• htown

    there is already 2 songs out from DC2. and it drops April 24th..not May 7th. Cmon 2dopeboyz

  • http://snd.sc/zw21Vc Click Here

    Actually 3rd leak maybe 4 I gotta check my itunes,lol

  • wat

    How does this guy get away with releasing songs that a hundred other artists already made? I just can't see his appeal.

  • Meek Mill

    This song is dedicated to all the trolls & haters on 2dopeboyz, I'm flexxin on ya niggas to the point ya can smell the old spice deodorant under my armspits

  • whatupsucka

    Meek Mill is the best rapper of the year. Hands down. Everything he gets on, I'm fuckin hype

  • thatrealshit

    boring, unoriginal, played out. good luck stayin relevant meek, this aint gonna do it

  • jojoba

    Meek Mill is the Lil B of good rappers #thankyoubasedmill

  • http://this/SHIT/is/TRILL/tho JustAFanOfMusic


  • exxxon’

    heard him "freestyle" this on hot97 w/ stalley. verse one sounds like his best ross impression. his writtens do sound like frees tho. this track will be fun to get fucked up with!

  • http://planetshizz.tumblr.com ShizzyHendrix

    I'm from Philly & I used to watch this nigga rap on YouTube when he was like 13 and I was in 7th grade. He really been rapping like this forever & just changed his flows up. This right here is craazy! Maybe because I'm from Philly but I don't care, he's clearly one of the best rappers out rightnow..

  • Tev

    @ShizzyHendrix Agreed Philly 215

  • Flip

    Str8 street shit, you lames know nothing about

  • http://g Antwan

    May 7th is my birthday <3 ....... i can't fucking wait and he's one of my favorite rappers.