• http://RapRuler.com Jerel

    First off, I can't stand this arrogant mother fucker. Ego on Kanye Status. Him and his lint roller can eat a dick. Second of all, Justice Eatadick Supreme made me watch this whole video to hear three seconds about the ASAP project. Label that shit better next time!


    hahhahahhaha YOU MADD (Cam'ron Voice)

  • Kermit The Frog

    dang, you can tell when a nigga aint getting pussy when he complains about a blog post LoL! ! !

  • Obama Fried Chicken


    your blog sucks bruh, complaining about a title that clearly states what the post is about is weak - get out of here, i will NEVER bookmark your site, KICK ROCKS

  • alec

    idk how the project is east meeting west

  • Flip

    He's from RI and rock from harlem.....
    EAST meeting East :/

  • Get it in Ohio

    I don't get all the hate? I thought that video was tight he's a really talented dude. And the project with ASAP will be awesome