• Young Dizzle

    The schedule doesn't mention kendrick or dre.... wtf?

  • allen

    Lol Kendrick & Weeknd names arent even on the live schedule,Treating them niggas like nobodies.

  • xo

    ^They not on the live Schedule,you had to be there to see them perform. only Frank Ocean,ASAP Rocky & that wack nigga Childish Gambo on the live stream

  • $$$

    That picture is insane.

  • tbibbs

    How do they leave out kendrick and dre? I mean that is west coast, and this is coachella. Lame, but from what I've seen Frank Ocean looks like a better catch live than weeknd.

  • MewLover34

    Yeah, only care about Gambino tomorrow. Wish I could have seen Kendrick.

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    yep I'm Here Checkmeout

  • Pedro

    Kendrick Lamar and Danny Brown came out on the Childish Gambino concert.