• NYdreams

    this is y 50 is a legend in the rap game ... idc what anyone says... 2 classic albums and a countless number of classic mixtapes... 50 in his prime was a nigga that nobody could fuck witt.. expect mayb jay

  • cRASH

    Thats actually pretty cool story, real shit. But there are 100,000 other niggas with similar stories that dont even make it to schoolboy's level so congratulations nigga.

  • nah well

    i bet anyone out of TDE would be blamed for this.

  • http://www.anotha.com Glendale CA

    Even tho K Dot go hard i gotta say i fucks with Q more. 50 may not be the powerhouse he used to be but what he did for the rap game was incredible and props to Q for acknowledging that.

    ''put biggie and nas in a blender sprinkle some 50 and came out this nigga''


    and you still wanna hate ? be my guest... I suggest

  • S

    It was Q's charisma that drew me to his music in the first place so I definitely hear the influence. 50's confidence, delivery and flow has always made him stand out.

    I've always said I'd love to hear a 50/Q collaboration. I bet it would sound crazy.