Lil B’s Lecture At NYU (Video)

blame it on Illy April 12, 2012

The clip of the entire lecture drops tomorrow. #RARE

  • Lynx

    Can’t hate on that
    Lil nigga is doing his thing

  • Based

    So Rare, Groundbreaking, Inspirational, Uplifting, Motivational. Thank You Based God !

  • RamosMarcia

  • doc rovers

    NYU just got a little dumber

  • Your Average Jet

    So #rare, this is a collectible don’t miss out TYBG

  • Randy

    no hate but 90% white audience. most of whom don’t take hip hop seriously as an artform, Cant take this guy seriously musically its almost like william hung people like him as a novelty act almost as an inside joke. ..but respect for doing his thing.

  • Your Average Jet

    ^Who gives a fuck? You probably one of those “real hip hop head” lames that get no pussy and bitch on the internet all day. Fuck outta here

  • Randy

    not to make this racial but this guy would never get invited to speak in front of a black audience about music and life.

  • Rozko

    @Randy it EXACTLY like that….I don’t see how people Haven’t gotten that yet. No one over 12 takes lil b seriously…he’s funny! But yea now he has a platform for his voice to be heard. And you see how he’s usin it. TYBG


    @your average jet take your oversensitive ass somewhere. you addressed nothing with regards to the content of my comment and used a bunch of predictable assumptions that didnt even apply to the video or my post. shut the fuck up.

  • Mike

    Why can’t all rappers work as hard as Lil’ B?

  • ado010


  • JAyP

    @Randy & thats a good thing? thats actually SAD if “BLACKS” like myself won’t invite him to get a real lecture from someone who is motivated to live his life to the fullest HIS WAY! Dude is working hard, making “HIS” music, doing it how he wants, and people respect and support it… so the fact that mostly Whites are there supporting is a problem because us BLACKS think we are too good or better to take a lecture from a nigga thats actually LIVING THAT LIFE!

  • yupp

    LOL Randy got mad doe. No pussy getting ass.

  • marty mcfly

    I was there, I inspired to do something more with my life instead of trolling on 2dopeboyz and Worldstarhiphop – I cried when he started to talk about inner self, he should be on TIME’s most influential person 2012 – im getting chills right now


  • just nasty

    @marty im happy for you man, finally – i think lil b is garbage but if he made you change your life and gave you meaning in your life – then im all for it, its good to see these trolls do something more with there life

    i think we might be moving forward as the human race

  • 2dopedesigners

    @JAyP @Marty mcfly

    Woooow, man i never seen so many positive comments on 2dopeboyz c section! Wouldn’t expect it from a Lil B post either, I didnt know marty you used to trolled on worldstarhophop???? dang brother, im glad you’re founding out you have a life now. The amount of comments you leave on this site made everyone think you have no life. Stay positive man. ps. that lil b clip is hilarious, dont know if i could take it serious but hey, its positive energy

  • a$ap Robert

    lmaoo this nigga marty find his light lmaoo yo b, do you bruh – Lil b is a lame in general. never knew nyu would bring him in like that. AND hes inspiring lame niggas hahahhaa naw im kiddin bruh, do u marty – i hope i see less of your name here – glad you have a life now

  • Homosexuals 4 Lil B

    This comment was removed due to the disturbing graphic sexual nature and/or offensive content policies.

  • DXNroo

    Congrats marty, go out and take the world by surpise fam!

  • jayP

    you misssd my entire point. I clearly gave this dude props for doing his thing. and if you actually paid attention to detail you would see that my entire argument centered about music quality. its not about black people thinking they are better than anyone, its a matter of taking music seriously.

    just look no further than the youtube and comments to see that this guy is more appreciated for his gimmicks than his actual art. there is no constructive criticism or music standard. its all just a bunch of fuck my bitch comments and thank you based gods. its a glorified meme. and again i dont like divide with race.

  • KevinJ

    Lil B’s full lecture is actually pretty good, and I think itll catch many by surprise. Hes genuine, which is rare to find from artist nowadays. I think people get so caught up in his gimmick that they dont get what hes trying to do

  • The Dick Sucking Chronicles

    This comment was removed due to the disturbing graphic sexual nature and/or offensive content policies.

  • marty, i always knew u were soft – i love you

  • Melo15

    Lil B might suck at rapping, but can’t hate the man for keeping it positive

  • Wonton Soup

    Lil B is dope. Whether you like his music or not, he’s using the platform he built to spread positivity. RARE, 100,000.

  • who cares

    Is this a joke?
    @Randy fuck you. “90% white audience. most of whom don’t take hip hop seriously as an artform” the fuck is that? I’m white. I been listenin’ to Hip Hop since I was in the second grade, in college now, and I don’t listen to this clown.

  • marty mcfly

    @FOCs News, No I never left no comments on WSHH but I see your hyped up about your hero Lil B as if he’s done a better job then the other rappers who do this type of thing. Out of all the lectures i’ve seen rappers give at a university, Lil B is most fakest of em all imo. He hasnt made the culture of hip hop overall or the Bay Area look or sound anymore positive or authentic. Let the hate continue…

  • Anon

    “Real talk everybody make sure you wear your seatbelts for real”


    @marty mcfly – damn dawg you left, failed at life, and came back already with that same negative attitude? I will pray to BasedGod for you cuz you need it motherfucker. Swag. Woo.

  • theBroKing

    yo this dude marty really has code names for his haters now haha fagggOTT. FOCS? wtf is that? we need to make memes about this guy man. seriously one of the most persistent trolls ive ever seen on the internet

  • Obama Fried Chicken

    man!!! i thought this troll marty changed, guess it was a fake marty. I was hoping he was doing something uplifting in his life

    lil b sucks bruh, he really does

  • Don Kennedy

    Lil B is far from the most lyrical, but I respect his grind. He has a work ethic that most can’t rival. I mess with a few of his songs and he actually says some real things from time to time. I’ll listen to his full lecture and see what he has to say. I couldn’t care less if the crowd takes him serious. I’m sure he said something to motivate us.

  • damnyoushowedthem

    FOCs news? Dude what is that??? This troll is a nerd, I seen him leave a 5 page essay in the c section one time. This nigga is a loser for real – and he always negative so u can tell his life is miserable

  • marty mcfly

    FOCs news stands for – Fags On Computers, and your all clearly members just for devoting your comments to something about me on a daily basis. I’ll let you punks get back to combing through my comments and building up hate so you have something to talk about . LOL

  • Ham

    Not a fan of Lil B, I think his music is pretty bad. However, I think its awesome that he is using his platform to preach positivity. Alot of people posting, even in a negative light, dont understand this modern age of viral marketing. You are supporting Lil B more by getting angry and posting negativity than if you said nothing at all. He is banking on you trolling. It gets him more views, and its human nature to talk about things you dont like more than things you do. Hence, our most famous rappers these days are “Lil Wayne, Drake, Lil B, Soulja Boy, Riff Raff etc etc” This crop of “musicians” may be the most untalented group of “musicians” in the history of music. They dont care though, they are masters at viral marketing and excellent business men. Music is dead my friends, be angry all you want. You should have BOUGHT your good music if you wanted to hear more of it.

  • marty mcfly

    @Ham, I hear that same explanation used all the time with Lil B but there is a big difference between the other artists that share the same lane as he does. Thats not me hating thats just the truth. There are other artists that have positive views and music that promote themselves virally but the difference is some of them back it up with good music so they actually effect the real market of hip hop. Did you buy the Im Gay album? Pause, I doubt it.

  • trazy

    man i first started reading these comments and couldnt believe it how negative a nigga can be, but then im like shit i got lit this morning on the bart ride to work and read the transcript to that lecture, that shit really is genuine and if nothin that fool say dont resonate with you then you’re fuckin up for real though. hes got his mind right and maybe his music dont hit my ear right, but that wonton soup ride out though, and we need a motherfuckin 2013 hiphop woodstock or some shit yall niggas need some love in your life