homosexual.

  • Ha

    ^how the fuck is he tryna spread positivity when dude degrades bitches in most tracks? GTFOH

  • big b

    “Can’t nobody fuck the basegod bitch” Does that sound positive to you?

  • Adolfmayne

    Wassup with a 2dopeboyz best of lil b mixtape

  • wat

    ^ How can you have a Best of Lil B mixtape when he’s never made anything good?

  • bkimbriel

    Bitches don’t get degraded, They degrade themselves.

    Ya’ll are some lil ass kids. He talks about bitches so he can’t be for positivity? Do you know what a bitch is?

    Dude just gave an 80 minute speech at NYU…as in the prestigious college. Which then got posted online at multiple blogs, etc, because people WANT to hear it. If you don’t want to hear it (like myself), pass on by it.

    But honestly I can’t stand the 2DBZ comment section with all of your bullshit. None of you have room to speak until you’ve actually accomplished something comparable to him. You don’t have to like his shit, but you don’t know a damn thing about him except what you can find on the internet.

    So basically you talk, read, write and think about negative shit to say about a guy you’ve never even seen face to face. #congratshaters

  • wat

    ^ I DO know he’s a faggot.

  • God you’re a fucking idiot

    ^so… we should all give Joseph Kony the benefit of the doubt too, right? Everything we know about him is from the internet… and as a matter of fact, I know without any doubt whatsoever that none of us have accomplished even half of what Kony has done for himself; according to your logic, we should all shut up or even praise him.

  • Killaaa

    lol at comparing kony to lil b. I dont see what the problem with lil b is, if you dont fuck with him move on

  • @killaaa

    It’s not a comparison, I’m just pointing out that not a single one of that clown’s points actually made any sense.

  • Your Average Jet

    successful troll is successful.

  • chris


    and while all of you are on your computers hating on him calling him a faggot, he’s busy making millions and enjoying his life.

    It’s funny, too, because I’d be willing to bet Lil’ B has fucked more girls in the past week than most of you clowns have had in your entire life…yet you still call HIM the faggot.

    disclaimer: I fucking hate Lil B’s music. But him as a person? I don’t even know the dude, so I couldn’t care less about what he does. He’s making money and living a good life…good for him. Not gonna hate on dude as a person because he makes shitty music in my opinion. Don’t like his music? No one’s forcing you to listen to it. If you really get that much enjoyment from going on to songs you KNOW in advance you won’t like and leaving negative comments…well, good for you I guess. The least you could do is criticize his MUSIC. Instead y’all just come off as bitter internet nerds who are mad that Lil’ B had gotten more money and attention in the past 3 months than you will in your entire lifetime.

  • Tek

    Did anybody else notice that “chris” and “bkimbriel” are the same person?

  • DayO

    I wise man told me dont argue with fools.
    Cuz people from a distance can’t tell who is who.



    “Can’t nobody fuck the basegod bitch” Does that sound positive to you?

    big b said this on April 12th, 2012 at 5:19 pm

    Umm hell yeah ! Nobody cnt fuck my bitch!

    ^ How can you have a Best of Lil B mixtape when he’s never made anything good?

    wat said this on April 12th, 2012 at 5:28 pm

    U sleep af, And stfu before iFuck your bitch in the ass til her shit squirt milk

  • MrCrockett

    Lmao lil b is not makin millions you clown.did you forget? he said when he makes a million (which he didn’t) he would stop wearing them dusty ass van well guess what he still wears them.and bragging about another nigga money is hoe shit leave that to the bitches..

  • Adolfmayne

    Tupac made ignorant nigga music and positive music

  • InDaCut

    Lil B has gained my respect with his hustle and shit but honestly his music is awful. I dont hate him or hate on him otherwise but his music is simply horrendous. he obviously knows hes not a very good rapper and doesnt care because thats not waht hes all about… hes an IMAGE RAPPER.

  • Flawed Nursery Rhymes

    Dude seems cool, i saw his interview from sxsw wit nardwaur last year. I have to say i do not like his music at all. His whole philosophical shit is take it or leave tho.

  • postivehater

    People are missing the point, if you listened he didn’t play any music he didn’t promote a new album. He was just talking about life and positive shit man if you want to be an asshole and want to go all Freudian or nihilistic find problems with the world then do it. Lil ‘B just talked about be nice don’t be a dick, love don’t hate. Like fuck, MLKJr. had the same idea. Lil B’ just didn’t have textbook grammar. Give it a rest.

  • Magee

    Instead of just hating on him because some people don’t like his music and think he doesn’t deserve to be where he’s at, look at it this way: a young prominent black male was asked to speak at New York University. If given the platform for 90 minutes of whatever you want to lecture about, what would it be? His was focused on positivity, but if you had the chance, what would you want to speak to a group of college students about?

  • marty mcpussydick


  • LOUD

    I went to school with the dude, he was a douche then and he’s a weirdo now. He gettin money tho so no hate there but he aint a real nigga. The niggas who worship him are the ones who are being fooled. Dude can’t even go home without security but every other rapper, athlete or person with money is fine. Says something about his charcter

  • a$ap Robert

    ^^^^lmaaoooo yo thats hilarious, hes going to respond to you here or another post. sidenote, lil b is garbage

  • John

    Anyone got a DL for this?

  • Thinker

    Who the fuck goes so far as to compare lil b to Kony? And then deny that they just compared them? And the guy was saying how stupid people are for judging lil b off the Internet and then ur dumbass comes on and acts like he jus said the exact opposite. For real though dudes should really go back to school, fuck how old u r or what u do now, we can be having stupid asses like u run around thinking they jus gave a valid argument when u really jus showed us how ignorant and illiterate u really are. It’s all good though, we need u for firewood. Fucking fail ass computer debater

  • SwizZ

    I mean he tryin to do good and he seem cool and positive but the dude is talkin in circles how many of you think anyone that attended this event is actually gonna listen to wat he said and live their life by it? Everyone just went to see him talk because he’s a rapper. “you know, really just, man like, you know what the secrets to life, is if you look t everyone like they’re a baby” *everyone applauds* smh

  • Thinker

    ^^^^ nah dude u gotta hear the whole thing. Obviously a lot of people aren’t going to listen to this and very few of the ones who do will listen to the WHOLE thing, but this lecture was legit! I thought the same thing u were thinking but he starts picking up steam around 50 minutes and he talks about some real shit. If only his music could reflect this speech, but I guess in a way it does. For real though u gotta have patience and time to fully understand this speech. I don’t think I’m gunna start downloading whole mixtapes from him but I do respect his quirky outlook on life a whole lot more now and I think the ppl at this lecture would agree with me. They were noisy in the beginning but u can hear them start to really respect the dude and ask him some genuine questions toward the end. Good stuff, I wanna download it and sample some parts

  • PopGoesTheWeasel

    Get GOLD teeth!! Swag swag man honestly lil b is speaking some good stuff, and honestly nyu wouldnt have let him come speak if they didn’t even see the uniqueness in this guy, sure he can’t rap, but he’s a unique individual who has stayed true to his self and doing what he likes, and loves, just goes to show you thst you don’t have to be the best to achieve your goals, you just strive and try hard man pray and keep faith and it’ll All be good, I don’t mess wit ph him as a artist but as an individual with a unique thought process he’s amazing man, gotta respect someone staying true to them selves.

  • hiphopcritic

    Quit hating dude. Don’t get me wrong his flow is not good but the songs where he tries he’s actually saying something. Why do you think Jay Electronica and Lupe fuck with him so much? You don’t gain attention from rappers of that caliber for nothing. His album “I’m Gay” is classic(not rap wise) but classic because he’s saying be happy with yourself no matter how society judges you. That’s amazing. Hate on the dude but I fuck with him simply because of his mindset and what he tries to spread. Positivity. His music is about having fun. So if you hate, you have no sense of humor and you’re boring af. He may not be the deepest but shit he’s saying something that not many ppl with his power are saying. That being said, continue you to do what you Lil B. All the hate is free promo anyways.

    Need I remind you… y’all support J.Cole when Sideline Story consists some of the weakest bars. Cole heating up like leftover lasagna. You can’t outsmart me, I make you feel like you the shit but you can’t outfart me. Got a 150 bitches in the club staring at me. How that feel? Very happy.

    And just when you thought he improved he drops Grew Up Fast where he says if you were grass he’d mow your ass up. Come on really? Y’all are basic af for liking these bars and have the nerve to hate on Lil B.

  • Really?

    You should change your name cause you can’t read and you lack reading comprehension.

  • Yoda

    Rather would I go to darkside then Baseworld because Lil B skills none he has

  • Thinker (u mad?)

    Says the dude who completely misinterpreted the former comment. Smh

  • Jimmy

    kills me when people say Lil B is making millions…..no he’s not lol

  • Rich

    The only thing worse than Lil B and I mean WORSE, is his fans. They’re all a bunch of weak minded individuals who say they liked him as a joke and slowly became serious fans and truly believe his music is actually good. I used to ask people why do you like him and people usually told me ” Because its so stupid its funny” and look at them now, taking it so serious they’re giving him money to speak nonsense. I also asked one of his fans to send me a zip of all t=of her fave songs from him and 5/20 of them were listenable. I will neer get his allure but all I know is NYU’s rep took a hit. Next thing you kno Future is gonna be teaching classes. SMH I mean we all know this generation is shitty, but this is just straight bad.

  • basedapologist

    the funny part is that all your hateful comments don’t seem to stop Lil B from releasing more music for free and affecting more people’s lives in a positive way.

    it’s kinda nice that in the grand scheme of things, his message of positive self-acceptance always reaches more people than your short snarky (and homophobic) insults. his fame is only getting bigger by the day. what other artist cares more about giving music to their fans than making money?

    he’s influencing a whole generation of rappers and producers to indulge their bizarre muses. the difference between early 00s Timbaland rap and early 10s Lex Luger ripoffs is depressing. the over-saturation of internet rap (on content-aggregators like this site) has made rap hella boring. call it what you will, the entire Based experience is anything but boring.

    at some point years from now, y’all will be surrounded by the Based God’s influence on hip-hop and it will all make sense