Watch Lil B’s Full Lecture At NYU (Video)

blame it on Illy April 13, 2012

And here it is. Lil B’s speech at New York University on Wednesday night. #RARE

  • 206FRE$H


  • Real>Fake

    I don’t like this nigga but i can’t hate on this

  • Theophilus England

    Real shit bruh bruh

  • Thinker

    Some people are gunna watch this and think that this justifies the 80 minute speech he gave. Smh. Hope they put up the whole video tho

  • Ryan

    Real>Fake: “I don’t like this nigga but i can’t hate on this”


  • Based Maga D

    Based God’s cool. Based God’s the truth.

  • MJR

    Based God for President!!

    He’d make some real changes.

  • This dude’s a fuckin’ imbecile, and people are instantly wooed by his childish are just as fuckin’ stupid. I’m not a cynic; I’m not an angsty mallgoth that hates life because clearasil isn’t clearing up my face acne. But this clown’s platitudinal look on shit is like a retard-O version of Dr. Phil.

    “Show empathy.” 80 mins for something fuckin’ PUBLIC SCHOOL teaches you when you were still eating glue? Are people really this enamored by someone this appallingly retarded? He can’t even give a definitive answer to what “based” means; the stupid fuck just gave examples of what is/is not “based”. There are concrete answers in life, and one of those irrefutable facts of life is that Lil B’s brain productivity is on par with Terri Schivao’s circa NOW.

    “Oh but it’s positive; how can you hate someone for being positive?”

    You ever notice how retards and babies look at life with wide-eyed glee, with shit just bubblin all in they drawers? That’s Lil B. And if you support anything this dumb fuckhead says, you might want to seek life counseling from an infant, or Lennie from Of Mice and Men.

    Not mad, I’m enlightened. Which apparently a lot of you stupid fucks aren’t.

  • DayO

    ^ cool.

    ur so cool.

  • this nigga is wearing them same vans

  • Chase

    I love Brandon McCartney

  • I’d paid this dude $100 to go jump in a lake.

  • CalBear

    Lol someones mad! Hahahaha. Lil B stays winning. His speach was great and pure. Jealousy is real out chea.

  • doc rovers

    chill with this shit shake

  • Lil B

    why be mad for bro get based

  • Wonton Soup

    I think he said he’s gonna keep wearing those same Vans until he gets his first million

  • yo



    so you hate retarded people and babies? damn bruh. nyah.

  • dEt0X’

    WOW …I cant take 2dopeboyz serious when they post bullshit like this…

  • Thinker

    I can’t take people whose outlook on life is serious, serious. And dudes gotta either know how to use big words or chuck them out of their vocabulary. sounding like a highschool kid using his SAT words for the first time

  • m

    fuckyoupayne. Props.

    I couldn’t have said it better. Some fucking rapper says something positive, drops a couple of well known facts, uses a “big” word even though the shit is on the level of 3rd grade with no coherence and you call that “real talk”? Ya’ll dumb muthas hang yourselves.

  • jihadjackson

    Any amateur psychologist can say the same shit fuckyoupayme said. And any amateur sociologist can tell you a message from one place won’t have as dramatic an effect coming from someone else. That’s why Michael Jordan doesn’t sell tampons and Rachel Ray doesn’t sell Nike’s. His whole career he’s dealt with crazy hatred of his garbo sounding records and character, and yet the whole fucking lecture is about loving eachother for better or worse. This entire lecture is so unlike what you get from a rapper that starts to catch a buzz. That’s why this is dope.

    Kreayshawns from the bay too and when she caught a buzz, she went out and started beef with Rick Ross. Tyler the Creator got a show. The A$AP crew hooked up with blackscale. Soulja Boy went crazy. All these folks took a fine path I guess, whatever, but Lil B gets on like that and one of his first really major appearances he takes an hour and a half to tell everyone, hey I love yall, and yall should do the same. Wear a fuckin seatbelt nigga.

    Right. What a fuckin asshole retard ignorant fucking fuck stupid rapper. I don’t get it… what should he have done instead? omg even worse, people really embraced this and are vibin off this dude. YOU STUPID FUCKIN SHEEP right?

  • flip illson on the behalf of BasedWorld


    —a dying metaphor—

  • ^ Truth. Regardless of what I think of Lil B’s music, this guy is using his fame more responsibly than 90% of the dudes you people on here hating listen to, which would probably account for your severely sour outlook on life. These smug keyboard warriors are gonna keep hatin’, and we’ll keep lovin’. PEACE.

  • Stefan 136

    I’ve never cared to check for his music, but I listened to the entire speech yesterday and it was cool. Dude’s funny and is sticking to this positive vision, can’t hate on that. I love it in fact. Hope that project with Jay Electronica materializes, that’ll be the first music I hear from him and I nwo actually suspect it’ll be good.

  • Mike

    Alot of rappers need to work on their public speaking skills. The idea was there, the execution wasn’t though. Kanye’s 7 min. rants in his concerts hit harder than those 80 mins.

  • krow132

    Maybe not a good rapper, or even a good entertainer, shit may not even be a good public speaker. But the kid is genuine, and positive, and seems like a kind-hearted person. That what people like and gravitate to around him, and thats a cool thing. Props Lil B

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