Jon Connor – The People’s Rapper LP (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka April 13, 2012

Today is Jon’s birthday, and to celebrate he drops his latest mixtape (hosted by Don Cannon) where he spits over some classic Eminem backdrops. Tracklist and link down bottom.

DOWNLOAD: Jon Connor – The People’s Rapper LP (Mixtape) | Alt

  • Lynx

    Been waiting to hear this Jon Connor is so dope

    I keep seeing dumb people saying why’s he copying Eminem

  • Jerk Jackson


  • Jumpman23

    Another one of his dope projects ruined by a wack ass dj. Can someone please tell this dude that dj drops have been played out for about 4 years now and it doesn’t make you look ‘cooler’, it makes your project annoying to listen to. Mr. Connor if you see this, release a NO DJ VERSION PLEASE!

  • ineverlie

    Listening to it now and dude came hard you gotta respect his talent

    12. Lose Yourself
    I eared my respect i wasn’t born with a connect
    I didn’t have a easy way for me to get in the game
    I had to create the hype through the shit that i write
    Cause i wouldn’t follow the trends
    So i could blow over night

    07.The Way I Am
    And no it aint hate
    But i just can’t take
    All the bullshit they make
    And we act like its great
    Big N Pac it’s like we spit in their face
    Wanna burn every radio station that makes us embrace it
    So now being fake takes you straight to the bank
    So a kid rapping thinks
    Thats the path they should take

  • peaceofpi

    I’d hardly call anything from Recovery a classic Em backdrop, but I can’t wait to hear the whole thing.

  • Chris

    ^^ Oh STFU!! ^^

  • stuyvesant

    he’s dope, but he needs to stop jacking beats and spend time finding good original beats and make classics

  • ado0

    Styvesant, google Season 2. Salvation. Vinnie Chase Season 1. Everybody Hates Connor.

  • Peter

    Nah, there’s nothing wrong about jumping on CLASSIC beats for a mixtape. Dude does his thing.

  • yep been waiting !! I might download when theres a no Dj version though, 2Nopes? I guess-__-

  • bitchassbloggers

    people talk without gettin the info. hes not biting beats, its called the best in the world series, he did jay-z, now em, cuz to him they are 2 of the best in the world. and he himself is on the way haters hate its all love yenno

  • bitchassbloggers

    and for fuck sakes, to those who complain about dj’s… uhhh. go listen to a different genre


    Eminem WAS the best, not he’s just angry and mad so he shoves as many syllables into every bar of every verse that he can. That Shady 2.0 cypher was like a flashback…he still has it…but until he stops yelling at the world on his records I cannot listen to anything post Eminem Show. (That includes his beats which all sound the same with that soldier marching drumkit he uses).


    now he’s just angry***

  • Iodine

    DJ’s yelling make me want to make myself a eunuch

  • Eli Porter

    @Iodine – you probably never had balls to begin with bitch boy

  • Iodine

    Thanks, I am trembling at such wit you displayed there.

  • wackness

    It’s amazing that people can think that a DJ can RUIN a mixtape. If the music’s good how can a DJ drop, maybe once or twice every few songs ruin a tape.

    Good lord you guys are faggots.

  • (l,k)

    all i know is i miss the empire drops on the drought is over tapes :'(

  • Jumpamn23

    @wackness, maybe you should listen to if BEFORE you call ppl faggots. He’s talking loud as shit on every fucking song. You wanna be an internet tough guy? All it takes is one person who can get your IP to change your mindset, think.

  • Rec






  • ado0

    – The Blue Album
    – Season 2
    – Salvation
    – Vinnie Chase: Season 1
    – Everybody Hates Connor

  • chill

    Em is a wack rapper anyways, Jon Connor on his beats is 10 times better than Em’s overrated, wack ass

  • koke

    idiot troll
    anyways this is dope as fuck

  • johnnyboy

    this is insanely dope

  • chill

    @koke: troll? just cuz Em is garbage? you’re fucking stupid

  • Holy-Holyfield


  • koke

    if em is garbage then what is everyone else in the game right now?
    smh troll

  • 15


  • Kennyis22

    why do artists even need DJs anymore, especially with this tape that has no original tracks.