Lauryn Hill Live In London (Video)

blame it on Miss_Peas April 15, 2012

Forgive Them Father

Ms. Hill graces the stage for Indigo O2 in London last night as she performed select fan favorites from her well respected catalog. Props to AmarudonTV.

Nothing Even Matters

I Used To Love Him

Everything is Everything pt. 2

Lost Ones

Ready Or Not & Fugeela

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  • dirtdawg

    how can she be so creative and yet only sing her old songs for years-she must be so afraid to fail and disappoint…and yet , that’s what she keeps doing

  • L.Boogie Nation

    Lauryn Hill has been working and writing new material since 04, shes not going to put another record out until she’s ready. The reason why shes beenwaiting so long is because she writes about life experiences and its obvious she still experiencing a lot. Her performing again is a sign that shes ready to start recording again.


    wow I miss Lauryn, she is looking and sounding great in these videos.

  • Billy

    dirtdawg<well people came to watch her perform her CLASSIC songs, cos we all know she aint got a new album so y are u complaining exactly? ppl go to see jay z perform his old songs, pink floyd, mick jagger, paul mc cartney and when he was alive MJ..people love it and still want to listen :)

  • AMMA

    LBoogie is too ahead of her time to release any new music. We are just now truly understanding the genius of her unplugged album. This is how you know she is a true artist, it has been over a decade since she released The Mis-education and her music and message is still relevant. How many artists can you say that about coming out now?

  • DiSCO

    Saw her perform live the past 2 summers. She sounds like shit. I own The Score, Miseducation, & Unplugged. Bad is bad though. I pray that she doesn’t headline Rock The Bells again. Let someone else take the stage please. At least someone who sounds decent and doesn’t make you wait hours to take the stage.

  • bstyles

    ^agreed I was at RTB
    She sucked,her voice was terrible and because of the way some people treated her she acted like a god…not a washed up cunt