• HeartAnemic


  • j

    kendrick lamar - little johnny

  • KingdomCome

    at 1st i noped w/o even listening, for the simple fact that it's jay. decided to come back and check it. Eversnow's wasn't actually that bad

  • catalist

    whosane is amazing! cant wait for bk to capetown to drop, if it ever does

  • queen

    i love beautiful music- whosane your words are beautiful and eloquent

  • Lex Truther

    second one was better than i expected

  • tim

    jay electronica always on point and whosane is 2 dope and E was kinda agro on it but he was cool

  • bkbuttas

    i seen whosane last year in SF IMPRESSIVE Rakim?Mos DEF flow

  • reallytho

    waitnin on that Jay Elec album but if whosane got some shit droppin i fux wit it

  • itu

    Love the 2nd half beter than the 1st whosane and his team killed it

  • pete

    bin watchin whosane 4 a minute this dude is on the come up! even his africa shit is ill

  • KI

    THis guy Whosane IS THE FUTURE

  • mirand

    whosane & jay go back, nice to hear him contribute to the mix

  • Diesel Antonio

    damn son this kid eversno just keeps coming wit the fire! whosane was straight but Damn! Sno killed it